Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Need to get Back in the Swing

ahhahahahahahah this picture makes me snort snot bubbles.

We had a couple lazy days. I couldn't get Gigantor to do anything yesterday like he said he would. Oh well, he needed a day of rest.

Today was rather lazy for me and Kiddo. His friend Skinny K spent the night last night (and didn't get sick thank god) and I had to be up early and have him home early. So...we went and got some breakfast.

Then kiddo and I sat down to watch Surfs Up and eat. After I ate, I was cold and got a blanket and fell asleep during the end of the movie which pissed me off. grrrr

I ended up sleeping on the couch till 1. Now I feel fuzzy. I'll just say it's a lazy day and maybe tomorrow we will kick it back into gear. Kiddo is still in his pajama's too. hahahahaha

I know this wasn't very exciting post, but hey some days, we are just flat out boring. hahahaha

Okay hope you all have a good Tuesday!!!


Rhea said...

I think it might be more accurate to have that picture say "F-ing GPS" instead of Mapquest. lol

Where do you find those photos? Hilarious!

Burfica said...

rhea--I love those pics. I go to I can has cheezeburger site for the cat one's and I can has hotdog site for the dog one's.

The Laundress~JJ! said...

I love falling asleep on the couch in the middle of the day!!!

Yay you.

FOOLS GOLD said...

I love a good lazy day although I dont seem to get much of them round here, but when I do I open the beer and watch dvd's all day

Burfica said...

jj--I don't mind, I just hate sleeping the day away.

fools gold--I know what you mean, not many here, and I didn't feel good when I woke up.

Miranda said...

Every once and a while its good to have a lazy day. I know you missed the end of the movie, but didn't Surf's up rock!?!?

Alekx said...

Heck I fall asleep all day every day.

Burfica said...

miranda--yeah it did that's why i was so upset I missed it.

alekx--yeah yeah. lol

Dorko said...

That pix cracked me up...
Kitty needs to stay out of the kitty-nip!

Joy T. said...

Boring is good. I live for boring some days!! And falling asleep on the couch? Love it! :o)

captain corky said...

I've taken some good naps over the last few days. Not much else to do here in WV right now. I needs to get home.

CrystalChick said...

Funny picture. Pretty accurate for mapquest. It's like part of the directions are perfect and then right near the destination there's one small glitch and your totally f'd and lost for a good 20 minutes. I have hubby explain directions to me. He's got a built in sense of which way to go and how to find a back route. And in NJ, between the detours, jughandles, construction, idiot drivers and crazy directions.... you need spidey sense or something.

I have soooo much to do and can't seem to get a schedule going. Working at home is very hard especially being my craft room is currently in the dining room since my daughter and her fam moved in. So I am distracted 12 times a day. And when I do have peace and quiet and should be working I'm off doing something else...... like emailing or blogging or running errands. LOL
Infact this morning, I need to get to the bank and find out if the code is available for PayPal and if so, start pricing and uploading photos but I have a dentist appt., then an errand and how much time will be left before having to get my son from school and make dinner?
Not much.
Oh well, I'm gonna try tho!
Have a great day!!!

Burfica said...

dorko--yeah kitty does

joy--yeah I usually do too, if it's not an every day thing.

corky--Hope you get home soon and safe

crystal--like my husband always says. I've never been lost, temporarily misplaced a few times but never lost.

Anonymous said...

I have laughed so hard at that pic that my sides hurt. That was great!

Hammer said...

That picture cracked me up too!