Sunday, January 30, 2005

Busy Weekend

Holy shitburgers batman. hehehehehe What a fricken busy weekend. Saturday Gigantor went into work till 10 then came home and I molested him when he got out of the shower. hehehehe We then packed up and drove around getting boxes. Went over to mom's and got a couple friends and started packing our little hearts out. Me and a friend were packing up mom's room. I swear to god, I haven't seen that much clothes in an entire mall. How she got them all in her bedroom I will have no idea.
I told the friend in the living room to start wrapping the nick nacks off of two shelves that mom wanted to take. Well....he did an extra good job. We came out of her bedroom, and every single nick nack including the little plant critters, and the refrigerator magnets were wrapped in paper and packed. LOL So...yesterday we got almost all of her bedroom packed up, all her movies, ALL the nick nacks, and did some of the laundry. We still have to do her bathroom stuff, a couple other small things, the rest of her sheets and towels, and her computer and chair. OOoOo we did climb into her refrigerator. Of course we got Gigantor all geared up in full fire fighter gear, and I found a sword and shield. We started hacking and fighting off all the live creatures leaping at us from her refrigerator. We got them slayed and in the trash just to find that the crew of evil beings were guarding their pyramid of stone MILK. She had a gallon of milk that was like a brick. LOL

Today, Gigantor got up and went to the store. He came home with an early birthday present for himself. hehehee So...we all ate lunch and watched Alien vs. Predator. Just as good the second time around.

Auntie Alekx called up and was talking to us, then started talking to the kiddo. They have this little game where she says. I love you more. He says, impossible, I love you eternity. She says I love you more than that. He says, I love you eternity which is older than the world, and I love you galaxy which is older than that, and universe which is the oldest. Well, then Auntie Alekx says something. And my precious 8 year old, yells Well I love you more and most so just DEAL!!!!! It was so funny.

Sunday's are our traditional really nice dinner nights. If we have soup, or sandwiches, or cold cereal any other time during the week. Sundays are the day we make a really nice meal. So....Gigantor has his signature, melt in your mouth, baby back ribs, in the oven. I'm getting ready to go snap some green beans. They are the only veggie left in our fridge that isn't trying to eat us instead. (yes we cleaned out our fridge finally) I didn't know lettuce was supposed to be fuzzy. hehehehee And some of our salad, and cucumbers we had in there were liquified.

Hope I can come up with something,other than my boring day to day drivle as of late, tomorrow.

Friday, January 28, 2005

My Phone

.....needs to be surgically removed from my ear. I have been on the phone non stop since I got home. Taking care of my paperwork, and all the paperwork for mom. ugggghhhhh

Okay before I really get going. I need to take time to thank you all by embracing my fear/hate of clowns by sending me clown pages or sending clown links on your blogs. YOU ALL ARE SICK AND NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP!!!!! hehehehehee
Let me give you the three main reasons I dislike clowns. movie---Poltergeist--that little fucker grabbing the kid and pulling him under the bed *shudder* Movie---Killer Clowns From Outer Space---where this was supposed to be a funny movie, it had the most evil looking clowns, not unlike the page Kitten posted on her blog. And last but not least Movie and Book---Stephen King's IT--I don't really think I need to explain why on this one. Since anyone who has seen it probably hates clowns now. God I gave myself the creepies. hehehehehe

Anybody want and old smelly Bassett hound???? He is pretty high maintenance, but I'm ready to give him away. He is my biggest "turd burglar" so he will go root in the cat box, and when I chase him away, he goes to the carpet by the front door and throws up. Now I have cat sand and turds to clean up, and dog puke. I swear I'm gonna whip those giant long ears around his muzzle and tie them off, so he can't open his mouth anymore. uuuuggggghhhhhh

There is a mystery at our house. And personally I want it to remain a mystery to me. Two times it has happened and both times I told Gigantor to deal with it, cuz I just didn't want to know. The kiddo wanders out of my bedroom the other day (he was watching cartoons on our t.v. we were watching something "boring" on the t.v. in the living room. He is naked form the waist down. I'm like you just got dressed where are your underwear. He states very loudly "I TOOK THEM OFF CUZ I HAD A JUICY FART" I looked at my husband in horror going "what the fuck is a juicy fart"? Gigantor shrugs and looks away. So...I made him deal with it. He comes out ready to tell me something, and I just say "I don't want to know" Well last night the kid screams from the other room "I HAD ANOTHER JUICY FART" I mean I'm wanting to know why he keeps having this problem, but in the same instant I don't even want to know what a juicy fart is. It sounds gross, and will probably make me gag. I mean through the years I had the misfortune of finding out what "ew that one had chunks in it" meant. I just think I want to stay ignorant to the whole "juicy fart" definition. hehehehee

What are you all doing this weekend??? We are going over to mom's and packing our little hearts out. I need to get as much of her crap err...stuff packed as quickly as possible over the next two or three weekends so it's all ready to go.

