Friday, May 30, 2008

Almost a Heart Attack

Nope no picture today. Sorry about that. I didn't have a good evening.

I had been thinking about how with this move, we haven't ever seemed to have to pay out alot, but that we have been virtually nickel and dimed to death. I'll tell ya about that in a minute.

But today I was getting my nails done (they get done for free cuz it's one of my good friends) And the electrician came and hooked the wiring up to our swamp cooler. Luckily he didn't charge us this time, cuz Gigantor went and helped him out for a few hours after work.

Anyhow, Gigantor got home and was in the process of trying to finish hooking up the cooler. He went to get a pad for it (about 100 bucks) and found out that they don't make pads for that cooler anymore. We bought this cooler used about 10 years ago, and it was at least 10 years old when we bought it.

Well....he came home and got looking at the pan that holds water, and it had gotten broke in the move. So...he was looking to see if he could repair it with some JB weld or something and found the entire bottom of the cooler was rotted out. Then he got looking closer and the entire cage, box, and place for the pad and pan were all rusted out.

That means new cooler, or suffer in 110 degree's this summer. New cooler about 700 bucks. All credit cards=maxed out. Savings=down to 200 after being nickel and dimed to death. I was in tears, I didn't know what to do. My dad called and heard me upset and asked me what was wrong. I told him. I said, don't worry, we will figure something out.

He informed me to go order the cooler and get his discover card number. Which made me cry even harder. He shouldn't of had to do that. But I am so dam greatful that he did. I don't know what I would have done. I still get teary eyed thinking about it. I was so sick to my stomach worrying about it.

Now what I mean getting nickel and dimed to death.

Permit to move -- 150
bricks for under trailer--158
cement for some fence posts--25
plumbing supplies---115
moving the phone--75
moving the electric--278
moving water---175
moving cable 155
small parts from true value--70
food and drink for people helping--250
getting 1/3 skirting--113

we still need to get skirting for the other 2/3 and we need a shit load of 2x4's at fricken 3 dollars a piece here, so about 300 bucks worth. Then we have to get a bunch of cement and screws for doing the new fence and some other hardware. So about 800 or more dollars worth.

So...I think you all can see now where I was in tears about the dam cooler.

I know when you add it, it doesn't seem like that much, but honestly we didn't have hardly anything when we started this move. I told Gigantor I could scrounge up about 2000 Well the cost so far is at 1800. And I need about 800 more and if I had to do the cooler another 800 more.

Just again thank god for Captain Daddy.

Sorry for the whine fest, but I was feeling low. Back to snarkiness tomorrow. hehehehe

have a good weekend everyone.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

still boring and have nothing

I'm still boring, and have nothing to post about. Nothing has happened really. We made a roast, Gigantor worked on the cooler some more, the electrician stood us up, went to lunch with Captain Daddy. Other than that, just watched a couple movies, and hung out.

So....I thought I would add a few pictures of moving my mom's trailer out, that I finally downloaded.
This first one is of the people getting all hooked up finally. That truck really wasn't big enough to haul that trailer, but hey, whatever got it off the lot. hahahaha

It's to bad you can't see the truck popping a wheelie in this one. As he was trying to pull the trailer all the way out of the "hole" it had been sitting in, his truck kept popping wheelies, And he almost took out that entire brick and wood fence a few times.
He finally git it out of the hole and got swerved away from that fence, but wow, look at how big that thing was. I was just praying it wouldn't break in half because of how old it was. Don't know if you can see in the last two shots, but my mother had purple doors. Funny as hell.
He got it out on the street, and they had to air up all the tires under it with a compressor again. See the rips in the side. And the tin on the roof (big ass hole, big ass leak right there) Now if the cover was off the cooler you would see her bright orange cooler, and purple doors. hahahahaha
Then this is what the lot looked like before we leveled it and got our own on it. It's still way cluttered but with more stuff we are using to get everything done. Wood, bricks, skirting, all the yard stuff strewn around till we get the fences, skirting, steps done then we can arrange stuff.

