Friday, September 28, 2007

Fuck Me and the Crooked Eared Donkey I Rode In On!!

This is a warning from the emergency broadcast system. This is not a test. Warning---The following post will lack any "feel goody" kind of post, it will lack snark, it will not be up beat, and it most certainly will overflow with colorful language!!!

As you all know...I need to have that wisdom tooth taken out. I had a consultation with the oral surgeon yesterday. I had even made an appointment for the 3rd, to do the conscious sedation and get it out. HAAAAAAA as if life could be that easy.

The surgeon seemed very competent and compassionate. I liked him. I came ready. I was armed with my little leather marine corp notebook and pen (captain daddy got it for me) I was armed with Gigantor looking all menacing. I was armed with every question in the book, from intense medical questions, to little things of, what I would eat after words. I had the quote from the office that the fee would be 68 bucks and I refused to pay the 75 that his assistant said after it was done. I was prepared for anything I thought. HAAAAAAAAAAA as if.

I was not, not even, not a tiny bit prepared for what he told me. He can not do the conscious sedation. WHAT??? WHAT THE FUCK??? That's right, he can't. He can't because of me. He can't guarantee that he could sustain an airway, and that I wouldn't have major complications with all that's wrong with me. (I'M A FUCKING TRAIN WRECK I TELL YA)

He explained to me more about wisdom teeth, actually the bottom one's. About how after your 20's it gets more tricky to take them out. About how people over 32 actually shouldn't have them out. And after 40, it's down right dangerous. Because the bone and nerve has grown all around it. He said it looked like the roots were established in or very near my bone, and there could be some permanent nerve damage. That part of my face, lip or tongue could be numb forever. After armed with all that knowledge we got down to how we would take it out.

He could maybe, very small maybe do it with me awake. He can not do it with me under sedation because of the airway. With my age (high risk) with my other health issues (lymphadema, and blood pressure, and others), with my horrid gag reflex (he checked it), with my intense fear, with my weight (yes I'm a fat ass), and with all he has to do to get it out. He wants me at the hospital, and put all the way under and intibated.

He said to do it...he would have to go in and he has to cut my gums, and side of my mouth and pull everything back. (my tooth is in there horrid people) He would then have to take a little saw and cut the tooth in half. He would have to be extra extra careful taking the sides out, trying not to touch the root into the nerve (thus causing nerve damage) and pray that it already wasn't tied up in the nerve (thus guaranteeing nerve damage) And he would take it out, and have to stitch me up. He's hoping it could be an outpatient surgery, but the anesthesiologists would determine that, they might want to keep me for 12 or 24 hours.

Okay breath, in and out, nice and calm. I say, okay...well it needs done, so lets get it done.


Here is the kicker. We don't think the insurance will cover it. His company is calling for pre authorization. I called them this morning. They said they cover 80% of extractions. And they will cover surgery, but only if you need quite a few teeth taken out. grrrrrrrrrrrr holy crispy jeebus!!! (thank you melody ann) They said the doc could turn in a narrative about why I need the surgery and they will consider it. And we could also just do it and submit it and if it's not covered we could appeal it. In all the MOTHER BUNNY HUMPING years I've had insurance I've never had them reverse a decision when you do an appeal.

I feel so screwed. I don't know what to do. I don't have the money myself. And it doesn't look like I can get anything done for a good month or more.

And here is the icing on the cake. I got a call from my aunt last night. My last living grandparent isn't doing good. She is in the hospital again, and the doctors said this looks like it will be it.

I swear that big cosmic turd is being dumped on us this year. Time to wipe and flush dammit!!!

Hope you all had a better day than I did. Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Looking Back.

Man what happened to me?? I was looking back through alot of my old blog posts. (like from the beginning.) I was looking for a picture. But I got reading some of my old stuff. And I was like. Dammmm I used to interesting, and really dam funny. I was so full of snark it was over flowing.

As I read I realized when it changed too. Like right after my mom died. I dunno, but all the interesting, and snarky stuff must have just leaked right out of me. I need to find it again, I miss it. I think 2 years is time enough to be in the uninteresting dol drums.

