Friday, August 29, 2008

Sinuses suck ass!!!

Just thought I would show you all a picture of my rat dog. That is Foxy doing her meerkat impersonation.

Well I'm all sinusey.

Kiddo has had some stuffyness for a few days, I thought just allergy attacks. I got a soar throat last night with some clogged sinuses. I've been taking Dayquil. Now Gigantor has some.

I hope it's a small cold we can fight off, and not end up sinus infections. Wish us luck.

I'm not posted much of anything else, cuz I feel like dirty ass. ugggghhhh

Have a good Friday and Weekend all!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pretty good Midweek

Wow I had a pretty good day yesterday. Busy as hell, but pretty good.

Gigantor was off, seeing as he has to work both Saturday and Sunday. So....Tuesday night we went to DMV and got my new license. They said I was old and needed a new picture. hehehehe

Then Wed morning, he got up and made me and Kiddo a nice breakfast. (meaning he actually cooked scrambled eggs and sausage, instead of our regular cold cereal or pop tarts)

We took Kiddo to school, then he dropped me off for a nail appointment. He then went and got some cleansers and stuff from True Value, to do some work on a list I made him. (cuz of his complete bullshit of slacking off last weekend)

He went and mailed a package for me, and he got the doctor to sign the paper I had to get a handicap placard. Then he drove back out to DMV and got the placard.

He went home and started doing some work, and I called him when I was done. He went and got us lunch (we had free meal cards from sonic cuz they majorly screwed up last time we were there) And he got me. We had lunch then zoomed back out for my chiropractors appointment. Got the kid and came home and grilled some chicken to make sandwiches and soup for dinner.

Then we watched The Onion Movie. That was pretty funny!!! Then we went to bed early and got some good sleep (cept when the 19lb cat decided to stand on my chest, not lay and distribute the weight, but stand so his paws were digging into me and killing me!!!!!)

So now today I feel all rested and sorta more in a good mood than I have been in quite a while. Lets see how fast it takes Gigantor to ruin that. hahahahaha

Hope you all had a good Wednesday and are having a great Thursday!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brain is Jello

Oh my gosh I'm so tired my brain is Jello. I go to bed at a decent hour, but can never fall asleep till after midnight. I'm used to it. What I am not used to is waking up with my husbands alarm at 4 in the morning, and not being able to fall back asleep.

I'm so tired it sorta hurts.

I love that pic, when a cat looks like that, it's a good idea to stay away from them. hahahahaha

Those other webkins I got came in. We kept the frog back to give him for christmas. But he got a beagle, leopard, and baby bassett. He gave the beagle to Big J, since Big J gave him the koala.

So...Now we have a Koala named Auzie, a baby cow named Bessie (yes he wanted one little girl one) A spotted leopard named Hunter, and his baby bassett named Roscoe. hehehehehe

Big J never thought of having a girl one in all of his, till he watched Kiddo, his beagle is named Daisy.

Kiddo brings home a paper last night, and goes, "Oh yeah I forgot to tell you picture day is tomorrow."


We went through his and Gigantor's closet trying to find something nice for him to wear. He ended up wearing his Road Kill Cafe shirt. I thought that was funny as hell.

Well I'm so tired I keep dozing off in my chair, so I'm gonna go.

Have a good Tuesday all.

Monday, August 25, 2008

More Randomness

Okay but what the hell is that??? That is spooky as shit.

I was gonna tell another mom story, but I'll probably hold off, got all sorts of randomness going on in my head.

I'm mad at my hubby. *sigh* He got in a lot of trouble this weekend. First of all, he is supposed to work every 4th weekend. They are short a guy so if the boss works (WHICH YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO YOU FUCKING JERK) Then he would work every 3. Well they have him working every other, which pisses me the hell off. Cuz I can't get him to do shit when he works a weekend. So...he worked last weekend (not the past two days, but the one before that) And he has to work labor day weekend.

So....I tell him some stuff I wanna get done this weekend. In the house, and him starting the skirting, he seemed to very much agree. The only added thing we were gonna do it go to the matinee. Well...he dissapears for part of the day saturday. I found out he went and helped some guy we barely know move an arcade game in his house, then spent time playing it.