Crap there goes the cell phone again. Later blogger buddies. hehehehee

Wednesday, January 26, 2005




okay there I'm done yelling at my sissy.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Monday Monday

brrrrrrrrrrrr it's fricken cold. For almost 2 weeks, I have been in 79 to 82 degree Phoenix, and come home to a high of 35. hehehehehe

I got the kiddo back to school this morning. Boy did he not want to go. Then I spent over two hours on the phone with different people. I am sorta irritated that my mother (who has been single and living alone for 28 years) never put me or my sisters name on anything. Except I am on her checking account, so I can pay her bills at least. But I'm not on her savings account, ins, titles, nothing else. So...I have to go collect paperwork to send to her, have her sign and send back, and go back to the places to start getting my name on it. uggggghhhhhh Oh well, such is life.

Thank you everyone for your kind greetings back. I stayed up late last night and caught up on everyone's blogs. But blogger would NOT let me comment on most of them. Then the one's it let me comment on, my comments still have not showed up. craponastick!!!!

I have to tell you all this. Alekx did most of the driving down in Phoenix (in my suburban) well one evening, we were all tired, and we started throwing insults around. Real silly one's like Gigantor would call me clueless, and I would call the kiddo stinky pants, and he would call daddy doo doo head, and we would call Auntie Alekx a fart brain. Well...we all had the giggles and we are throwing these all around, and auntie Alekx is starting to get into it too. Then out of no where my darling son screams. WELL AUNT ALEKX YOU ARE "RUGGID" We all got real quiet, and it thought he came up with the best insult. We are like "ruggid, what does that mean" He says---it means you have a beard and mustache. Gigantor and I bust up laughing, and poor Auntie Alekx didn't know if she should laugh or be offended. It was funny.

Oh and one more thing, that cracked us up. On the way home, I put the kiddo in comfy clothes. He has this old pair of kick around sweats. You know the kind---tear at the ankle, big holes in the knee's, and little holes everywhere else. Well....we are driving and cracked the window's (cuz it was 80 degree's out) and he says real sarcastic. "Can somebody roll up the windows please I'm cold" We are like --how can you be cold it's fricken 80 degree's out. He goes. "HELLO I have holes in my knees DUH!!!!" OMG it was so funny. Although now that I read these after typing them they don't look that funny. Maybe it was so funny because we were so over tired. hehehehehe

Okay everyone, I'm gonna go beat the two bassett hounds (they won't keep their heads out of the litter box)

Happy Monday all

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Home Sweet Home


Gigantor the kiddo and I came home today. We are sooooo tired. It's now 11 and we are just now eating dinner. Tomorrow we have to go up to mom's house and gather some stuff to over night to her, and to get her bills for me to pay them, and start packing her stuff up.

Mom got her breathing tube taken out last week. When she came too, she was begging for everyone to let her die. And she didn't recognize Alekx some of the time the first day. She didn't recognize or remember much of anything. But we knew the sedative had to metabolize through her body more. She couldn't really move her hands to much, and she can't walk. Alekx got up in her face the next time she said "it hurts to much to live" and when Alekx took breaths I was yelling or saying "YEAH" LOL She then started saying that she wanted to live, and she was going to fight and get better. Every time she gets down we pull our "trump card" out (the kiddo, her only grandchild) Then she gets better.

Yesterday she was transported to an assited care nursing home. She is much happier, and they let the kiddo come in and see her. It did them both alot of good. And Alekx says she is even doing sooooo much better today. She is going to have physical therapy, occupational therapy, and repritory therapy. She is bound and determined to get better. Alekx is going home on monday. Then coming back out when mom's rehab is done and going to get her and her pets and move her back out to Texas. Jim and I have to do alot of paperwork, and take care of the animals till then, and we also have to start packing all her stuff. But I can't think about that tonight cuz I'm way to tired.