On a few side notes.

It's still chilly again today. But I was smarter about the cooler, and I now have a sweater out next to me. hehehehe

Gigantor took kiddo to the circus last night. Not a big one, but we get a small one that comes through every year. We hadn't taken him for about 3 years (I had avoided it cuz it's so expensive) But all his friends would talk about it. So...I got a free ticket for him. But the adult tickets were like 24 bucks. Since we will be doing two trips out of town, and I have to pay for a big part of that surgery up front. I decided that just Gigantor take him, so we save a bit of the money.

adult ticket $24
plastic cup of soda $3
bag of popcorn $5
light up twirly scepter $10
Kiddo getting to ride an elephant PRICELESS

Now both him and I have ridden elephants before. I rode mine up in Salt Lake when I was 13.

Okay one last thing.

Why did I not get the memo?? When was the new law passed??

You know, the one that says---everyone who is going to operate a motor vehicle must first insert their head FIRMLY up their ass!!!!

Okay on that note, I'm gonna go obsess over my popcorn and coffee.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Can you See my Breath?

Holy frosted nipples batman!!! What the hell just happened??

Now I know I live in Arizona (HOT) But in this town I live in. It has two extremes. It's hot in the summer. Like nuclear hot. Up in the 100's. It's also very fricken cold in the winter. Like single digits sometimes.

But...It usually gradually goes in one direction or the other. Saturday and Sunday I was still running my cooler on high cool, both ceiling fans on high, and sometimes the window units on. Why?? because it was in it's 90's still. cold last night, thought I just had a chill cuz nobody else was complaining. I turned the cooler down to low vent. (first time it's been off high cool since April) So...wake up this morning to me and Kiddo shivering. It was 58 fricken degree's outside. Which means it was way under that during the night. We jumped 35 to 40 degree's in less than 24 hours. That's enough to send a thin blooded Arizona girl into hypothermia. ahhhhhhhhhh

I don't even know where my longer sleeve shirts are. Back of the closet collecting dust is my guess.

I am fricken freezing.

I'm gonna go drink coffee, and whimper about life lately. Sinus infection, broken tooth, broken truck, now I have a uti also, and my cell phone is broke. Whooohooo god thinks I'm special to pile all this attention on me. heheheh

Have a good Tuesday all.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Panic Attack Update

Okay I'm still feeling the nervous effects. I'm knowing that cuz sometimes I get thinking about it, and start crying. Just from the nerves.

I called the surgeons office today and I do have the consultation on Thursday the 27th, here in town. But I made an appointment to get it pulled, down in Flagstaff on the 3rd. That's the earliest they could get me in.

The dentist called me in some pain pills, cuz yeah I'm starting to feel it pretty bad now. My entire family has a huge huge huge tolerance for pain. So if it's almost dropping me to my knees. We can imagine how bad it is.

I'm still nervous. But after talking to my friend Roo...and to the receptionist at the surgeons office, and to my sissy who all have had the conscious sedation. (Well Roo is a nurse) They reassured me that I will not feel it. Cuz they can tell with my vitals if I am still awake or feeling it. I know it will be pretty bad pain for 5 days they said, and it may even make me sick to my stomach. But I am really looking forward to having the tooth out. I will take 5 days of bad pain if all this other pain will stop completely.

I've already called a friend to make sure Kiddo can stay with them over night and she take him to school and pick him up. Seeing as we will have to leave at 4 in the morning to get there in time.

I'm being extra careful to not eat anything sharp. Like taco shells, or chips, or the crunchy stuff on chicken, or even toast. Cuz all I need is a sharp chunk to stab down in that hole where the nerve is. I bet you all could hear me scream all the way at your houses. hehehehe

Thank you everyone. You will never know how much your reassurances have helped ease my fear. It really does help to hear people that have been through it, and it's fine.

Well hubby will be home soon. He is cooking dinner, so he is getting us baked chicken at the store. hehehee and some coleslaw and fruit salad. He said he would make dinner since he went out to pick up my pain pills.