Since I had nothing really interesting to post. I thought I would post that. The pictures are actually from my mother in laws camera, I downloaded her picture discs to see if there was anything I wanted.

Have a good Thursday everyone!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Need to get Back in the Swing

ahhahahahahahah this picture makes me snort snot bubbles.

We had a couple lazy days. I couldn't get Gigantor to do anything yesterday like he said he would. Oh well, he needed a day of rest.

Today was rather lazy for me and Kiddo. His friend Skinny K spent the night last night (and didn't get sick thank god) and I had to be up early and have him home early. So...we went and got some breakfast.

Then kiddo and I sat down to watch Surfs Up and eat. After I ate, I was cold and got a blanket and fell asleep during the end of the movie which pissed me off. grrrr

I ended up sleeping on the couch till 1. Now I feel fuzzy. I'll just say it's a lazy day and maybe tomorrow we will kick it back into gear. Kiddo is still in his pajama's too. hahahahaha

I know this wasn't very exciting post, but hey some days, we are just flat out boring. hahahaha

Okay hope you all have a good Tuesday!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memories for all our Hero's on Memorial Weekend

Just thought I would put a hero picture for Memorial weekend. I think that one is so sweet.

Okay on to our busy as ass weekend. Friday mother in law called said she was doing a dinner, cuz Gigantor's sister T and her crew would be in. (her crew is her hubby, her daughter and son in law, and three grand babies.) So..I made a ginormous broccoli salad. And 2 dozen corn bread muffins. Everything was gone when we came home. Had a very nice dinner though, not "all" of the family was there. Just Sister T and her crew, mother and father in law, us, and one other sister and her 13 year old son.

Sat..sister T said she wanted to take me to lunch, just me and her so we could talk. Didn't know if I was dreading that or not. Well, she had to call and ask if we could do it on Sunday cuz things got away from her.

So...we ate some lunch and visited with Captain Daddy. Uncle and Aunt called invited us to dinner, (homemade lasagna) Gigantor worked on Saturday, 6 til 11:30 then had to go back at 1:45 till 4.

When he got home at 4 we went in and started tearing Kiddo's room apart. He's had this horrid cough. I did too, but once we cleaned all the stuff in our bedroom it went away. We think that with the move, it's knocked and kicked up some long dormant dust and dirt. So...he coughs mostly in his room, so we have been working on that.

Then about 5:30 went and got Captain Daddy and went to dinner at Aunt and Uncles. It was sooooo good. Had lots of fun. Kiddo got two card games for his birthday, (from my best friend Tiff) and they are like trivia games, One on the Civil War and one on Ancient Civilizations. He loves that stuff. So instead of doing the dice and scoring, Gigantor had the civil war and I had the others and we took turns reading off trivia to everyone while we sat in the living room.

This part is way funny. We had a card on Lincolns assassination. The question was, what was the name of the man who shot president Lincoln. Kiddo burst out real loud. I KNOW THIS ONE IT WAS JOHN F. KENNEDY!!! yeah we laughed our asses off. He actually knew who it was, he just got his Johns confused. So of course he is NEVER gonna live that one down.

Today, I was gonna sleep in and fool around with Gigantor. He had to go to work again, got off early and went to walmart (seeing as I can't walk around the dam stores, till the issues with my legs get better) But...his sister made lunch for today.

We took Kiddo over to my mom in laws (she was taking him and the other grandbabies out to the museum that has dinosaur bones at it) so....Gigantor went to lunch with me and sister T. It was actually very nice. She is the main sister I get along with (out of 5) And she really loves Gigantor, and tells him (the others, I'm really not sure, neither is he) So..we had a good time. Came home and Gigantor had to go back to work. He will be working till 4 or 5. But he does have tomorrow off. So...this evening we will probably do a bit more work on Kiddo's room, and tomorrow a bit but mostly tomorrow he will be putting some skirting on the trailer so we can work on building that back fence.