Again I want to say thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou to all of you. I really don't know if mom would have made it if it weren't for all the prayers, and good wishes, and thoughts....I know Alekx and I wouldn't have. hehehee

I'm going to go get some good sleep in my very own comfy bed. (boy I've missed that) When we told the kiddo it was bedtime, he yells YAYYYYY and hurried to his room. I think 9 days was to many to be in a sleeping bag on a floor for him. LOL

Good night my most wonderful and special blogger family. May you all be truly blessed!!!!

Friday, January 14, 2005

In Phoenix

Well we made it to Phoenix at about midnight o' thirty last night, then we ate some dinner. LOL The trip took us about 6 to 6 1/2 hours.

I went in with Alekx to see mom this morning, and it was a little hard to take. I had been preparing myself though. We talked to one doctor that was saying she just might have an infection in her lungs, because they didn't find any blood clots. She has a breathing tube in her nose, (which has been bleeding from it) and a feeding tube down her throat. She is on soooo many medications right now. She didn't seem to know I was there, but they say they can hear you. So, I talked to her. Told her I loved her, and the kiddo loved her very much, and she had to get better.

We went back in the afternoon (we were in the waiting room, because they only allow you a half hour visit) I talked to another doctor, one that was in the e.r. when she was brought in. He got very real with me, and I had to ask some very harsh questions. Maybe it's the mom in me, but even though Alekx is older, I sorta took that conversation and question session over. But, like Alekx said, I have been her main care giver for 12 years, so in some respects I know a little more. He said there is a possibility of a blood clot in her heart and they can't see it. He asked if we knew her wishes to be given cpr if she coded. He is suspecting there will be heart failure at some time. (okay breath, that's better) We told him to bring her back if he could, but if she coded repeatedly we would have to discuss our options. Right now her lungs and breathing are the least of the worries they said, it's more on her heart. (and just when from talking to the morning doctor I thought it was an improvement) I asked if she was in serious or critical condition, and he said she was considered very critical. So, far if there is no change what so ever, me, kiddo and Gigantor may go home on Monday. If there is change for the good we still will, if for the bad. I will at least send Gigantor home to work. Looks like Alekx and I may be here a very long time. Please continue the good vibe thoughts. Even if God decides it's her time. Alekx and I feel so blessed to have all you think and care about us. *crying* you all have been so very very wonderful. I'm sorry it hasn't been happy or funny postings as of late.

On a side note. Alekx says "tell them I got my refund dammit" lmaoooo
She sends her love and says hi, and thank you.

Thursday, January 13, 2005


Sorry eveyone. Don't know when I'll be on again. We have to leave in an emergency tonight for Phoenix. She took a bad turn for the worse. She is having problems breathing even with the breathing tube, and her heart beat is irregular. They suspect she is throwing blood clots into her lungs, and are testing and arrainging surgery to stop them from going into her heart or brain. She is in critical condition, and they aren't giving a percentage of survival rate yet, if at all.

Pray for us, we are going at night through snow.

Much love!!!

Yet Another Update

Again I just want to think everyone that has stopped by and read these and have us in their prayors and thoughts. You all don't know how much that means to us.

Alekx finally made it in to Phoenix last night. She flew from Dallas to El Paso then there to phoenix. But because of mechanical problems, she missed her connecting flight in El Paso. Then the airline wouldn't try and get her there last night, and they wouldn't refund her. So she had to go purchase another ticket on another airline. Boy I bet that one airline is gonna get it from her soon though. That just ticked us off.

Okay now on mom. She is still in a drug induced coma, and still intibated. Yesteday they checked for blood clots, and found none. They checked for her old blood clots in her legs and didn't find them, so they probably had dissolved, which is good. That means she can't throw them and they go to her lungs or heart. The checked her heart and found no signs of heart dissease or failure. They then checked to see if she had a heart attack from all the stress past couple days. They don't think she had one, but they said it looks like there was a tremendous strain put on her heart. The blood cultures won't come back for a day or two more. And they will be running more tests today to try and narrow down why she isn't breathing on her own. WE are really upset that nobody knows yet why, or how to treat it, or what's going on. The hospital is doing everything they can, and doing a great job of it. We are just the concerned children and want answers NOW. LOL Alekx is at the hospital now, and will be there all day. She will be calling me after she talks to the doctor. I will update more as I know it.

If they are going to take the breathing tube out tomorrow or Saturday then me, gigantor, and the kiddo will be headed down tomorrow afternoon. The roads are sorta bad, and snowy, so keep us in your prayers also. I do have a heavy heavy vehicle and it's 4x4 so that should be good. It's about a 5 to 6 hour drive from here.