Have a good weekend everyone. Remember I adore you!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Scared Shitless

Just a quick note. I'm scared shitless. I don't think any of you can understand the fear I have for dentists. I've never feared anything as bad, bugs are close. But I'm so scared of dentists.

With that broken tooth. I go in today. For a consultation, and hopefully he can pull it. It's a wisdom tooth, it's in sideways. It's been in since I was 18. They told me when I was 18 that the roots were in the nerve in my face. That I had a 50/50 chance of being paralyzed that side of my face if they pull it. So...I never had it pulled. Maybe it's not actually in that nerve, that was 18 years ago they checked it. I'm hoping he can pull it, but I'm so scared I'm sick.

I'm so scared my blood pressure is up, I'm sick to my stomach, and I've been crying. I don't cry when I'm scared or in pain. And I keep crying.

Please keep me in your thoughts. I'll try to be back if I haven't died from fear.

Happy Thursday.

Update: God was I manic in that post or what?? I went in today. It is a bad break, and a big caved out section, but a cavity right in that, and more and more of the cavity/nerve is getting exposed.

He didn't pull it.

Seeing how scared I was, seeing how that tooth is in completly sideways in the back of my mouth, seeing how bad my gag reflex was, and hearing about other health problems, and the fact that I was so nervous, my voice was shaking, I was crying, and I wouldn't let him near my mouth with more than a mirror. He said I needed to go to the oral surgeon. I needed to be put under to have it taken out.

I have a consultation next Thursday with one that comes to town. Then I have two choices. I can make an appointment and go down to Flagstaff and have him do it (which we are leaning towards) or I have to wait till October 30th when he comes back to town.

I just really really want it done.

He says it's a conscious sedation, that it's an i.v. with a little sedative and the nitrous. I now am so fricken scared that they won't give me enough. That I won't be able to say anything, but that I will be able to feel every single thing. I'm also scared that it's been starting to hurt a bit more, and it's making me very tired.

I hope I'm back tomorrow without feeling so sick to my stomach, and calmed down some.

Thanks all for sticking with me.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Windy Wednesday

Now that I'm most of the way better, the wind is blowing like crazy. Which should stir up all the crap in the air and give us all an allergy attack. grrrrrrrr

The window on my suburban. It wasn't just off track. It was the "gear box" inside the window motor. Napa had a motor for 49 bucks. But we had them order the gear box, which was only 9.98. We talked to a mechanic and glass guy that will replace it for a 12 pack of beer. hehehehe

Only downfall right now is I can't roll the window down (they got it up) doesn't seem like a big deal, till I forget and pull up to the post office drop off box, or the bank drive thru, or a fast food joint. Then I hit the button and clickity click. then I curse, then I have to pull forward and open my door, like all the idiot dorks I make fun of. hehehehe

Well...I'm off to visit with Captain Daddy.

Have a good Wednesday everyone.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bite me world


grrrrrrrrrrrr I'm so irritated. Not only do I not get better when I'm supposed to. But I break a tooth. That's right I broke a tooth. Thankfully it doesn't really hurt. But I have this horrid, awful, evil, fear of dentists, and I have a bad gag reflex, so I puke when I'm there. grrrrrrrr I got myself so worked up about them yesterday that is probably why I didn't feel so good.

Now on to the really great part. I mean we have had little things happening to us here and there. Just to prove that God hasn't forgot that we are one of his greatest sources of humor.

But....I drive over to Gigantor's truck this morning. He asked me to after I dropped kiddo off. So....I'm sitting behind him, and he gets out of his cab, and he had some breakfast. The sweetie knew how down and icky I was yesterday that he bought me some breakfast. *insert awwwwwww here*

So...I roll my window down, and it goes. CLUNK then click click click, and won't stop clicking. So I start beating on the window button. Now the mother bunny humping window won't roll up!!!! Just click click clicks. I need to wait for Gigantor to get off, to take it out to the shop and tear the flipping door apart. It's supposed to rain today. And!!! I don't live in the best neighborhood for crime. So.......I was cleaning out the dam thing when I got home, in hopes that nobody would steal anything. Of all things I went ahead and locked the doors. Cuz you know what??? There are stupid people out there, that even if the window is open, won't try to get in if they can't open the door. I'm hoping that is the case.

