Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Great Visit

Well we had a great visit. I missed my sister, it had been over a year since I had seen her last. It was really really good to see her.

We didn't do a whole hell of a lot though. Candle and Uppercase living party on tuesday. Played some games and took daddy to the doctor on wednesday. Thursday took dad to the eye doctor, played a board game with kiddo, did some prep work for a bbq, and got chinese food. Friday got ready for the bbq and had it, had a great time at it. Saturday, visited and goofed off most the day then went to the movies (The Dark Night) It was AWESOME!!!! Came home and ordered pizza and watched another movie. Sunday had a big breakfast all together, and took her to the airport.

It was a great visit though. Sometimes we plan lots of things and then we are all so tired that we end up snipping at each other. And we just did the laid back thing this time, and none of us got on each others nerves. Was very nice.

I've just been busy with avon and getting the last couple weeks of playing in for kiddo. He starts back school on the 12th. Earlier and earlier every year. I wish they had more time off. grrrrrrr

Oh well... Skinny K is coming over and I have some avon work to do. Plus I want to get around and see if I can catch up on blogs. Might take me a couple days, so have some patients.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Will be MIA for a while

Well Alekx got in okay today, we had a nice party. We did a combination candle party and Upper Case Living, which is the vinyl decals that you can put absolutely anywhere, alot of people have them on their car windows.

We had such a good time. I should be able to get some freebies once the people finish ordering tomorrow. I'm excited. We got some I ordered in. I ordered some cows and pigs, (my kitchen is barnyard themed) to put on the backs of my chairs, and they put one cow and one pig on for a demonstration. They look so darn cute!!!!

We are taking Captain Daddy to a doctors appointment tomorrow, and eye appointment on Thursday, a bbq on friday, and who knows saturday. We also have to go to the bank and lumber store. So....we are gonna be busy with stuff and with visiting.

I probably won't get on to post or to visit to much till after Alekx goes home. She will be leaving on Sunday.

I hope you all have a great week!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

A long Blink

Wow, I just realized I haven't been on all weekend.

Thank you all for your advice. We are gonna keep looking for a way to get out of debt. In the mean time I will just keep making my payments.

This weekend seemed busy as hell, yet we didn't do a whole hell of alot as far as weekends go.

Friday my avon came in and I had already written up my receipts, so we hurry and bagged it up and then took off to deliver and pass our books and invitations for the party I am doing on Tuesday.

We were out and about till almost 8, then came home and didn't want to find anything for dinner, so we ordered quizno's. They deliver. hehehehehe

Saturday Gigantor worked till about noon, he came home and we visited for a few, made some lunch then we went back to work. Me and kiddo watched a movie. Gigantor came home about 4, and we didn't do much of anything.

Sunday he went in to work, and was home at 9, then he ran to walmart (we had a big list, and it's to painful for me to walk around) He came home we put some stuff away, Captain Daddy came by, and Gigantor went back to work. He got off about 2:30 that day.

When he came home I fell asleep on the couch, I thought I had been asleep forever, and felt guilty but I was only asleep for an hour. We then got a munchie and watched some t.v. We did a couple things around the house. Then our friend D came over and we ate dinner and watched a movie The Brave One. It was okay.

It rained and rained last night and poor Kiddo and I could not sleep. 2 in the morning he was in my room complaining. I think it was the barometer or the humidity from the rain or something, cuz we could not sleep at all. He finally fell asleep about 3. I did about 5. I got up about 8:30 and kiddo about 8. So...yeah we should be dragging soon.

We are very excited. Alekx is gonna be here TOMORROW!!!!!! whoop whoop!!!!!

Okay I'm gonna go, we are gonna dust and vacuum. yay fun. hahahahaha

Have a good Monday everyone!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stupid ass Banks

Okay we got declined for the loan again. Even the ladies at the banks can't figure it out. They said we had A+ credit scores. We outright own three vehicles, (no payments on them) and we own land OWN IT!!! And nobody will give us a fucking loan. What the hell???

I'm so upset right now, cuz I really got my hopes up, they said they were sure we could get it. And it would have released us from so much stress and debt. The cosmos is fucking with me.

Even Gigantor is fucking with me. He had yesterday off (something about how a driver can't work 12 days in a row, and he has to work both sat and sun) So...we had made plans to do about 50 million things. Cleaning, watching a movie, going out to the lake. He left early in the morning to go "help" (yeah right he did all the work) a friend with a plumbing job (friend wasn't even around Gigantor did it all himself) He came home at after 2 in the afternoon. I was highly pissed. Entire day off wasted.

He got off early today, thought we might run to the lake. He went back to "help" the friend, came home grabbed some dinner, then ran out to a softball game. It's after 9 and he's still not home.