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and HUG the hero's in your life. Hell HUG everyone in your life!!!

Much love to you all!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Tale of Two Boogers.

hahahahaha Inappropriate cat cracks me up.

Okay first things first. My son got his yearbook, has been all excited to have people sign it. Well...I was looking through it last night, and I came to his picture. You know they list the names below them so First Last well this is what my son's said. Grim First Last. Yup, they put his very first name as Grim. WTF???? And where as I was sorta laughing. My son is the boy that gets bullied all the time. How is this gonna help him. grrrrrrr

I did make him feel a bit better. He got really upset about it, but I told him he should play up to it. I said from now on whenever you sign anyone's yearbook, you should sign your name then put a little scowly/grim face down. He thought that was pretty dam funny. Maybe it will work, maybe not, but I am feeling like calling that publisher and bitching them out.

Now on to a conversation with Gigantor and I.

I was in the bathroom, sitting on my throne, holding court. And Gigantor comes in to talk to me. I know it sounds gross, but we have some of the best conversations in the bathroom. He usually sits on the edge of the tub and we can face each other. Instead this time he was leaning against the counter/sink, so I was to his left and tub to his right.

This day we were talking about all sorts of stuff, stuff around the house needed done, his work, his family, the kid.

As we are talking he puts the edge of his pinky up his nose (he has this sore that is bugging him in his nose) Yes!! Yes, he picked his nose. We all do at times. Don't tell me you don't do it, cuz I know, EVERYONE does it. Just it's if you wipe the booger in a tissue or not. Cuz I won't stand a flicker or rubber, or god forbid *shudder* and eater. And if you are in the privacy of your own home then who the fuck cares if you go treasure hunting in your nose as long as you aren't leaving the things all over for someone else to find.

Okay wait!!! I got off track. Anyhow he was after that scab that was annoying, and we just continued talking. Like I say I don't care. So...he stops messing around up there and puts his hand down. I was thinking okay he was just feeling that sore spot. You know we all touch sore spots to see how sore it still is.

Then a bit more into the conversation he just sorta casually tosses something in the tub, and it clanks/thunks. I just keep talking. But as I'm talking here is what's going on in the way back of my mind.

What would he toss in the tub??
And why would it thunk?
Where did he get something to toss?
What did he have in his hand?
His hand was up at his nose a minute ago?
So that means he had....

That last thought barged out of the back of my mind, into the front of my mind, and mid sentence I go. "Did you just throw a big, hard ass booger in the tub and it thunked???"

Now the absurdity of it hit me and I'm starting to laugh. He goes. "no, wasn't me"
I'm full blown laughing now, and I'm like "what is in your fricken nose?? rocks, ball bearings?? It thunked for christ sake!!!"

As I continue cackling and harassing him about it, he turns all red and slinks out of the bathroom. I was in hysterics. Not so much because it was funny. But I mean seriously ladies. You think of your man in a certain way, even if he is a disgusting Neanderthal, but I would never have thought mine would toss, just nonchalantly toss a booger in the tub. What the hell??

Over and over admist the laughter, I kept saying "I don't believe you did that" and "how the hell can a booger go thunk?"

He continued to slink around ashamed of himself. And I just couldn't stop laughing like a mad woman. He never could explain how it went thunk, but I did make him go find it and throw it away. I didn't want to shower and have that thing surprise me. hehehehehe

Okay maybe that was gross, but it was really funny.

Hope you all have a great Friday and weekend. Gigantor has to work on both Saturday and Sunday. Sucks ass big time.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Boring of all bores

I just couldn't resist this picture, I was laughing so hard. Go canada moose gooooo. hahahahahaha

Okay I have nothing today, nothing exciting or even remotely interesting has happened since my last post.

Gigantor has been working on the area to set up the cooler, and he's called the electrician. Apparently we have to run a new wire or something.

