Thursday, May 01, 2008

That run away frieght train we are on, almost derailed.

I think that picture is seriously cute!!!

Got up yesterday and Captain Daddy came over. Spent some time with him, he wasn't feeling real well. I could sympathize I woke up with an ouchie ear and throat. Then I started coughing.

I took some dayquil right away. Mother in law showed up and we got seriously busy, packing everything in site that was not nailed down or heavy enough to withstand the move.

My friend from phoenix showed up, she drove up to help with all this. She jumped right in, we got about 10 boxes or more packed and stuff cleaned and I wrote out some bills and made phone calls I had to.

All day I felt worse and worse. uggghhhh

Mother in law has been pretty sick too. Wind blowing, cotton from the cotton woods blowing, dust blowing, stirring up old dust with packing, and no sleep, and high stress was taking it's toll on me.

We loaded up all the boxes and took them up town. Basicly I have to do kiddo's room and like top of a couple tables that have paperwork, and box up the food, that's about it.

Got up this morning and man was I sick. I went in to the doc as soon as I dropped Kiddo off. Yup I got a sinus infection. They faxed in some antibiotics for me. I'm waiting for them to be done and hope I feel better real soon.

And it's fricken cold today, like down in it's 30's and 40's brrrrr

Kiddo is stuffy, I hope he's not getting sick too. Mother in law calls me, and my nephew that's staying with her is real sick (fever and puking) I told her stay away. Friend called, she's been real sick all day, said she would come over tomorrow. Looks like some much needed rest has to take precidence today.

I'm off to eat lunch and read up on some of you alls.

Hope you have had a great week. This is probably the last time I can post before we get everything moved and my utilities back up. Have a great weekend all. Keep us in thoughts and prayers as we move this.


Miranda said...

Here's hoping it all goes well. And everyone gets better!

Phoenix5 said...

Again??? Wow Burf, you sound like me! Always sick! I bet you're getting really "sick and tired of being sick and tired!" I hope that once the move is done you will "get smart" and take some time off and REST! Yeah, I know, I'm starting to nag at you, but seriously, girl, you're gonna kill yourself!

Burfica said...

miranda--thanks me too

Phoenix--other than unpacking, I'm planning on relaxing. Plant some plants in the yard, take some pain meds hahahahaha I'm looking forward to more rest.

cookie monster said...

Good luck with the move and hope you feel better soon!!

Nea said...

You sound like you need some chicken soup and about 14 hours sleep. I hope you are able to get it once you are all moved. But I know how that goes. hugs...

Burfica said...

cookie--thank you me too.

Nea--had soup last night but nose and cough kept me up all night. ugggghhhh