Then on Sunday some friends asked him to help and go get a trailer. They were buying a big utility trailer, and they don't know how to haul one, so wanted help. They told him it would take about 3 hours, hour and a half drive each way. They called him Sunday morning to say. Oooops it's like a 3 hour drive one way. So...Instead of saying, "dude I have shit to do, and I can't be gone all day like that." the fucker went. He left when I was still in bed, and didn't get back till almost 6 last night. To say I was fuming pissed was an understatement.

Okay there I vented that. uggghhhhh

We have watched a few movies though. Captain Daddy bought the Scorpion King 2. We watched that. I didn't think it was to bad. But the dam UFC guy they had acting in it, brought the movie rating way way down. What a dumb ass, pathetic actor.

We went and seen the new Mummy movie on Saturday. I was a little disappointed with some parts. The biggest one being the change of the actress as Evie. What a fricken disappointment. She was horrible and didn't do the part justice, which just pulled the whole fricken movie down. They would have been better off saying she was dead or something. But gaaahhhh Also I don't think it had the lighthearted comedy, or the urgency to save the world that the other two did. Again I think it was mostly fault with that actress, but whatever.

I did love the story, I loved the characters they introduced. I think they could have gone more in depth, spent another half hour doing it, and it would have been a much better movie.

But let me just say. Jet Li Yummmmoliscious!!!!!!

We got Doomsday from Netflix. It was okay, I thought it was going to be so much more though. Lots of disappointments in movies this weekend. h ahahahaha

I did find out that watching 4 Leprechaun movies back to back is like ummm 3 and 1/2 to many. hahahaha They were showing all the Leprechaun movies on sci fi yesterday and my son was so excited wanting me to watch them with him.

I love it when the grocery store miss marks steaks. Gigantor went and bought some last night for dinner, seeing as he was the ASS HOLE OF THE UNIVERSE. He bought chuck steaks cuz they were on sale. Let me just note I have never ever had a tender chuck steak. They aren't supposed to be. These things cooked up great and cut like butter. It was like the tender side of a porterhouse. OoOOOO soo good. We think they were missmarked. Our score!!!!! heheheheh

I ended up winning 4 webkins on e-bay, didn't pay more than 7 bucks after shipping for any of them. Kiddo is gonna give one to his friend that gave him the first one. We got one in yesterday, it's a cute baby cow.

So now he has a Koala named Auzie, and a baby cow named Bessie. hehehehe

Okay I'm still all freaked out about that picture at the top, Just what the hell is that?? *shudder*

Hope you all have a great Monday!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


First of all, those two dogs crack me the hell up. hahahaha

Okay so the title says memories. I have been going through a ton of memories about my mom lately. Sharing them with my husband. He never knew her when she wasn't "sick".

So...he never knew the woman who laughed her ass off at things, or the woman who would horse around with us, the woman who played practical jokes all the dang time. Unfortunately, he knew how fierce she loved, but he knew her as in pain, and angry and not laughing much. So...I try to share how she was with him. He gets really tickled by it.

I also thought that some of these stories were so dang funny that maybe I would share some with you.

My mother got divorced after 14 years of marriage. I was 6 and Alekx was 13. She moved us from southern Az, to northern, near her dad and step mom. We weren't making ends meet to well, and her baby brother and sister needed a place to stay after college. So...she offered.

We had a three bedroom place. Both me and my sister had our own room. My mom wasn't about to let that get disrupted. So...My aunt (13 years younger than my mom) and her best friend slept on the hide-a-bed in the living room. My uncle (12 years younger than her) brought a little silver, oval camp trailer in the front yard. (you know the one's that look like baked potatoes.) He ate with us and watched t.v. with us, showered inside. But everything else was in his trailer.

I remember besides him working, he was a referee for the high school basketball team. (small town, used volunteers) Well he could only afford one set of ref clothes, so he had the shirt and the shorts. He wore Medium I think. Well he came home from the first game and went. "Dammit my shorts ripped out in the butt, I have to buy a size bigger" So....he bought large. Next game, same thing. So...he bought extra large, again, same thing. So...this six foot four inch skinny man bought 2xl shorts and came out of the back saying "If these rip out I'm gonna hurt somebody" My mom took one look at him and started cracking up. The shorts were massive baggy in the front, and snug in the back. My mom says "Ummm bro, you may be big, but not that big" and was laughing. He was upset to say the least. As he was leaving the house, she says "by the way Einstein the pocket goes in the back not the front."