Thank you blogger family, more later.
If anyone wants to e-mail me. it's

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Latest news

I'm on for a few, to avoid some of the phone calls from well wishers. I just needed a break.

She got to the hospital in Phoenix and was much worse. She was asking for me and begging for me (broke my heart) She was confussed, and didn't know where she was, or what was going on. They couldn't get her breathing under control, so they intibated her. (breathing tube down her throat)
She is in the Medical I.C.U. heavily sedated. They think there is an infection in her blood, and they are running tests to see why she can't breath. Alekx will be there tonight. I'm not going down unless she says I need to, cuz not alot I can do while she is like this.

Just thank you again everyone for your prayers and support.

It's been hard, cuz mom is only 59

Thank you all again, your the best. More as I hear it

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Here is an update today. It's 10:30 at night, and I have the kiddo in bed, but my husband still isn't home. He is helping the ambulance load my mother in an airplane.

I should have taken her to the doctor yesterday, and I'm kicking myself, and I feel very guilty. But as alekx says it's over and done with and we can't change it. It looks like she sat down in her kitchen chair last night (next to a window open) and then her breathing got worse and she couldn't get up. Couldn't feed herself,go to the bathroom, or take her much needed medication, couldn't call me or anything. She shivered all night struggling to breath. I guess the guy that delivers the lunches for the senior center found her that way. He then called 911. Gigantor heard the page, and called me to get my butt to the e.r. When they got her there her breathing was so bad, I thought she was gonna die. She kept saying ouch ouch ouch and we couldn't tell if it was cuz of her lungs or her other problems that require pain meds. Her temp and blood pressure were out of the park. And from the pain she was altered. While they were giving her breathing treatments her legs were hurting so bad, she was hollering. The only way she would keep doing her treatments is when I would yell MOM TAKE THIS THEN YOU CAN SIT UP she would listen for a few, then the thrashing would start again. I was handling all this pretty well (even though I have never seen anyone, let alone my strong as stone mother like this) Then she started asking everyone to help her pass, and to let her die. She was begging and asking if we would please let her pass, and let her die. *sorry crying again* I couldn't handle this. I went oh my gosh, and started crying. Gigantor got pissed and yelled at her to stop saying that she was upsetting me. That helped for a few minutes, but I had to leave the room.

Anyhow, they said something major is going on in her lungs and chest, her breathing is still pretty bad. She talked to me on the phone for less than 2 minutes and her blood ox level went from 96 to 82. They said they had to get her to a bigger facility to figure out what is going on. So she is flying to Phoenix tonight to go to Maricopa county hospital. Alekx is flying out tomorrow. When the roads open up I will be driving down. Please keep my mom and all our travels in your prayers, no matter who you pray too. Any little bit helps. :)
God Bless blogger family, and thanks.

Burfica and Alekx may not post or comment for awhile

Alekx here guys

Just something quick to let you know that Burfica and I may not post or comment for awhile. My brother in law who is an EMT heard a call out for the ambulance to my mom's house and ran up there.

Our mom is in the hospital unable to breath, with a 104.4 fever and a 195/118 Blood pressure. It's looking pretty bad this time around.

Burfica is in the same town as our mom and is up at the hospital now. I'm stuck in Texas waiting to hear info and will head out to AZ if necessary.

I'll try to let you all know what's going on.

Thanks for any prayers and support offered. There is an identical post on my blog as well


Okay so here is my attempt at a post today. heheheheee
I don't feel as bad as yesterday. That burning down in my head, that "your getting sick burning" isn't there today. I am waiting for my mom to call me. She said she needed to go to the doctor yesterday. Wanted me to take her. But called me at the time I was going to get the kiddo and the two kids I'm watching from school. So...I asked her to try and drive herself, or to call a couple people and ask them. I mean she can drive down town to get her own cigarettes (cuz I won't get them for her) so I think she can drive down to the dam doctor. Anywhoo, she said she was having problems breathing. And she has an oxygen machine at home. I know I know, oxygen and smoking, real smart mix. I just bet anything she's gonna end up back in the fricken hospital with pneumonia again. When is she gonna get a clue. And if she does, I'm sure I will get so over tired, that I will get sick. Anyhow, I called first thing this morning to see if she needed to go to the doc. (she wanted me to call at 8) But she didn't answer. (which usually means she's still asleep, or ignoring the phone) So...I came home, she can call me when she gets up.