I'm so glad that Alekx won't care that my house is a disaster. hahhahahaha

I thought about asking Captain Daddy to co sign for that loan. But Gigantor had asked him once before, and he refused. I thought about begging, but I'm sorta irked that he refused before. Maybe I should just wallow in debt. grrrrrrrr

Okay I'm being way to pissy. Could it have anything to do with the cosmic crap on my head?? Could it be that aunt flo is visiting?? PROBA FUCKING BLY!!!!

On that note, have a good Friday everyone!!!!

I need to go buy me some booze. hahahahaha

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I heart pumpkin cookies

I do, I heart pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. My mom used to get them every week, but I haven't had one in like 3 years. Gigantor got us some the other day. *insert warm fuzzies here*

Oh my gosh that picture is so wrong I would be saying OK WTF if I saw that too. hahahahaha

Not much happening here. Skinny K spent the night. Ate pizza last night and the boys had it for breakfast this morning.

Gigantor should be getting off early today. Gonna go turn in a loan application if he does. We are trying for an unsecured loan of 25 thousand. I know that's alot.

Well we had gotten in trouble with credit cards. When I had my surgeries, and infertility treatment, and back and forth to flagstaff, yes all this was 10 to 12 years ago, but we lived LIVED Off our credit cards. And we are still suffering from that.

We finally added them all up, and I think with the 25 tousand, I can pay off the three big one's, the 5 small one's and my hospital bill from my surgery last year. Yes, being unsecured it will be big payments, they told us like 686 a month, but with all the others, I added up the minimum payments and we are paying like about 800 or a bit more a month. would actually be saving us money. And the loan is only 4 year loan, so we could be out of debt in 4 years, instead of fricken 30 years like the credit cards will slam you with.

And no I won't be buying more. Those big cards have already been cut up. I do keep the lane bryant and roamans card, but that's only for getting me a bit of clothes once a year if I need them. (I don't fit in walmart clothes, so have to shop there)

Anyhow wish us luck, it would be nice to be able to breath again, instead of me shuffling bills the way I am, just so we can have groceries to eat.

You all have a good Tuesday, I have to go find out what that noise is coming from the boys room. I'm not sure I want to know. hehehehehe

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Suburban woe's

OMGGGGGGGGGGG I love that dog. I want one. hahahahaha

Okay tried something new with the bugs. We decided to really look, see if we could find out more of where they were coming from. The little buggers are fast, and apparently they fly, much to my embarrassment, cuz they made me scream and run when I found out.

Before bed, we kept looking for them, and they were on the ceiling, we would kill them, and then found they were crawling more from out of the bathroom (all on the ceiling) So...I thought maybe they were coming in the vent on the roof where the bathroom fan vents out. So....we put a trash bag up there and duct taped it, so it was closed off. And I have been putting a Coleman bug light (the real big one) in the bathroom. So far so good.

On to the suburban. I hadn't driven it in like 2 weeks or so, didn't need to go anywhere. I kept telling Gigantor to start it up make sure the battery was doing okay, but he never did.

I went to get my nails done and the thing just went click click click. We had to jump it. So...for over a week I bugged Gigantor to go get a new battery and cables. He never did. We still had to jump in for the 4th of July, but the lights and everything were real weak. So...Saturday he goes down to Car Quest to get a battery and cables. They tell him it's a dealer only item they have to order it on monday, and he has to get the vin number.

He comes home and told me he checked all over and that's the only place. takes him and his "work buddy" till Wednesday night to get a price so they can maybe order it (yeah I was fricken pissed) They said for a 60 month battery it would be 92 bucks and for the cables it would be 175. I about died.

So...he says "Want me have the order it" I say "What was the price again from Napa?" He says he never fricken checked. (yup I was fricken pissed again) I take down the information and call Napa the next day (I worked over 12 years at Napa I know a bit about parts)

I call Napa and they had a 65 month battery for 62 bucks. Ummm yeah that's a 30 dollar savings. Then they had cables for 47 for each, that is still better than 175. So...I told Gigantor and his "buddy" to bad so sad, we were going to napa. Well the cables weren't exactly right, so a guy named Mo I used to work with made the right one's. Mo is awesome at that. And we got a 20 dollar refund. I was much much happier.

This morning Gigantor was putting it all back together and as he was putting the cable on the starter, parts of the starter broke off. So...had to hunt the town for a starter. Found one....150 dollars. FUCK I ended up spending 300 anyway.

But, hey, my suburban is fixed now. And I have a lifetime warranty on the starter.
Now Gigantor is in the middle bedroom trying to get the window ac unit installed. We are making sure it's all nice and clean in there. Alekx is coming to visit on the 22nd. I don't know what room she wants yet, that one or Kiddo's but either way they both have to be all clean.