He had been putting his shorts on backwards from the beginning, and they kept ripping out. I can only imagine what the other ref's where thinking, laughing their asses off.

Which leads me to this little gem of a story, so much a gem that my uncle told it at her memorial. hehehehe

My uncle would always bust in on mom when she was getting dressed or out of the shower and take her picture. It would piss her off so much, and he thought it was the funniest thing. kept trying to do that back. We have ton's of pics of uncle in a towel or blanket covering him up, he was to dam quick. decided to get him back.

He was at work one day, and mom went and got his one and only jock strap, knowing he had to ref a game that night.

She got it wet and put it in the freezer.

And hour later she took it out and dunked it again, then placed it in the freezer in it's position for him to put it on. She did this over and over every hour. Giggling each time she dunked and repositioned the thing.

Uncle comes home and did his usual piss fart around till he would be almost late, then he was hurrying to get dressed. (something she counted on) He started running around the house yelling that he COULDN'T FIND HIS JOCK!!!

Mom goes, "Oh hey while you are up, take a pound of hamburger out of the freezer for me." She waited till he had like 4 minutes to get dressed and up there. He is hollering and opens the freezer to grab the hamburger, and stops dead in his tracks.

He just sorta stares in the freezer for a minute, then in a quite whisper he goes. "OOOOOH you bitch" We all cracked the hell up. Ummm yeah he had to put it on and leave. The screams are legendary. hehehehehehe

Maybe next time I'll tell ya how she went all ninja with some bread. hehehehe

Have a good Thursday everyone.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day of Randomness

OMG doesn't that picture just make you laugh your tooshie off?? I love it!!!

I'm random today, all over the place. Could be how fuzzy and dizzy the remnants of the pain pills are making me feel this morning. Could be I'm always dizzy. hahahahaha

I'm out of popcorn, so I'm actually eating a pop tart this morning.

I need to get off my ass and go make out checks and pay my bills, but I'm not doing it. I'm dinking on here. lol

I have more dog hair on my couch and floor than I have on my dam dogs. How can they shed two or three times the amount of hair they have and still have a full coat??? dammit.

I have acquired three pairs of sunglasses in the last week and I have no idea who's they are, I haven't had anyone over, but just one morning they were on the floor. Weird.

Kiddo is already asking me when school will be out for the summer.

Kiddo is so addicted to Webkins. Big J got him one, a Koala he named Auzie. To be honest Gigantor and I are addicted to his dam webkins too. It's fun and cute.

I'm following 16 webkins on e-bay right now. I refuse to bid anymore than 2 bucks for one. Some of those bastards are going for 50 bucks or more. gaaaahhhhh

You can't find webkins at walmart here in town, I can't get them here. I don't know how to get him more. Cuz I sure as hell am not spending 50 bucks on one. Not even 10 lmaooooo

Man I need a coffee I.V. today. hahahaha

OMG when did my husband get so hairy?? I mean he's never been "hairy" he had like 10 chest hairs when we got married, and now he has a small patch on his chest (I do not particularly like hairy men) But Dam!!! lately. And not on his body per say, but from the neck up. WTF is that???

I mean he gets fricken 2 inch long eyebrow hairs. I bitch and bitch and he won't trim them so I finally hold him down and trim them myself. Then, he has hair growing on the tops of his ears and out of his ears. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT???? I hold him down and trim those too. But the nose hair I fricken refuse to do.

He grows monsterous nose hair, and I will complain, and then finally yell at him. He refuses to use the multiple nose hair trimmers I have bought him, he says they pull the hair. know what he does, he fricken plucks them. WHAT THE HELL IS THE DIFFERENCE FART KNOCKER????

oh oh oh and yesterday, OMG yesterday. I noticed he has gotten these long ass stray chest hairs that have migrated to like his lower neck region. I got on his case and said, when you shave you have to come down in this area, cuz I don't want these monster things hanging out your shirt.

