Friday, May 30, 2008

Almost a Heart Attack

Nope no picture today. Sorry about that. I didn't have a good evening.

I had been thinking about how with this move, we haven't ever seemed to have to pay out alot, but that we have been virtually nickel and dimed to death. I'll tell ya about that in a minute.

But today I was getting my nails done (they get done for free cuz it's one of my good friends) And the electrician came and hooked the wiring up to our swamp cooler. Luckily he didn't charge us this time, cuz Gigantor went and helped him out for a few hours after work.

Anyhow, Gigantor got home and was in the process of trying to finish hooking up the cooler. He went to get a pad for it (about 100 bucks) and found out that they don't make pads for that cooler anymore. We bought this cooler used about 10 years ago, and it was at least 10 years old when we bought it.

Well....he came home and got looking at the pan that holds water, and it had gotten broke in the move. So...he was looking to see if he could repair it with some JB weld or something and found the entire bottom of the cooler was rotted out. Then he got looking closer and the entire cage, box, and place for the pad and pan were all rusted out.

That means new cooler, or suffer in 110 degree's this summer. New cooler about 700 bucks. All credit cards=maxed out. Savings=down to 200 after being nickel and dimed to death. I was in tears, I didn't know what to do. My dad called and heard me upset and asked me what was wrong. I told him. I said, don't worry, we will figure something out.

He informed me to go order the cooler and get his discover card number. Which made me cry even harder. He shouldn't of had to do that. But I am so dam greatful that he did. I don't know what I would have done. I still get teary eyed thinking about it. I was so sick to my stomach worrying about it.

Now what I mean getting nickel and dimed to death.

Permit to move -- 150
bricks for under trailer--158
cement for some fence posts--25
plumbing supplies---115
moving the phone--75
moving the electric--278
moving water---175
moving cable 155
small parts from true value--70
food and drink for people helping--250
getting 1/3 skirting--113

we still need to get skirting for the other 2/3 and we need a shit load of 2x4's at fricken 3 dollars a piece here, so about 300 bucks worth. Then we have to get a bunch of cement and screws for doing the new fence and some other hardware. So about 800 or more dollars worth.

So...I think you all can see now where I was in tears about the dam cooler.

I know when you add it, it doesn't seem like that much, but honestly we didn't have hardly anything when we started this move. I told Gigantor I could scrounge up about 2000 Well the cost so far is at 1800. And I need about 800 more and if I had to do the cooler another 800 more.

Just again thank god for Captain Daddy.

Sorry for the whine fest, but I was feeling low. Back to snarkiness tomorrow. hehehehe

have a good weekend everyone.


Miranda said...

Aww Im sorry to hear. I agree with you, when it frikkin rains it pours. I'm beginning to wonder how anyone can get ahead. Im glad Captain Daddy was there for you. I understand how hard it is, but He's family, and offered.

((BIG HUGS)) to you.

Rhea said...

I'm sorry things are so tight right now. Darn money disappears so quickly these days...especially into the gas tank and man, moving is expensive!!

Hang in there. Thank goodness for loving fathers who can help out. I've had my parents and hubby's parents bail us out of many tight situations. I hope I can return the favor to them as I get older and more financially stable.

Hope things get better soon, :o)

MomThatsNuts said...

Thank goodness for Captian Daddy!! We just had to give Crash rent money, and HE WAS IN TEARS for even having to ask, so I understand! Im sorry the move has been such a hassle!! But its done! Is it so far that Kiddo has to go to a different school or are you in the same town?? It will all come out in the wash I promise, dont things always have a way of working out???

Americaneocon said...

Have a good weekend yourself!!

Joy T. said...

Awww well darn, sorry to hear this is a stressful time :o( I guess the good part is you have family who is willing to help. So many people don't and can you even imagine the stress they are dealing with?? You are a lucky lady and have a great family. Hope the stress starts disappearing!

Burfica said...

Miranda--yeah I was very lucky to have him, and he had the means to help.

Rhea--Yeah but I do get feeling guilty cuz it's always my dad (or when my mom was alive) Gigantors parents wouldn't help us if our lives depended on it.

Mom--no same town, just up the hill. we only have one middle school and high school here. But now he's in walking distance. muwhahahaha

american--thanks, back at ya

joy--yeah I don't stay stressed over one thing to long, they seem to pile up. hahahahaha

CrystalChick said...

Wow, that list hurts. It's always something. But you are working together and somehow a solution always comes. Luckily Captain Daddy was able to help you all out.
It gets to 110 where you are? GAWD that's insane.

Here's hoping for some cool breezes and a little extra $$ to help your debt.

I love snarky. Do bring it back just as soon as you can. ;)

Burfica said...

crystal--oh hun 110 is normal in the summer, we have been known to get to 120 or a bit higher. I need my cooler. lol

butterfly's said...

hey baby, this to shall pass. Now don't smack me for saying that. I know how it feels when someone says it to me. You dad is a good daddy and he loves you guys very much. He knows that you guys are working and not sitting around expecting to be helped. He helps cuz he loves you and knows you aren't wasting money. HUGS MY FRIEND!!!!

Burfica said...

flutterby---thank you baby, you always have right words at right times my friend.

Special K said...

Wow you can get coolers here for much cheaper but I guess because they are really worthless here. Here you better have A/C or you will DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE from the humidity.

I would of been in tears too, one thing I can't stand is to be HOT mostly due to my health condition(s) because it used to not be AS big a deal.
I am so glad Captain Daddy saved the day! What a hero! :)

Special K said...

Yeah Crystal poor Burfica got desert 110 and I have swampy humid 110. We both lose. :(

~C~ said...

you poor thing! You've had a rough time of it with this move. God Bless Daddy!! Aren't Dad's great??