Anyhow, I guess it's my week to get the cosmic Turd shat upon us.

Hope you all are having a better Tuesday than me.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Not a dam thing

I haven't posted in a few days. That's cuz I have a big fat nothing. Nothing to say, nothing happening.

I can't believe I'm still fighting this stupid sinus infection. It's zapped all the liveliness and all the energy right out of me. Which leaves me with a big fat NOTHING.

Hope you all have a better Monday.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Taking Hump Day to Far

That stupid ass little rat dog. As you all know Foxy (new dog) is in heat. And this must be the week that she is REALLY hormonal.

My poor poor two older dogs. Foxy is walking up to both of them and turning her ass right in their faces. Then she will jump on Dribbles back and hump away. She will do her little dance on her hind feet till Buster puts his head down to see what she wants, then she grabs him around the ears and starts humping the poor dogs face. He will put his head up, in total shock, and she just hangs on for dear life, humping away.

She keeps grabbing Buster and Dribbles by the face. She hooks her little front legs behind their ears, and she just humps the tar out of their face. I've been doing nothing but yelling "FOXY STOP IT!" "FOXY QUIT!" "FOXY!! GET OFF OF THEM!!!"

Now get this. Yesterday Captain Daddy comes over for a while. And he sits down, and Foxy starts smelling all over his forearm. Then she grabs his wrist with her little front paws, and jumps on his arm and starts humping away. Daddy shakes her off, and tells her to quit. By the 5th or 6th time she did it, I was kinda yelling at her, and dad was doing this almost, "what the hell kind of giggle"

She keeps it up. So Daddy started lifting his arm up in the air as soon as she would grab his wrist. This little shit ass dog. She won't let go of his wrist. She is standing on her hind tipie toes, grabbed on to his wrist, doing the whole humpie movement. It started getting kinda funny after that. I kept asking Daddy what he had on his arm that was sending her into a tizzy. He had no clue.

Now this poor dog has chased down my other two dogs all morning. I would kick her ass outside to deal with her hormones. But the idiots in this neighborhood, don't "fix" their dogs, and I don't want one getting in the yard and getting her preggers. With my luck it would be a great dane with this poor little chihuahua thingie.

Captain Daddy is coming over today to do laundry. I may have to lock her in another room to save his poor arms.

Hope you all had a good hump day, and continue to have a great Thursday.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stupid Blogger

Stupid blogger is not letting me get on anyone's blogs, and when I can get on, it messes with me and lets me type a nice long comment then says it can't post it. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Well I was finally able to get a bit of sleep last night. I haven't been able to sleep, because I have been coughing at night so dang bad.

I have taken Nyquil, cough drops, cough syrup. Lots of it all to the point that I feel way doped up. Still I would cough in bad, choking fits all night.

Gigantor went to the store last night. Found this "12 hour cough suppressant" And got it for me. A name I never heard of. was 10 bucks for a little 3 oz bottle. You only take two teaspoons full every 12 hours (which I'm only doing it at night) This stuff is slightly yellow/orange tinged. Supposed to be orange flavored. It's as thick as molasses, it's sickening sweet, and it's gritty, like it has sand in it.

But....I slept all night and only coughed a couple times. whoooooooooooohoooooooooo

Anyhow gotta go pick the kid up from school. Hope you all have a good Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Not Much

I have not much to say today. I'll talk more about my life tomorrow.

But for today if we all can just take a moment to sit and remember and pray, and think about all those who lost their lives on Sept 11th. To not forget what happened. We should never forget, or become passive about it. We should remember.

And in remembering, to also send a prayer up for all the soldiers (not just from America) that are fighting for the humanity of the world, fighting against terror. Today is one of the big reasons alot of them are fighting for.