The rat dog keeps figuring out new ways to get out of the yard. Every fricken day she's out of it, and we block off any potential place we see, but she is still getting out.

Kiddo failed to tell us about year books earlier in the year, so luckily they have extra and he is going to go buy one after school today. grrrrrr

I have exactly three items from two customers ordered with this avon order. Nobody wanted to buy a dam thing this time.

Oh well maybe next time.

Okay that's all the boringness I'm going to dribble on you. I'm gonna go. Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!!

oh p.s. do any of you watch the t.v. show Bones?? Cuz that season finale was WOW and unexpected.

Monday, May 19, 2008

cough cough hack hack

That's what it sounds like at my house. Cough cough, hack hack. All three of us have bad coughs. We don't feel bad, just a tiny runny nose and bad bad coughs. We are having to take cough syrup at night.

My aunt said, maybe we kicked up some mold when we plowed this lot and put our trailer on it so fast. Maybe so. I'm hoping it stops soon.

I love that hedgehog funny!!!!!

I was a touch on the lazy side this past weekend. You all know how busy our weekends usually are, so maybe we were entitled.

On Saturday I slept in till about 10. Gigantor went down and worked on that other lot. Then after lunch he worked in our back yard, trying to get the ground ready to pour concrete to put the cooler down.

Sunday I slept in till 11. ahhhhhh I was up till 3 though. Gigantor went and worked on that other lot, brought a load up then went back and finished at that lot. We then got up and got some taco bell. And had a very late lunch, it was like 4 in the afternoon when we finally ate.

My uncle wanted us all to go out on the boat and watch the sunset and pack some sandwiches. I didn't want to go. A lot to do with my leg issues and my instability.
So...since I didn't want to go Gigantor wouldn't go. But uncle took Kiddo and they did some fishing and ate and watched the sunset. I think it was good for both of them, to have some time together.

I remember when I was young, I used to love to go with this uncle for a day or longer, and just hang out. I loved going with them. Now that we have good relations again, my son is doing some of that. It's very cool.

Today was hot hot hot got to 98 degree's today. I need my fricken cooler hooked up. Gigantor is gonna try to get it up this week, but he keeps fizzling out before he goes outside to work. I'm trying to be understanding, I mean he has worked his butt off to get us this far.

Okay that's all I got.

Oh wait, I can't believe one of Kiddo's teachers. It's the last fricken week of school. He has litteraly 3 1/2 days left, and she gave him a butt load of homework, due on Wed. I was so dam pissed. They already have their grades turned in. I shouldn't have made him do it. Stupid asses.

Okay that's all I got now. Hope you all had a great Monday and hope you have a even better Tuesday!!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I forgottttted.

I forgot that a while back I got this "awesome" award. Just thought I would show you all.

And we are supposed to give it out to those we think awesome. all of you who stuck with me through this move, consider yourselves awesome and you all get the award. hehehehehe

I actually felt really really good on Friday. Didn't hurt much at all. Got out and did quite a bit, and did quite a bit here at home too.

Gigantor and I didn't go to sleep till about 2 in the morning. We had done some cleaning and arranging in the bedroom.

I took a pain pill, so slept in till about 10 this morning. Gigantor had gotten up and started working on that lot we have to clean up, and doing some work here on this one. He came in about noon and we made some bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches. Ate and cooled down for a bit.

He went back out to do some work, and a neighbor lady came by and we drank iced tea and visited for a couple hours. Not once in the 12 years we lived at the other place did any neighbors visit. It was very nice.

We did some cleaning and unpacked another box (coffee table stuff). We realized it was almost 7 at night. ahhhhhh so we made some hotdogs and mac and cheese.
Uncle and Aunt had invited us all over tonight after senior graduation to play poker and visit. Well it wasn't over till 9:45. Kiddo is usually pretty tired by then as am I. Usually Gigantor too, but he really wanted to play poker. Plus Kiddo has been coughing non stop. Gave him some medicine but it's not helping yet. Gonna get him in the hot shower and then give him some night time cough syrup to knock him out. I will probably dink on the computer and read blogs, but if Gigantor isn't home by midnight I'm going to bed. hahahaha

I hope you all are having a great weekend.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


So yesterday I'm sitting here totally oblivious. I get a phone call from Goober

Goob--Hi I have an appointment today, can you pick up Big J from practice when you pick up Kiddo??