Man the wind is blowing here today. And it's not that it's blowing way way hard. It is about 15 to 20m.p.h. so about normal for here. But, it's making this real eerie noise. Like a growling. You walk outside, and hear this growling in the distance, then get hit with a wind gust. Anyone remember the movie TWISTER with Hellen Hunt and Bill Paxton. The growling the wind and tornadoes did in there. That's what it sounds like. Rather spooky.

Now on a funny note (at least we cracked up at it) Gigantor is now lovingly known as "Bra Butt" and "Boobie Buns" hehehehee Let me explain. In my bedroom, I have the double doors that swing in and open into my master bathroom. Well...we leave these open. Bugs me to leave them closed. So...they are swung open all the time. Now my master bath has a counter and sink all along the back wall, on the left side is my Oval tub and shower. On the right side in this cubby is the toilet. most of you ladies do I'm sure, I dry my bra's on the shower curtain rod. But instead of being normal and folding them and putting them in my drawer. I hang them on the door knob by the toilet cubby. That way in the morning, I just grab a bra and go. Well on occasion, when I bend over cleaning and stuff. I knock them off the door handle with my big tookus. But last night, Gigantor was in the bathroom, then came out and was dinking around doing dishes. I was on the computer. I glance out of the corner of my eye, him doing all this. And see that he has, what looks like, a dish towel tucked in his waist band. Which he does once in a while. Trying to look like those important chef's or something. Anywhooooo the kiddo comes out, and gives his daddy a hug, then starts to walk off. Then stops and yells. "OMG DADDY WHY DO YOU HAVE MOMMIES BRA IN YOUR PANTS???" Which peaked my interest, so I looked over. My son is tugging at a bra that is stuck about half way in the back of daddy's pants. My son then goes, you are such a "bra butt" daddy. I died laughing. I guess, when he was pulling his pants up, he got one end of my bra stuck in the back, and just trailed his little friend around for the past hour or so. Can you imagine if he would have went uptown, or on a fire call, and I had not paid close enough attention to see he had a bra tail?? OMG I am still laughing at that. he is dubbed as "bra butt" and "boobie buns" He did threaten to choke the life out of me if I told anyone. So...that's why I'm telling all of you. If I don't come back and post tomorrow, call the police, tell them the man with the bra tail did his wife in. LOL

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Sock Monster Mystery Revealed

First of all, the kiddo is doing much better. Tons of antibiotic in that shot. He had no fever for most the day, and his throat didn't hurt as bad. He may even be able to go back to school next week. *gasp*

Now this one is for Kitten in a big way. A few posts back on her blog she asked why there was one stray sock with each load of laundry. I think I cracked the case.

Our wash machine was broke down. (no spinning on the spin cycle) The repair guy had said it was the clutch and coupler. So...he comes in on Friday and puts on the new clutch and coupler. Hits the washer to spin and it's barely spinning. Here is the conversations.
Repair guy--uht oh
Gigantor--uht oh what?
R.G.--It's still not spinning very well
G--what does that mean?
R.G.--I think the brake booster might be bad
G--How much is that gonna run?
R.G.--bout 150 bucks
R.G.--Yeah the brake is not disengaging to let the clutch work and make it spin
G--(mumbled cursing)
R.G.--Hold on a minute what's this??
Repair Guy then takes apart the drums. Takes the inner drum out of the outer. and says AH HA!!
We see this black hard looking object, that looked like wood. It was stuck in the edge of the brake booster.
R.G.--Here is your culprit, burned out your clutch and was about to burn out the brake booster
G--What the hell is that?
(tugging and grunting here)
R.G.-- Looks like a sock
G--A sock?? how did that get there??

Apparently the sock monster stuffed a sock between the two drums, it had worked its way down and tried to make my washer explode. hehehehehe
That was one dam expensive sock.

On a note of the checks I showed in last post. Gigantor loved the idea of paying our bills with members of Kiss growling at the collectors. He wants me to now get a box or two of them. I'm also gonna get some Shrek checks and some Reptile checks that have lizards and frogs. hehehehee I'm finishing up all my dragon checks right now. I guess I like to get different checks. I've gone through quite a few designs. Nature, wildlife, flowers, tropical fish, baby animals, sesame street, and pooh bear. Right now I'm on dragons. (God I love dragons)

Okay I'm off to play some card games. Later everyone.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Check this out (sorry for the pun)

We were looking for new checks to order. I was surfing the net. Guess what I found??? But probably won't get cuz of poor Gigantor having to write checks out on them. Click here

Now tell me if I should get them and make Gigantor suffer. hehehehe Isn't that the absolute coolest thing ever???