So he goes, well pluck it. I said, I'm not fucking plucking them, shave the bastards. So...he is standing there (I met him out on the road took him breakfast, so he still had all day to work) He is standing there, and he's trying to pluck them, but he's putting it between his thumbnail and his finger nail. Well.... all it does is curl those fuckers like christmas ribbon you curl with the scissors. So...I start cracking up at him. He says, what's so funny. I then tell him that now he looks like his neck and chin is being attacked by pubic hair. And I drove off.

Okay on that lovely visual I'm gonna go finish my coffee and poptart.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Award Time

I got this awesome award from a couple awesome people. I was clicking my way through my blogrol, and I saw that Perposterous Ponderings gave me this award. Then as I kept clicking I found out that so did Special K.

I was so humbled and giddy, I giggled and piddled. What a very special thing, and to be loved by two such wonderful people, with two very wonderful blogs.

Arte Y Pico award: This award was created to be given to bloggers who inspire others with their creativity, and for contributing to the blogging world in whatever medium.

The rules state:
1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award through creativity, design, interesting material, and also contributes to the blogger community, no matter of language.
2. Each award should have the name of the author with a link to their blog.
3. Award winners have to post the award with the name and link to the blog of the person who gave them the award.
4. Please include a link to the Arte Y Pico blog so that everyone will know where the award came from.

You have to name 5 little known facts about yourself for the meme part of this award.

Lets start with my nominations. I love you all and wanna give it to you all. I wouldn't read ya if I didn't love ya, but hell, I need to pick 5 so here goes.

1. One a Day Photoblog Jules and Si are amazing with the photo's they take. And they post one a day!!! They even have guest photographers. I've had two of my photo's up there. For an blog that doesn't have many visitors, I think it should have thousands. Love ya guys.

2. Mary says Crystal Chick is one of the most amazing blogs that happened to find me. I say find me, cuz she visited my blog first. I went to hers and I've been so happy I did. She is amazingly crafty, making jewelry and wonderful cards. She also makes really beautiful children, who make beautiful grandbabies. And herself and her husband are to die for (pant pant) No wonder the kid and grandkids are so good looking. Check her out if you haven't.

3. Biddie OH I can't say enough about Biddie. She is an amazing woman. The love she has for her family and friends is something to be envious of. Her trials with her baby in the hospital are so heartfelt. You can feel her pain. Yet she is so down to earth and can laugh at herself, and right along with all of us too.

4. Dorko Oh I love Dorko. She only updates her blog once a week or so. Sometimes she is gone longer than that, sometimes she updates a few times a week. But what an amazing woman. I just love her. And she's snarky too. hehehehe

5. Color me complicated Miss Anne is amazing, and I love her. It is hard to find people more smart ass and snarky than I am. She is definatly up there. I admire her strength and compassion to her friends, and those who matter in her family. She is a potty mouth but I adore her potty mouth.

okay there are my nominations. If you didn't see your name it's not cuz I don't love ya, and hell take the dang thing anyway, cuz I love ya all that darn much. hehehehe

Okay on to the 5 facts about me. hmmmm lets see.

1. I write with lizard and fish pens. Quite a few years ago we bought the Kiddo pens that looked like lizards or fish, and he never used them. Now I horde them. I write with them and I dam well love them. If you move my pen or try to write with it. I will cut you!!!!!

2. I play on my son's Webkins account. He got a webkins from his friend big J and I play on it all the dang time. I'm addicted. I want me more webkins but don't know where to get them from.

3. I slap my tummy like I'm playing drums. I do it often and make tunes to it. Everyone things it's weird. Oh well. *sigh*

4. I live in the southwest and desert area and I despise southwestern art or decor.
I would rather gouge my eyes out than have any of it. Although I do own two sandpaintings, but it's because who gave them to me, not because of the southwestern.

5. I like to have my hair pulled. Have the hubby run his fingers through it and pull it lightly. I have a "spot" on the nape of my neck on the right side right at the bottom of the hair line. He could pull those few hairs over and over for hours and I just purrrrr, I would do anything I mean ANYTHING for him to mess with my "spot" hahahahaha

Okay that's enough of a post for today. Hope you all like the award, and have a good Monday all!!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Quick note


Or uggghhhh it's to dam early in the morning!!!