Me--You mean from school??

Goob--No from practice after school, till 4:20

Me--What practice???

Goob--the mandatory band practice for the concert.

Me--WHAT CONCERT!!!!????

Apparently there is a band concert tonight. The kids had a mandatory band practice last night. I knew nothing about either. I pick kiddo up from school, and take him and Big J over to the practice, I proceed to rip him a new one. He claims he forgot. I know that's a big pile of turdy lies. I think he was blowing it off, in hopes that if he didn't go he wouldn't have to play. Which pisses me off so bad I'm making him no matter what.

I then decide to ask if there is something special they have to wear. (Christmas concert she told them but did not send out a letter, and I had to borrow a fricken white shirt) (this family doesn't do white) So...I ask him and he tells me black pants and white shirt. Which majorly pisses me off, cuz it's last minute. We did find him one at walmart for 12 bucks, but still.

Well I'm hungry so I'm gonna go find something to eat.

Have a good Thursday everyone!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

mid week yayyyyyyyyy

I'm feeling a bit better today. Tuesday I still felt like dirty ass. I don't know if I had a little bug or just way way over tired. But I took a pain pill last night and got some sleep, got to sleep in till 8:30 this morning with late start for school. And I got up actually feeling good.

I tried to take some cute pictures last night, and pics of the house on the lot, but alas my camera battery is dead. And I can't seem to find the cord just yet. But I haven't unpacked the "computer desk box" all the way yet either. hahahaha

I seriously need to make out checks and pay my bills. I still haven't done that. I should have done it last friday. Can anybody say LATE FEE'S uggghhhh

I have a box of stuff that normally goes on my coffee table. Books and couple little games and such. And I have so much shit on my coffee table right now that I can't get it all unpacked. hahahahaha

My son just now for the first time is watching all the Indiana Jones movies, so he can understand the new one coming out. I don't know why but it makes me so proud. hehehehe

Okay I'm off to get him to school and to find something to eat. I'm a starvin marvin. Sorry about such a boring post. But...well somedays I'm boring.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What the huh????

I have no idea what happened yesterday. I woke up so dang tired. I debated going back to bed.

Captain daddy came over and I spent the entire time falling asleep in my chair at him. I told him a bunch of times I was thinking about a nap. He wouldn't leave. Next time I'm gonna tell him I'm taking one and go in the bedroom and leave him out here. hahahahaha

I should have paid bills, but after he left, I planted myself in the couch and fell asleep. Only bad thing was each time I fell asleep something woke me up.

Mother in law coming over, phone ringing a couple times, dogs, it was crap. Finally got an hour or two nap then had dinner and went to bed. I was so ass tired it wasn't even funny.

Gonna see how today goes, I really need to pay those bills or they are gonna be late.

Hope you all have a good Tuesday.

I so much feel like that puppy in the picture. ugggghhhh

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My house is a disaster zone

I'm sorry all, but that picture just cracks me the hell up.

Well...we had our sloppy joes on thursday and took kiddo for Milkshakes. Didn't do much but clean on Friday. One of kiddo's friends came to play for a bit.

On Saturday Gigantor got up at 3:30 and was on the road, he had to go out of town for a mandatory meeting for work. Kiddo and I got woke up by the rat dog getting out of the yard and going barking down the street. We got her in and tried to go back to sleep and I got woken up by a massive calf cramp. It was so bad I was in tears, and it's still here threatening to re cramp and it's Sunday night.

I did get up and baked two cakes, and made a potato salad, and went to the bank and wrapped some birthday gifts. Gigantor was supposed to be back in time for the movie and he blew a radiator hose, so he was very late.