I hope you all are having a good and productive yet relaxing weekend. And I hope you all stay cool.

Have a good one everyone!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I hate bugs, I mean HATEEEEEEEE THEM!!!!

SNORT AND KASNARF!!!! That picture is funny. Poor kitty, looks like he's being tortured.

Okay to my title about hating bugs. Most of you all know I have this bug phobia thing. I mean it's pretty bad. They make me shake, sweat, puke, crap, cry and pass out all at the same time. hahahaha I can barely stand ladybugs, and that's cuz I like them. hahahaha

We have been having this problem with these little black beetles. I dunno, they are about as big as a couple grains of rice or something. And the suckers are fast fast fast crawlers. And if you take some tissue or something and try to squish one you have to use all your strength, they are fricken armor plated. They make a loud popping noise when you finally get them squished.

Well for some reason we got some sort of infestation of them in our bedroom and back bathroom. We kill a million and more just show up, we have no idea where they are coming from. don't see them hardly at all. Until UN FUCKING TILL you get in bed!!!! Then the mother fuckers are on you. You bat one off your arm all squeamish, then one from your neck a while later. I've even killed on on my face. FUCK!!!!!! they are gonna give me a heart attack.

I mean we caulked around all the dam windows, we vacuumed every spare inch of the place and we have even taken out all our bedding every other day and shook the shit out of it, outside. And we are okay for a day, then we get attacked again.

I mean it's fine if your Gigantor and sleep through everything, but if your me, who hasn't slept well from the cough, then has this fear of the dam things, and then get crawled upon every night. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Night before last, I killed one on my arm. Then on my hand, then I thought, "my nails are glow in the dark, I wonder if that is attracting them" so now I'm fricken sleeping with my hands in fists, thumb tucked in and fingers down on the bed. Talk about hand cramps when I wake up. Then I killed one on my leg, and one on my hip, so the fuckers are getting down in the covers too.

Last night we re vacuumed, we shook out all the covers, I vacuumed the bed, and when I went in and got in bed, I found two on the ceiling, made gigantor get up and get them. He found one more and one on the wall, killed them. Half hour later, two more on the ceiling, he got up and got them. Then again two more.

Didn't find any more after that, and had a pretty quiet night. I have no idea what to do. I actually tried to spray the bed down in bug spray and I was gonna put some all over myself just to go to bed, but Gigantor wouldn't let me do either. Said it probably wouldn't be good for me to sleep in all that. hahahaha

As if it's fricken good for me to sleep in black beetles!!!??????

Wish us luck in getting them taken care of. *shudder/gag*

Hope you all have a good Thursday.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hot Tuesday

Now that is a rabbit I would like, that looks like an ewok gone wrong. hahahahaha

We had a nice day today. Kiddo went bowling with a friend that was fun. He had a blast. Skinny K's mom came over to get her avon and had to dissapoint kiddo, cuz Skinny K can't play for a while. His mom said and I quote "when he stops calling his mother a retard, then he can come play"

We ate some lunch and watched Hellboy. We watch a movie we own each day at lunch unless someone is over.

I rented a couple movies Night watch and Day Watch. It says it's a trilogy but the third one isn't out yet I guess. Night Watch was all in Russian and had subtitles but it was actually a pretty darn good movie.

uggghhhhh I'm gonna go, my dogs are pissing me the hell off.

Hope you all have a good Wednesday.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

weekend aftermath.

That's how I feel, I slept so much this past weekend. hehehehee

Well the 4th sucked. Gigantor got up and was rude to me in the morning, and he knew how emotional I had been.

We were gonna go down to Skinny K's and do the party thing, and they canceled, asked me to keep Skinny K for the night. (they were fighting bad I guess)

So we had a crap load of food and had to find a place to go. Ended up on the golf course again. Ate and then Gigantor's sister showed up with all her family. The boys went off and played football for a couple hours.

When it was dark, Kiddo came back complaining that his stomach hurt really bad. It was from eating then going and running non stop in the heat I'm sure.

So...fireworks being my real emotional time cuz mom loved them. Gigantor snored through them and Kiddo complained and moaned the whole time. As we were packing up, Kiddo got sick and had to go puke in the bushes. Scared the crap out of Skinny K so he made us take him home.

I got home and felt worse than I did before we ever went anywhere. I was emotionally spent and upset with everyone.

That night I took a pain pill even if I was gonna get sick, cuz I was so hurting. I actually found a position and didn't cough at all that night. Gigantor woke me up at 10 apologizing all over the place about the day before. He said he was going to wal mart, and I said let me get up then. He said no your exhausted sleep till I get back. I slept in till almost noon.

We just sorta lazed around and watched a couple movies.