My Poor Poor Baby

First of all thank you all so much for your comments on the last post. Proving I hadn't turned into this old hag that hated all new trends. I do want to make the point that I believe in freedom of speech and being able to wear what you want, but, and I stress, AT AN ELEMETARY SCHOOL??, in the winter, just wear a jacket over it, and no harm done.

Okay to why I said my poor poor baby. My son comes home from school yesterday and said his throat was hurting some. Well...that happens when he has a bad allergy attack. So I just thought to keep him hydrated and give him some allergy medicine. Then last night he starts complaining that he is freezing. I had the heat up so high in here that we were wearing bathing suits and putting sun screen on. So...I take his temperature 100.6 Great. I give him some ibuprophen and his allergy meds, and put him in bed. This morning, Gigantor brings him into my bedroom and lays him down (hubby was leaving for work) and says to me, "he's sick, he's not going to school" So this poor child is shivering and shaking and moaning in his sleep next to me. I reach out and feel his head, no...feels cool. When he woke up he started crying about how much his throat hurt. I feel his head again. He was on FIRE. Take him into the doctor. By now I'm suspecting strep throat. Got into doctors before 9, got taken back to a room at 9:05 didn't get to see doctor till 10:12 then didn't get to leave till 11:45. After 4 throat cultures they figured out it was strep, and his fever was up to 102.6 . The only reason all of this rather freaked me out. Is, I have a very very healthy kid. He has had the stomach yuck and throwing up a few times, and he has had 2 sinus infections, and 1 ear ach in his 8 years. He has only EVER had 1 fever, and it never got over 101. The nice doctors and nurses then had to give him a bicylin shot. If you have ever had one of these, they are rough. The soldiers in boot camp call them "peanut butter shots" cuz they go in so thick and it takes a while. Now the nurse that gave this was soo good. She pinched him in the hip with her nails for about 45 seconds then gave the shot. Gigantor and I talked to him about deep breathing and holding onto me and not crying. And he got 5 bucks afterwards form his daddy. Cuz Gigantor said "son, you didn't cry, and those shots have been known to make grown men cry"

We are home and baby has an ibuprophen tablet in him, and some gatorade, and a popsicle, and a pizza stick. He is laying on the couch all pale and moaning slighly. His eyes look like he has two giant black eyes because they turn all purple around them when he is sick. His fingers are ice cold, and his head feels like I pulled it out of a raging fire. I'm trying to talk him into a nap. The doctor said it could take up till a week before the fever goes all the way away and he feels any better. OMG I hope he starts feeling better in a day or two. Makes me want to cry.
On a note of now I am going to get it. When they did one of the throat cultures. He gagged, so they gave him a cup of water. He takes a big drink, then coughs, right in my face. Water and spit sprayed all over my face. Guess what I should have after the 7 day incubation period?? uuuggggghhhhh

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Snow and Clothes

First of all. IT'S SNOWING!!!!! I post last years photo's and it decides to snow. heheheheee The flakes are as big as walnuts too. They are huge. Nothing is sticking yet, but it's cooling down fast, I'm sure it will. Or at least we hope it will, to just give all the kids some snow for a few days.

Okay now red, cuz I'm ticked off. You know there is just some stuff, that is highly not appropriate, to pick your child up from elementary school, and be wearing. Lets talk about some of these I have seen, then I will tell you the icing on the cake I saw today.
1. Mom's with white half shirts and no bra. Hello??? It's white you f***ers!!!!
2. mom's wearing stiletto heals and mini skirts
3. Any leather mini skirt (not for elementary school) (and when I say mini, I mean showing butt cheeck)
4. skin tight, hip hugging pants and half shirts, when you should have on a girdle instead.
5. Black velvet, skin tight pants, with neon pink writing on the ass, that says "BOOTILISCIOUS"
6. Black velvet, skin tight pants, with bright yellow writing on ass that says "Finger Licken Good" (was a trend and sale at the dollar store I guess with #5 and 6..)
And the one that really really ticked me off today. This mom was not very skinny and had some big boobs. But she was wearing a black shirt, with two bright yellow circles on the boobs, and red writing on it. It said "Dirrections for use: Grab hold of circles, Rub, Squeeze and Lick till MY hearts content"

Man now the snow is coming down in clumps, and I have to go outside and clean up all the blood and evidence from under the suburban. Cuz in my mind I saw red and ran that dumb bitch over again and again. (or at least I wanted too)