I took kiddo to the movie and met up with Skinny K's parents. Then they came over for a bbq. Aunt and Uncle came over as well. It was a nice time even if the house was a mess from in the midst of unpacking still.

Skinny K and Big J spent the night. Kiddo woke us up at about 6:30 this morning, I guess Skinny K had been throwing up all night and nobody bothered to wake us up. I felt so bad for him, all he wanted to do was go home. So...I told the kids that if they ever get sick they have to come wake me up.

We got up this morning, and Gigantor and Captain Daddy gave me a card. And then Kiddo proceeded to majorly bitch Gigantor out. for 1. not getting me a present, and for 2. not taking kiddo to get me a present. hahahaha Gigantor did take him later in the afternoon and he got me a movie I already had so I will have to take it back, but hey it was the though. And Gigantor got me a bunch of different colored roses. Greens, pinks, yellows, reds, oranges. Very pretty.

I did my avon order finally today and straightened up a bit in the kitchen. Didn't even get to the living room with the last of the boxes in it. uggghhh We lost all motivation. But I think it was good to sorta take it easy, almost rest for once in like 4 weeks. hahahahah

I hope you all had a really great Mothers day!!!! We grilled some steaks, watched the survivor finale and ate more cake. It was all good.

Oh oh oh let me address this real quick. I have had a few comments on this here blog in the past 6 months that have really raised my ire.
I haven't said anything, cuz hey people have their right to their opinion, but the last one sorta was the last straw.

I have never gone to someone's blog and attacked or said negative things about those they loved. Maybe about those they hated, but not those they loved. I have left things said, as "well what I would do is....but that is just me" I have never said bad things. So...when I keep getting comments that say bad things about the two people I love most in the world. My husband and my son. Well that just pisses me the fuck off. If you are gonna say something bad about them maybe you should think before you write it down and either not say a bad thing, or just close the window and not comment. Because..I will NOT stand for it anymore. I've taken alot of shit said about my husband (the teasing stuff is okay, I mean like attacks on his character or who he is as a man) but the one about my son was the absolute last straw. This is a blog, and the internet, and no matter how much we think we know each other, we really don't know that persons life, or what goes on at home, or the characters of their loved one's, so don't say anything bad about it. I think the only time you have a right to talk like that about someone is if you and your life are perfect. So..until it's announced around the world that they have found the perfect human, family person, being on the planet then stop saying shit and worry about fixing yourself.

I do love all my comments, but I wanted to get that out there, and you all know I'm snarky and I can take snarky. If this was meant to be funny, the person(s) that have done those particular comments I'm talking about. Then it didn't come across that way and maybe you should re word how you write things.

Again Hope you all had a very nice Mothers Day, and for you guys hope you remembered those in your life that are mothers and cherished them.

Have a good Monday everyone!!!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Worst mom ever!!!

I am the worst mom ever. EVER!!!!!

Today is my baby's birthday. He's 12 today. What did I get for him?? NADA What kind of deal did I do for him. Big fat NOTHING.

With this move his birthday got pushed to the back of our minds.

I did get him the box set of the Spider Wick Cronicle books. And I got him Starcraft for the computer, and a little dragon treasure box and dragon beach towel. But I was gonna get him like an mp3 or Ipod or something like Guitar Hero. I heard they have it for playstation 2. Is that right?? I dunno.

But I can't even find the dang presents right now. And I haven't bought any of the other stuff yet. I don't have a cake or anything.

So...he wanted sloppy Joe's we are gonna have that tonight and probably go get a milkshake. Then on Saturday we may see if big J can go to the early movie and take them. Then maybe after have Big J's family over for bbq hamburgers. Then the following saturday will probably do a family dinner with all the extended family.

Any how. I'm just a big bowl of steaming suck right now.

I hope my baby forgives me.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I think I'm home!!!!!

Oh my god dear god!!!!!!