Just a quick note.

I got an award by Peposterous Ponderings, and I need to post it and give it, but not today, I don't have it in me today. hahahaha

School has been going okay this week so far. Kiddo and Big J have been walking home. I've been taking them each morning. That may end and I may make them walk both ways soon. hahahaha I'm mean that way.

Gigantor had yesterday off, cuz he has to work this weekend. We did a whole lot of not a god dam thing. We ate a little something, watched a program on t.v., went to the post office, bank and to get half priced sonic drinks. Then we came home and watched a couple more programs that were recorded and dozed off in front of them. Then we made dinner and had it. hahahaha

Well I'm chalked full of boring, so I should go plot my own evil plan and I'll be back soon.

Have a good Thursday everyone!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

School Starts Tomorrow ahhhhhhhhhh

That's how I feel about school starting tomorrow. I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!

Okay you all know I hate having the kiddo go back to school, the getting up early, the him not being here thing. grrrrrr

Well...been a few days since I posted.

On Friday we ran a few errands, ended up with our Nephew (that is kiddo's age) We took the dogs to the vet, and went and got the rat dog her new tags.

We had some leftovers for dinner and took our bad selves to the late movie. I enjoyed it alot, so did everyone else. Hellboy 2. Lots of people didn't like it so I've heard, but I did. Oh well.

Saturday we took Kiddo to a different birthday party, and we did some more running around. We came home and did prep work for the dinner that night. Had aunt and uncle over. And Captain Daddy and our friend D.

We made like spaghetti sauce. I had two types, ground beef with lots of fresh veggies (tons of mushrooms) added. And one with meatballs and just plain spaghetti sauce. Then we did up Penne past (kiddo hates spaghetti noodles) And Kiddo and D had the meatballs, and the rest of us enjoyed the meat with veggies and sauce. We had cheese toast, and a nice green salad and watermelon.

The guys had me open my gifts after that. I got a new (well new to me) oven. One of the flat glass top one's. I've always wanted one of those. Gigantor found it at a storage shed sale for 100 bucks and Captain Daddy bought it for me. It is much better than my old one that had one burner out, a broken bottom drawer and sat crooked. hehehehehe

I also go the new Twilight saga book--Breaking Dawn. The new Kid Rock CD and two movies. Lost boys 2 and The Condemned. And D got me a gift card to a place in town called Gabcorp Games. They have lots of board games and magic cards there. was all nice.

Then yesterday, we got up to Gigantor making breakfast on the new stove (it was so late it wasn't done till noon, so ended up being lunch) We watched half a sci fi movie we recorded but me and Gigantor fell asleep on the couch for a couple hours. After we woke up Kiddo came out of his room (he disappeared in there when we fell asleep) and we finished the movie. Then we made dinner and watched the Lost Boys movie.

I still like the first one better, but this one wasn't to bad. It said it had Angus Southerland in it. Is that Keifers son???? Just curious.

Well one of kiddo's friends--Big J is over today, like one last day of playing their asses off before school starts. I should go and take tags off all his school supplies so we can get them in his back pack.

Hope you all have a great Monday!!!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Doncha just love that dogs face???

Well doncha??? His face is priceless. I love that!!!

Well Gigantor surprised me. He took today and tomorrow off for my birthday. (which is tomorrow, friday. ahhhhhhhhhh)

I hate the idea of being "older" *sigh*

Today Gigantor got up early and walked with Kiddo and big J to the school (since it's close) and got his schedule, and walked around finding classes and locker and everything. Then they walked home. Gigantor went and bought us breakfast.

We ate, and then got up and got a couple packages put together (cuz the school said the teachers would be in this afternoon to get a supply list)

We then left the house, in August, in Arizona, in the afternoon ( I know we are nucking futs!!!!) We went to the school, no teachers, they said maybe tomorrow.

Went to UPS a package, only to find out that our UPS store closed down in June. Found a place in town that will ship the packages for you (but I have to do it tomorrow cuz I didn't have the addresses with me, cuz they were in the UPS computer)

Checked the mail, hooked up captain daddy's new cable, delivered an avon thing then went on down to walmart.