Today I was getting some good sleep again so slept till about 10:30. Got up and we did a few things, watched a movie and I kept falling asleep on the couch. I was pissing myself off I couldn't keep my eyes open.

Gigantor said to just rest, it was my body saying it had had enough of not sleep for three weeks and I needed it.

So...that was our boring ass weekend. Didn't get my suburban fixed, we have to order parts on Monday, so I won't be going anywhere for a week or so again. Didn't get the stuff Gigantor was supposed to get done, cuz he won't put down his fucking book, it's starting to piss me off, we got in an argument about it tonight.

I told him if he kept reading and not doing what he was supposed to be doing, then were were gonna fight in a big way. He wasn't happy with me. hahahaha dam men.

Okay I'm off, gonna go have a glass of milk and go to bed.

Have a good Monday everyone!!!!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fireworks baby!!!

I really want to wish you all a very happy 4th of July!!!! I hope you all have some good food, and good fireworks and share it all with loved one's.

I'm having a hard time this year. The 4th is my mom's birthday. First two years after she died, I never had a problem on her birthday. For some reason, this year I am. I've been very weepy.

I still hold the tradition. On mom's birthday we would always get chicken (KFC cuz that's what mom loved) and we would get a watermelon and a cake. We would go out and eat and watch fireworks, and then eat cake and watermelon as the traffic dissipated. My uncle and aunt would always go too.

Gigantor and I decided to keep the tradition up. We still go get chicken (usually from a grocery store bakery cuz it's cheaper and not as greasy), a watermelon and cake. We still go watch fireworks.

The first year, my mother in law was in town and she went with us. It was sorta bitter sweet. The second year, we had our niece and her husband and Kiddo's cousin who is the same age as him. We had a real good time, I didn't think about any of the "missing her" stuff till fireworks started, then I cried a bit in the dark.

This year, I'm really feeling icky about it. I've been very weepy missing her this year. We are going over to skinny K's house. We are taking chicken and cake and his mom is getting soda and watermelon. You can see the fireworks from their house.

I keep trying to surround us with people, but when it's dark and the fireworks start, I think about how much mom loved them and ooohed and aaaahed at all of them with Kiddo. Then I cry, cuz I miss her so.

You all make extra sure you show and tell your love to those you love tomorrow, and have a great time. I'll be back soon. Have a great 4th everyone!!!!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Feeling better and being tagged

Well I'm slowly starting to feel better. I am still coughing, but it's not like it was. I'm able to get some sleep during the night but it's still in a more upright position than laying down. But since I didn't do much but do up my avon order on the computer and watch a movie, I thought I would do a meme I was tagged with a while ago.

Miss Anne Well she tagged me. So here are the rules.

1. Link to the person who tagged you CHECK
2. Post the rules on your blog CHECK
3. Write 6 random things about yourself CHECK
4. Tag six random people at the end of your blog and link to them. Well I suck so I'm tagging everyone. hahahaa
5. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. Ummmm no just look here. lol
6. Let your tagger know when your entry is up CHECK

6 Random things about me. Okay here goes.

1. From the age of about 6 I had wished my name was Diana, I was always gonna change it when I got older, then when princess Di came along it shattered my dreams. I didn't want people to think I was copying. Dam her!!!

2. I was born to be on a horse. I have owned 7 horses (not all at once) trained them and showed them (western not the wimpy english style) I beat out a couple world champs in their training season. I even trained other peoples horses for money, had work release from school and everything. I don't own any horses anymore, and it pains my heart not to have and ride them. (to dam expensive, and our livelihood was more important) and just recently I found the three ginourmous boxes full of my ribbons and tropheys.

3. My best friend had her two cousins come down from Utah to take me and her to the prom. We were so irritated at the boys in school and all the "clicks" We were not very popular. But her cousins saw what we were doing and played it up, like they were our boyfriends, and got pictures with us and danced every dance with us. I will remember it fondly forever. And everyone the next few weeks at school were so envious of us. It was great.

4. Still to this day I feel massive guilt if I sleep in past 9 in the morning. My mother always came and screamed and screamed at me if I was asleep even till 9. About how I was wasting my life away and I needed to get my lazy ass out of bed. She even did it when I was an adult, calling me up doing it. Still to this day if I sleep past 9 or 9:30 I feel so guilty it makes me miserable all day.

5. I have never ever owned a new piece of furniture or vehicle in my life. It's all either been hand me downs or yard sales. And the cars have all been used, bought from individuals, nothing from a dealer.

6. I used to write poetry, I have a "book" like thing with all of them neatly written in there. I submitted one to a contest place and they published it, but it was in books of poetry that looked more like encyclopedia's then what someone would want to read. I haven't written any in like gosh 15 years.

Okay so there are my random 6 things.

If ya do it let me know and I'll come see what you got.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!!