Monday, March 10, 2008

Can you believe it??

I'm alive, can you believe it?? Man, what a busy busy weekend. Friday night Gigantor was up teaching class (he's a hunter safety instructor) and Kiddo and I got some dinner and watched a movie. I was in massive pain my knees have been bugging me so bad.

I was gonna take pictures of my nails, but I've been to lazy to charge the camera. hahahahah I'll do that this week.

So Friday and Saturday nights I took pain pills, and slept in some.

Saturday day Gigantor went and did field day. Kiddo and I watched zombie movies. Dawn of the Dead and Land of the Dead. Mother in law showed up asking me to load her picture card on the computer and send some pics of a trailer to one of his sisters who is moving back here. I did some avon work and we had some dinner.

Sunday Gigantor got up early and went up to mom's old place and started pulling everything he found even if it was trash out of the place. He came home about noon and we got some lunch then Kiddo and I went up and started going through it. We actually filled the dumpster we have out front. We had piles, trash, bring home, put in storage shed, and donate. His mom and dad showed up to help (well his dad sat there cuz he can't move around) and his mom wouldn't let us get rid of stuff. Gigantor actually started yelling at her that we weren't gonna take the time for a yard sale, we were getting rid of it so we could get moved faster. So...she loaded her truck up, my suburban and half of Gigantors truck with all our donate stuff, said she would take it to her house and hold a yard sale. We said, knock yourself out, as long as we don't have it anymore.

We worked till just about 6, then had to go unload at her house, and at the storage shed. I was so fricken tired. Then we had to make dinner, and we forgot we had set out baby back ribs, so we didn't eat till 8:30. gaaaaahhhh

We were busy and tired as hell but it was a good busy. I really am getting anxious to get up there and have our "own lot" so we aren't renting a lot anymore. That will save us 130 bucks a month and one property tax bill a year.

now for a weird conversation from my kid this weekend. Saturday he was on the computer while I was sleeping. He has some games loaded like Zoo Tycoon, and Age of Mythology, Age of Empires, stuff like that. Plus he likes to watch videos of his video games or music he likes on you tube. His new addiction has been a site called Addicting games dot com. Well he goes on there and plays some games and he's fine. Anyhow, I'm in the bathroom and he comes in.

Kiddo--mom this game is so funny.
Me--mmm hmmm (i was reading a magazine on the pot)
K--yeah this guy keeps poking this penguin in heaven, and then the penguin gets pissed and chops off his fingers.
M--that's nice
K--it's so funny
and he walks off
Then it sinks in
I get this look on my face
M--wait a minute!!! come back here!!
he comes back.
K--Yeah mom
M-- (with bewildered look) A penguin in heaven?
M-- and a guy is poking it??
K--(laughing real hard) yeah
M--is that that weird screaming I heard??
K--yeah that's the guy getting his fingers cut off
M--Are you playing this?? are you the guy or the penguin??
K--I'm the guy
M--why the heck are you poking some dead penguin
K--(falling over laughing) cuz it told me too!!!
M--what's the point of the game
K--I dunno but when I keep poking him and he finally cuts my whole arm off, then the other arm comes out and shoots the penguin and the penguins ghost floats up and another guy says. "dude there is something seriously wrong with you"

I start laughing my ass off, and say. Well the guys that have made the games on that site must have smoked one to many funny cigarettes.

so if you all ever get bored I guess go look it up and poke a penguin in heaven and piss him off.


Have a good Monday everyone!!!!


Hammer said...

I've got to check out the penguin game lol

Special K said...

Ok Burfica, you will laugh at this.
Our local hunting saftey instructor shot himself in the foot cleaning his gun a few years ago.
Then accidentally shot his friend in the woods a few years later (he is ok).
Hmm I hope Gigantor is a better one than that? Doesn't take a lot to be I don't think..LOL

Burfica said...

hammer--yeah I haven't dared look it up yet.

K--OMG hello!!!! Our instructors are pretty good. But we do have some locals that are not. hahahaha

Susan said...

burifca, My knee has been bothering Me alot to, while miranda and I were in vegas it swell and stiffen up on Me everytime I sit, miranda can confirm I had lots of trouble loosen it up..
feel better soon

Burfica said...

susan--I think mine is from all the years since I was 18 of totally dislocating it. I hope yours feels better soon too.

Vanessa said...

Sounds like a fun weekend, love the kitty picture!

Anonymous said...

I hope your knees feel better soon!

I love zombie movies!!!! Watched one this weekend but it was a generic one.LOL Can't remember the name of it.

Have a great week Burfica!

Burfica said...

vanessa--fun but tiring

ponderings--I love them too, we actually rented Fido, haven't watched it yet though.

CrystalChick said...

Ooh, I saw other pics of your nails. They are very nice!
Haven't heard it called 'the pot' in some time. Gave me a funny memory of my Mom.. thanks!
Some of those games really are addicting!
I still have some very yummy smelling 'Odyssey' cream from Avon an old friend gave me. It was my favorite scent for awhile.

Alekx said...

why do all the funny conversations happen when you are on the pot taking a poop.
Something here just ain't right


Burfica said...

crystal--yeah my mom called it the pot all the time.

Alekx--about as right as you calling me from the cave when your going.

Canadian flake said...

hmmmmmmm guess I am too old fashioned to let my PITA play anything where he is getting body parts cut off...don't wanna give him any ideas..lmao

Burfica said...

flake--true he has a sibling, mine is only child, so he would have to hurt himself. lol

coffeypot said...

No wonder you are so sore. You said, “…took pain pill and slept in some.” How many pain pills does it take to make a bed? Aren’t they kind of lumpy, and don’t you wake up with powder all over you from the ruptured pills? I would suggest a good mattress and a heating pad, but if you are hooked on a ‘pain pill mattress’ they might be some withdrawal to go though. Good luck!

Burfica said...

coffey--smartass!! lol