Little tact here people. If your gonna do shit like that, don't have children, just stick to your bar hopping, cock sucking, crack whoring ways and leave the kiddies alone. I bet she makes her moma proud. guuggghhhh

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


The snow was about 1/8 of a mile out of town last year. But not a bit in town. That's how we are. The bermuda triangle of Az. Weather all around us and nothing on our little plateau. Another shot of the kiddo from last year. He chucked the snowball at his daddy right after he shot that. LOL Posted by Hello

Snow Last Year

This is what it looked like last year at this time. Now it's just cold and muddy. ugggghhhh and that everybody is my kiddo. Isn't he the cutest thing ever??? hehehehehee Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Not Big

I don't got a big post today. Like every one else in our little blog community, I can't think of anything interesting to say. blaaaaaaahhhhhhh

This morning was not any better than yesterday morning. Granted, Gigantor did set his alarm this time. Just the dork didn't crawl out of bed till 5:58 so...I think I will get my hour to doze and get rested. But nOOoOoOoOooo the alarm goes off at 6 pissing me off again. heheheheee

I was watching a friends two kids this afternoon after school till the dad got off work. And Gigantor comes home and they are all having a wrestling match in the middle of the living room. Gigantor is on all 4's with the little girl on his back like she is riding a horse, but her arms were wrapped around his middle. The other little boy kept jumping up onto his butt and laying across his little sisters back. And my darling angel was facing those two kids sitting on the back of Gigantor's head. My darling giant rumbles "earthquake" and starts shaking them all up and down, which in turn shook the farts right out of my son, right on his daddy's head. I was laughing so hard I had to go pee. LOL Now that does say something for Gigantor's neck strength though. Our kid is probably around 90lbs, and he was sitting on the back of his dad's head. Also as the wrestling match goes on, my son is on the ground and in this high pitched squeelie girls voice, he is screaming "HAVE MERCY!!!! HAVE MERCY!!!" He is such a nut.

Oh on a side note, I wrote a letter today, and after the fact realized I signed it
Love and Friendshit
Instead of Friendship. lmaooooooooooo I'm such a dork. Oh well, hope they get it. hehehehee

Tomorrow is late start at school. Yayyyyy!!!! Get to sleep for an extra hour!!!!!

Monday, January 03, 2005

Crap and Crap again hehehee

Holy frozen nipples batman!!!! I did NOT want to get up at 6 this morning. Not after two weeks of sleeping in. Plus I had discovered that I hadn't even been out of my house since the Thursday before Christmas. hehehehehee So...anywhoooo Gigantor usually sets his alarm for 4:45 and gets up about 5:15. Then I lightly doze till my alarm at 6. So....I feel nice and rested when I get up. But this morning. Oh nooooooooo lets not help the wifie poo fell rested. Lets make sure not to set our alarms, so the wifies is the one that wakes us up, then we are all running around like chickens with our heads cut off, and the wife is in a terrible mood. That must have been what Gigantor was thinking. Cuz, I am NOT a morning person. Alekx talked about how much of a demon child my kid is in the morning. Well multiply that by about a gazillion. That would be me. And now I'm suffering from shaking and twitching because I have downed 2 count them 2 big 32oz mugs of coffee. heheheheheh hahahahahahh hohohohoohohh HUH??

On the bright side, the new ceiling fan we put up in our room 2 weeks ago is now making noises like a pig caught in a trap. OMG woke my ass up last night, so Gigantor shuts it off, and I burn up all night. And of course I think the box made it's way to the trash this past weekend. And you all try returning a piece of crap to walmart without the dam box. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH And last Thursday we figured out that our washing machine was broke. Absolutely everything worked but the drum would not spin. MOTHER BUNNY HUMPER right after I got new tires, and used all the bonus money. top it of...the repair guy was out of town till last night. So....we had to go to the Laundromat. ickyyyyyyy ewwwwwwwww He came buy today, and before looking at it he goes, "sounds like the transmission, if it is, it's cheaper to buy a new washer" Just fricken great!!! So he looks and says "nope it's the clutch and coupler" said the clutch was 39 bucks coupler was 12, and his 10 minutes to install it will be 60 guuughhhh And he can't have the parts and do it till Thursday or Friday. God I hope I have enough clean underwear. I will wear a dirty shirt, and dirty pants, but underwear and socks have to be clean dammit. hehehehehe