Now because of my health, and because of how crippled up I am, I haven't been to a store to shop in about 9 months. I can barely get around. Gigantor kept wanting me to go and go on the ridey carts, and I never would cuz I didn't think I could fit into one of those carts. (yup I am fat) duh.

But we decided to try everything we could today. I made it in with my cane and sat down for a few, then I pushed the cart over to the school supplies, and started shopping with the boys. Gigantor disappeared. Part way through the school supplies which are sorta toward the front of the store, I was looking for a bench cuz I wasn't gonna make it.

When out of the blue Gigantor rides up on a ridey cart. He made me try it, and you know what??? I fit. on sense I don't like riding them around, being not so old, and people no matter what stare at any people in carts or any kind of handicapped people, and it pisses me off. But it was soooooooo dam nice to go around and be a part of the shopping. I told Gigantor that I needed to do a bit more of that so I wasn't such a hermit.

We came home, and played with stuff we bought, and then my friend T surprised us and brought over dinner. It was her birthday present for me. It was so yummie, she had put boneless pork steaks (real thick ones) in the crock pot with some seasoning and some bbq sauce. And she baked some potatoes, and had some raw, fresh, organic veggies. And AND!!! brought cup cakes over. hehehehe

It was soooooooo dam good!!!! Gigantor and I had been actually talking about how it had been MONTHS since we had a baked potato and they sounded really good, then she brought some over. hahahaha

Tomorrow Gigantor is walking up to school again with kiddo, maybe try to see some teachers. Then we are gonna run to safeway (we have been getting some food to have a family dinner on Saturday for my birthday) Then I have to go out to the DMV and get my picture on my license new. They said I was to old and needed a new picture. The bastards. hehehehe

Then we have to take the dogs to the vet in the afternoon (nails and rabies shot) And go get new tags for one.

We are also going to go to the late movie, Hellboy 2. We have been wanting to see it real bad. I hate spending full price, but the only discount night is during school, and they are only showing it as a late movie. So I can't do that.

Okay well I have prattled on for way far to long.

If I don't get back on before Monday I hope you all have a great Friday and weekend!!!!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Arizona SHOULD NOT be Humid

OMG what the hell??? Arizona isn't humid, we are renowned for "it's a dry heat" I like my dry heat. I don't do humidity to well.

It's been rather humid this summer for the past month or so. Up in it's 20's or 30's for Arizona that's major bad. We are dying if it goes into it's teens. Then there was yesterday. We got up in the 50's with the humidity yesterday. ahhhhhhhhh it was torture. It started thundering about 5 last night, and we though oh great just a thunder storm, no rain. They drive the humidity up. But by about 9 last night it opened up with rain, and rained until about 1 this morning. Then it got even more humid than it was yesterday.

You know it's miserable in that humidity with a swamp cooler, and Gigantor and I were up all night fidgeting, pissing each other off, cuz we were preventing the other one from sleeping. hahahahaha

Actual conversation between me and Gigantor two days ago. I called him on the cell phone.

(he always answers. HI HONEY)
ME--What do you mean hey??
G--just hey (real grumpy like)
me--what the hell is wrong with you??
G--Sorry I hurt
me--you hurt?? what do you mean you hurt??
G--my back is killing me
me--what did you do to it??
G--I don't know, I woke up and it was killing me and I went pee and it felt a bit better.
me--ummm honey that could be a kidney infection
G--I don't FUCKING get kidney infections!!!!
me--DON'T YELL AT ME fine just suffer then
G--It keeps getting real bad and then I'll go pee and it will ease up
me--so where is this pain??
G--it's not in my spine, it goes from side to side on my lower back
me--yup kidney infection
me--okay dumb ass, suffer, but if it gets to bad, you might wanna buy a bottle of cranberry juice, or you can wait and I take you to the doctor in a day or two, when you can't stand anymore, you will miss work and they will put you on a bunch of antibiotics. But apparently I don't know what I'm talking about. SINCE YOU DON'T GET KIDNEY INFECTIONS!!!!

Then I hung up on him.

