Sunday, May 11, 2008

My house is a disaster zone

I'm sorry all, but that picture just cracks me the hell up.

Well...we had our sloppy joes on thursday and took kiddo for Milkshakes. Didn't do much but clean on Friday. One of kiddo's friends came to play for a bit.

On Saturday Gigantor got up at 3:30 and was on the road, he had to go out of town for a mandatory meeting for work. Kiddo and I got woke up by the rat dog getting out of the yard and going barking down the street. We got her in and tried to go back to sleep and I got woken up by a massive calf cramp. It was so bad I was in tears, and it's still here threatening to re cramp and it's Sunday night.

I did get up and baked two cakes, and made a potato salad, and went to the bank and wrapped some birthday gifts. Gigantor was supposed to be back in time for the movie and he blew a radiator hose, so he was very late.

I took kiddo to the movie and met up with Skinny K's parents. Then they came over for a bbq. Aunt and Uncle came over as well. It was a nice time even if the house was a mess from in the midst of unpacking still.

Skinny K and Big J spent the night. Kiddo woke us up at about 6:30 this morning, I guess Skinny K had been throwing up all night and nobody bothered to wake us up. I felt so bad for him, all he wanted to do was go home. So...I told the kids that if they ever get sick they have to come wake me up.

We got up this morning, and Gigantor and Captain Daddy gave me a card. And then Kiddo proceeded to majorly bitch Gigantor out. for 1. not getting me a present, and for 2. not taking kiddo to get me a present. hahahaha Gigantor did take him later in the afternoon and he got me a movie I already had so I will have to take it back, but hey it was the though. And Gigantor got me a bunch of different colored roses. Greens, pinks, yellows, reds, oranges. Very pretty.

I did my avon order finally today and straightened up a bit in the kitchen. Didn't even get to the living room with the last of the boxes in it. uggghhh We lost all motivation. But I think it was good to sorta take it easy, almost rest for once in like 4 weeks. hahahahah

I hope you all had a really great Mothers day!!!! We grilled some steaks, watched the survivor finale and ate more cake. It was all good.

Oh oh oh let me address this real quick. I have had a few comments on this here blog in the past 6 months that have really raised my ire.
I haven't said anything, cuz hey people have their right to their opinion, but the last one sorta was the last straw.

I have never gone to someone's blog and attacked or said negative things about those they loved. Maybe about those they hated, but not those they loved. I have left things said, as "well what I would do is....but that is just me" I have never said bad things. So...when I keep getting comments that say bad things about the two people I love most in the world. My husband and my son. Well that just pisses me the fuck off. If you are gonna say something bad about them maybe you should think before you write it down and either not say a bad thing, or just close the window and not comment. Because..I will NOT stand for it anymore. I've taken alot of shit said about my husband (the teasing stuff is okay, I mean like attacks on his character or who he is as a man) but the one about my son was the absolute last straw. This is a blog, and the internet, and no matter how much we think we know each other, we really don't know that persons life, or what goes on at home, or the characters of their loved one's, so don't say anything bad about it. I think the only time you have a right to talk like that about someone is if you and your life are perfect. So..until it's announced around the world that they have found the perfect human, family person, being on the planet then stop saying shit and worry about fixing yourself.

I do love all my comments, but I wanted to get that out there, and you all know I'm snarky and I can take snarky. If this was meant to be funny, the person(s) that have done those particular comments I'm talking about. Then it didn't come across that way and maybe you should re word how you write things.

Again Hope you all had a very nice Mothers Day, and for you guys hope you remembered those in your life that are mothers and cherished them.

Have a good Monday everyone!!!!


CrystalChick said...

Ooh, the roses sound very pretty!
What movie did you go see? What one did you get?

Snarky. I LOVE that word... snarky. LOL
Dane Cook's show is pretty funny. Have you seen it? That's the first place I heard it I think.

It's a shame to get comments that aren't so nice. I haven't been blogging that long, less than a year, and don't get alot of comments but the ones who do come by are usually nice. I'm sure with my blog being so all over the place... one day a recipe, some days pics, other times an opinion or two, I could get people who felt the need to give me grief about something but that is so not what blogging should be about. Like you said, we really DON'T know each other all that well via the internet and blogging isn't the only thing in our lives, so if one can't think of something nice to say then they shouldn't comment at all. Mean people suck.

Now from one snarky biotch to another.....get OFF the computer and go CLEAN that 'disaster zone' of a house. You hear me???!!! LOL
Okay, I've got to do that too........

Burfica said...

crystal--We went to see Iron Man, it was very good. Kiddo got me The Game Plan, but we already have it so have to go back for another. I don't wanna go cleannnnnnnnn whaaaaaaaaaaaa lol

youarekiddingme said...

I'm sorry to hear someone said something mean about your family. Even sorrier that some adults seem to think they are in middle school and are using the internet to be rude - how easily they can hide behind their computers.

Rhea said...

It sounds like you had a nice Mother's Day! I love the photo with the lumps caption. lol Way too funny.

Joy T. said...

Oh that camel LOLOLOLOL Sounds like Mother's Day was good and those flowers sound beautiful. Can't get any better then that in my books. As for snarky? I love snarky. Keeps me on my toes. Being mean on the otherhand or someone plain not thinking is something I get...well I get snarky about :o)

Burfica said...

kidding--yeah people should work on themselves before opening their mouths about others.

rhea--that picture just cracks me up.

joy--yup I am a snark queen, or a prime smart ass. one in the same. lol

Christine said...

If it was me, sorry... If it wasn't...screw that inconsiderate asshole..who needs um.

Burfica said...

christine--it wasn't you. Your fine.

Special K said...

I went back and read your comments and it may be the fever but who was it/where was it or did you get rid of it? Oh dear hope it wasn't me! You know me better than that, us "only" Mamas gotta stick together! HUGS

coffeypot said...

I tried to post from Marni's machine yesterday about this. Have you checked your sugar? Too high or too low will make you very tired and sleepy. Eat a candy bar or chug a high-protein drink. No charge this time for my diagnosis and recommendations.

coffeypot said...

Woops! I did comment on your lack of energy on the righ post, not this one. Don't pay any attention to me. I ramble any place I can find.