Okay I have to tell you all this. The funny names must run in the family. You all have read how my father calls me and Alekx such things as Turkey butt, chicken lips and tidey bowl breath. Well...Gigantor has quite a few colorful names for the kiddo as well. I thought I had heard them all till last night. I had heard such things as--brat, squirt, squirt butt, turd bucket, pumpkin, and sprat. Well last night he calls, the kiddo. TURDIOUS MAXIMUS I'm all dying laughing, and the worst part is the kid answers to them all. Just like Alekx and I. I say OMG turdious maximus??? and my sweet innocent child goes, "are you talking about me???" LOL

One final note. It's funny as hell when your 8 year old son wakes up (not really was walking in his sleep) and comes to the hallway, and starts saying "BACK YOU EVIL FIEND OR I WILL CLEAVE YOU IN TWO!!!" walks back in and goes to bed.
I'm still giggling over that one. I have no idea where he got that from either.

Happy Monday all.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

A Post

Thank you everybody for all your nice comments about my tatoo's and my boobies heheheheheee Some of you said you had never seen work and colors like this before. The tatoo artist that did our tatoo's is amazing. And he said I was one of his most challenging customers. Because I would go in with an idea, and he would draw something up, and I would say no, or like this. So it would take a month or two to just get the drawing right. He would tease me that I was so picky, but hey if I'm gonna have it on my body FOREVER it better be exactly what I want. hehehehehe Now the frog one. I had two printed pictures of frogs, and a picture of a water lilly. I went in and said, I want this and these frogs, and you figure out how to put them together. hehehehee I think he did a really good job. He loved that I was so daring and bold with colors. I like things to POP and STAND OUT. Maybe someday I will end up making and entire arm piece out of the two on my right arm, cuz there is some other things I would like on there. Butterflies, lady bugs, dragons flies, more flowers and the such. I gotta win the lottery first or something though. But get this--- and shhhhhh don't tell----for all three of my tatoo's I only paid a total of 275. The phoenix was free (well I gave his wife some avon for it) hehehehehehe

Okay so I'm writing this post, because Alekx called me and threatened me with bodily harm if I didn't post. So...and ideas for a good post left me along with my courage. heheheheee She such a big mean mean scary sissy!!!!!

Did anyone do anything worth mentioning on new years eve??? Mine isn't worth mentioning, but since it's my blog I can write what the hell I want, so raspberries to you. hehehehehee We were so hip and swinging, that we were in bed (sleeping) I woke Gigantor up 30 seconds till midnight and we watched the big ball drop. We then listened to our behind us neighbor, and next to us neighbor (both police, one city, one dps) setting off fireworks (they are illegal here in az.) Guess if your a police officer you don't have to abide by the laws. I told Gigantor he should walk outside in his firefighters uniform and tell them to stop it or he was gonna turn them in. But, the big troll didn't want to play my game. :( So we decided to have "rock-your-world" new years sex (with each other of course). Then passed out till this morning.

My mother called today asking what I was doing for dinner. Ummmmm???? dinner???? Then I was like FUCK I forgot it was a holiday, and I usually cook dinners for us and her on holidays. heheheheehe Oh well, just another day. So I told her "sorry mom, I'm doing like soup and sandwiches." I am thinking more of getting everything I need to get done before school starts again. Of course I had two bunny humping weeks I could have done this shit. But nOoOOOOOoooOoO little miss queen of procrastination had to wait till the fricken weekend before school starts to cram everything in and get it done. God I suck.

So anyhow, I have succeeded in pissing everyone off the first day of the new year. heheheheeee Alekx sounded all grumpy and pissed at me on the phone (probably for something that I'm to stupid to be aware that I have done) Mom is all pissy at me (cuz I'm not making a big dinner) And Gigantor is really pissed off at me (because he started some shit and pulled his family into it, so I brought up all their faults, and ended up making him almost bite my head off) So I bet my snide, snarky, smart ass comments can get me in lots of trouble this year. Oh well such is the life of a baby sister (so abused all these years by that big mean sissy) *snicker* She's gonna pummel me.

My hubby rented the two movies I really wanted to see. No, not chick flicks. But we got Dawn of the Dead, and Resident Evil 2-apocalypse. Oh yeah baby, blood and gore. heheheheheee

I'm off to find some lunch and horse whip the giant into action. He's supposed to be cleaning the bird cage and putting up a new perch, but for the past 1/2 hour he has been kneeling in front of the birdies and watching Crocodile Dundee on the tellie. And the kiddo has a defective zipper, he keeps running around flappin in the wind. Gaaawwwddd boys. LOL