God bless to everyone, make sure you tell people how much they mean to you, and hug your family and friends. You never know when it can be taken away from you.

Have a good Tuesday all.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Thought it would be a good day.....

I thought today would be a good day. I was feeling a bit better over the weekend. Then when I went to bed last night. Even though I drugged myself up. I couldn't stop coughing long enough to sleep. I think I got an hour and a half of sleep total.

A few years ago, I got my son a couple parakeets. He begged for them after our parrot died. He has a blue one named Sassy, she is older. And a green and yellow one named Flutter. He's always been a bonehead, but adorable.

I came in after dropping kiddo off at school. I say hi to all the animals, and I don't see Flutter. Then I see him standing in the bottom of the cage in a corner. Upon inspection, I find him dead. DEAD???!!!!

My son just admitted to me that he's been having a really tough week, thinking about my mom and Buck (dog we put down a few months back) He admitted he even went to the school counselor to talk about it. And now I have to tell him another one of his beloved pets is dead!!! I'm so... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr right now.

Well on that upbeat note. I'm gonna leave and wish you all a much better Monday than mine is turning out to be. And it's not even 9 in the morning yet. sheeeshhh

Friday, September 07, 2007

All Tubbed Up

I'm still all tubbed up. And my head feels like it's pounding out a heavy metal beat. But I did venture out of my bedroom tonight.

Thank you all for all your good wishes. I've had lots of sinus infections. But either this one was alot worse than others, or I'm just to old for this shit.

I called a friend and she has taken Kiddo to school and picked him up for three days. I stayed in bed the entire time. I haven't eaten much of anything, because that gets in the way of me sleeping. I would hehehe here if I had the energy.

I'm thinking the antibiotics are slowly taking effect. I should be feeling alot better after this weekend.

I apologize for not keeping caught up on blogs, maybe I can catch up this weekend.

Have a good weekend everyone. Stay healthy.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I'm dying

No sleep last night
Woke up
Couldn't get out of bed
Friend took Kiddo to school
Gigantor got off work early
Took me to doctor
Almost passed out
Got antibiotics
Slept most of day
Didn't take regular meds (blood pressure)
Didn't drink enough
Feel major bad
Going back to bed after I eat, take medicine and drink
Praying for death or my head to explode.
Hope I'll be back after antibiotics work.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I think I'm getting sick. Got that burnie feeling in the back of my throat and sinuses. I feel like crud.

Hopefully I'll be back to better blogging tomorrow.

Have a good Tuesday everyone.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Being Fair to the boys.

Okay since all you boys played along with naming your boobies, I thought I would be fair.

I decided to do the Penis Name thingie mabober. And here it is. Have a go at it, see what your wang is called. hehehehe

Your Penis Name Is...

Beefy McManstick

Have a good Sunday everyone!!!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

The band Teacher Lives

Well the band teacher is still alive. She gave us some dam spill about him not being at some meeting at a rental store, that we never knew about. And since he wasn't, she could only take the first 10 that wanted to do drums that showed up to that.

After my hell no, you will fix this shit, she changed her tune. She said if he really really wanted to do drums she would do 11. But on further talking with her and Kiddo. Kiddo said, that he would probably like to stick out playing tuba this year. Because actually both him and the teacher said he was very good at it.

I refused to rent one, and she said she had one that he could probably bring home and leave here for practice. Then have another one to play at school. She also said that some days after school he could come play on the "Drum Line". Our high school took a nationals award for their drum line, and now those students are going to go in after school and work with the middle schoolers. So...he has the option of doing the tuba and the drums, and that would be awesome if he learned and was good at two instruments.

My finger isn't flopping as bad at it was yesterday, but it is all swollen up. I'm sure if I typed for a long time today it would start flopping.

I don't have much else to post today, seeing as I need to get my ass out and deliver some avon, and then do some work around here.

I'm gonna leave you all with this fun little gem. Do it, it's funny!!! You guys too. I need to know your names.

Happy Saturday everyone!!!!

Your Boobies' Names Are...

Blouse bunnies