Okay very quick run down, cuz I have to run.

Friday, packed our asses off, house was a disaster, Gigantor came in threw all the bookcases on their backs, took t.v.'s down helped us pack up the fridge and freezer in 6 fucking ice chests. hehehehe We drove them up while gigantor worked on the house. Moved the pets in. Cat missing. Gigantor got to friends house, found the cat at 11 that night.

Saturday he was at the house at 5, starting work. Inside of house was a fricken disaster. Came down and watched them hook up. Drove up to drop last minute freezer stuff off at uncles.

Went and watched them move the trailer in the lot.

Spent all day saturday watching them try to set up and level trailer. Cooked the guys some hamburgers and hotdogs. Gigantor had 2 guys helping on Saturday only one on Sunday.

Sunday got up and continued to level and set up trailer. Gigantor worked on sewer line while other guy worked on last of set up.

Monday Gigantor finished sewer line started working on water line. I had electrician in, got electric up, 4 hours labor 200 bucks. I had cable guy in hooked up cable. Water guys putting new meter in. Gigantor finally got water and sewer hooked up, passed inspection. Still couldn't move in, no fences or patches on holes in fences or skirting, couldn't bring animals.

Kiddo and I so miserable over at other house, just wanna come home.

Mother in law cleaned kitchen, I got the boys to help me and got tons of stuff put away.

Came over today to get mother in law to help again, she never showed. Called me late said was sorry would come help tomorrow. Gigantor worked. Kiddo out of school made him come help me and got living room in living order.

Gigantor worked on setting fence posts, then just screwed up huge pieces of plywood to holes in side fences and to the fences across front and back and to front skirting, just so we could bring the animals up, cuz he knows how misserable we are.

I love Gigantor.

Want to catch up on blogs soon, might take a couple days before I can or before I post again.

I'm so glad to be home. Where I grew up on this lot, where I feel at peace.

Mom I'm Home!!!!

Friday, May 02, 2008

End of the Line

This is it people. End of the line until all moved and utilities up.

Cable comes to shut us off in about an hour.

Everyone take care for the week or so I will be gone, and don't have to much fun with out me. hehehehehe

Back soon with moving horror stories I'm sure. hahahaha

Pray for us.

Have a great week.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

That run away frieght train we are on, almost derailed.

I think that picture is seriously cute!!!

Got up yesterday and Captain Daddy came over. Spent some time with him, he wasn't feeling real well. I could sympathize I woke up with an ouchie ear and throat. Then I started coughing.

I took some dayquil right away. Mother in law showed up and we got seriously busy, packing everything in site that was not nailed down or heavy enough to withstand the move.

My friend from phoenix showed up, she drove up to help with all this. She jumped right in, we got about 10 boxes or more packed and stuff cleaned and I wrote out some bills and made phone calls I had to.

All day I felt worse and worse. uggghhhh

Mother in law has been pretty sick too. Wind blowing, cotton from the cotton woods blowing, dust blowing, stirring up old dust with packing, and no sleep, and high stress was taking it's toll on me.

We loaded up all the boxes and took them up town. Basicly I have to do kiddo's room and like top of a couple tables that have paperwork, and box up the food, that's about it.

Got up this morning and man was I sick. I went in to the doc as soon as I dropped Kiddo off. Yup I got a sinus infection. They faxed in some antibiotics for me. I'm waiting for them to be done and hope I feel better real soon.

And it's fricken cold today, like down in it's 30's and 40's brrrrr

Kiddo is stuffy, I hope he's not getting sick too. Mother in law calls me, and my nephew that's staying with her is real sick (fever and puking) I told her stay away. Friend called, she's been real sick all day, said she would come over tomorrow. Looks like some much needed rest has to take precidence today.

I'm off to eat lunch and read up on some of you alls.

Hope you have had a great week. This is probably the last time I can post before we get everything moved and my utilities back up. Have a great weekend all. Keep us in thoughts and prayers as we move this.