My man the E.M.T. That is so tough he decides he can never get hurt or sick. My man who I want to throttle because he won't take any medicine when he first gets sick or hurt and we end up in the doctors or hospitals. grrrrr

He came home later, with 4 yup count them 4 gallons of cranberry juice. hahahahaHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

He drank almost a gallon that first night, I laughed my ass off the entire time.

Next day, almost no pain!!
Two days later, no pain at all.

But remember he doesn't get those, and apparently I don't know what I'm talking about.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!!

I'm off to go drip somewhere, seeing as it's still way humid.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Whirlwind weekend

Wow what a weekend!!! We were go go going all weekend.

Friday I got up and stamped new avon books and wrote up a ton of receipts. Captain daddy came over and we ordered some stuff online. He slept and me and Kiddo watched the 2nd lord of the rings.

Gigantor came home with my avon and I pulled it all and put it in bags and stuff.

Saturday we got up and Gigantor went down town said he had to go without me. He then went back cuz they forgot to put something in his bag. He came home and left again. Him and Captain Daddy are plotting something for my birthday and they had to go do it.

When he came home we ate a late lunch then loaded up the suburban and went and delivered avon and avon books. Then we made some calls and went to aunt and uncles for a bbq. Uncles birthday was the 31st so he was having a "party". We ate and laughed. Then all the guys (a couple more showed up) played poker. Me, Kiddo, the Aunt and D all played electronic life. We got home late and was all very tired.

Early Sunday morning Gigantor got up and went and took a friend out to breakfast then they went to friends house and worked on the Suburban. Putting that motor back in the door so I can work my window (the one that's been broke for almost a year now) I was told it would take 2 hours maybe a touch more. At 5 hours I called up a bit pissy.

We were expecting a friend over to re teach us how to play Magic (the card game) This friend we shall call Noodle (Alekx will be the only one who knows why) We all used to be good friends, but his wife at the time caused some shit that made him choose her and not be friends with us for quite a while. After he broke up with her he was apologetic, but we told him it was all good, it wasn't his fault. We are glad we reconnected with him.

We used to play Magic alot!! We got out of it for quite a while, when the whole "friend" crap thing happened with his ex. But we kept all our cards. Well...people have been buying kiddo cards for holidays and we forgot how to play so we could never really play with him.

Anywhoo when Gigantor finally got home we ate some lunch then Noodle and D showed up and a friend of Noodles, and we all went over it and played some Magic. We started about 3:30 and finally didn't get a winner till almost 7:30 hahahaha It was really fun though.

As soon as Gigantor lost his life points he ran to the store and got some milk and a couple cheep steaks to throw on the bbq. We didn't eat dinner till 8:45. But we all had lots of fun.

Now just have to recuperate after the weekend.

Hope you all had a great weekend and have a wonderful Monday!!!!

And hope you land on your feet, not like that poor dog in the pic.

Friday, August 01, 2008

been a few days

OMG I love love love that picture!!!!!

I was gonna load up a picture of a super hero I made, but I'm obviously not smart enough to get it loaded big enough to my computer so that you all could see it.

As I sit here wondering what to write. Watching my cat with his back leg hiked up over his head, and cleaning his what not's. I realize that I have been the biggest bore lately. Even here at home.

Maybe I need more sex, maybe that will spice things up.

When Alekx was here we broke out the Electronic Life game she gave kiddo and started playing. That is like our new favorite game right now.

My rat dog decided she could fly and she leaped from the couch toward the love seat. Yup she missed. I'm not sure if she was actually hurt or more embarrassed at how hard we laughed at her.

She is way upset with us now too. When Alekx was here, Foxy was sleeping in the room with her. And when Alekx left, Foxy decided that the middle bedroom was a room just for her. She would get under the covers and everything, she even stopped sleeping with me. But now she is major upset, because I've gone to shutting the door during the day to try to wean her off the dam room.

Gigantor stalks around grumbling that the dam dog is so spoiled she even has her own room. hahahahahaha

Tomorrow we are going to deliver a shit load of avon and then go to a bbq at the aunt and uncles. It was uncles b-day on the 31st. So...should be good times.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I'll be around to see everyone.