Monday, March 31, 2008

Help I think I do need the paramedics.

God I am so exhausted I think I do need the paramedics. Dial fast kitty. hehehehe

Friday I agree'd to help a friend (the one who's dad killed himself before thanksgiving) and I watched her kids while she met with accountants and lawyers and assessors. uggghhhh Lets just say she has made her kids very needy of her. That their father or his parents can't even take them without the youngest (2) screaming bloody murder after a few minutes. I had them for a bit over two hours. Luckily they didn't scream at all, but we took the tour. We went to see Gigantor in the trash truck, and follow him around and watch him dumb dumpsters. Then I got them milkshakes. Went by Kiddo's school, the airport, the horse corrals (drove real slow looking at horses), out by the lake, out to Gigantors work, back to the airport, then finally she was done.

Friday afternoon/night my avon came in and we at least got it pulled and set up to do.

Saturday morning, Gigantor worked for a few, came home and got us, and we went up to mom's old place. Gigantor started pulling stuff out of the house, and I sat and wrote up my avon receipts and stamped books and stuff. Then I started going through the stuff. Friend from out of town called, wanted us to go over for lunch. Went and ate some lunch, Gigantor had to go back to work.

We went home till Gigantor got off, then back up to the other house. Finished going through a bunch of stuff. We then got Captain Daddy and went over to Uncle and Aunts house. My cousin and her husband were in town so we were having dinner.

The cousins/nephews up the street (gigantors parents live up the street from my aunt and uncle) were in this little park next to Uncles house and so Kiddo went over and played with them for quite a while.

We stayed after dinner and played Mexican Train. Then got home at like 11. Gosh I was tired.

Got up early on Sunday, finished all the avon and did some dishes. Then back up to mom's place. Finished cleaning out her house and going through stuff. Gigantors parent came over, loaded the last load of yardsale stuff, then went in to help Gigantor pick up some of the trash.

Here is where it got hard. I have sat outside and gone through stuff. I have NOT stepped foot in that house since my mom died. I didn't' want too, I didn't need to, I just didn't. Well they really needed me in there at the end. I had already been emotional for a good week or so, then seeing the curtains come down, I was getting more so.

So...I sucked it up and I went in the house, and I found some old stuff (things with memories) that he had forgot to bring out and was going to throw away. Then I stood there looking around, and then I bee lined out of the house. Later at home I broke down and cried pretty hard. I'm doing it now matter of fact. I grew up in that home. Every time you walk in you expected mom or the dogs on the couch and the t.v. on. I had never seen it so...empty, so very... dead I guess I would say. It was a bit more than I wanted to take or could handle.

Later Gigantors mom and sister were wondering what was wrong cuz I got so distant after I beat a trail out of the house. Gigantor goes, you don't understand, that's the first time since her mom died that she has been in that house. They then said they were so proud of me, how well I did it, cuz they didn't realize.

Anyhow, besides all that, we ran to the grocery store and storage shed, and still had to make dinner. Wow....what a busy ass weekend.

I got some questions from Miss Ann I need to answer and post on my blog. I'm gonna try to get to them this week.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and have a great Monday!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

What the hell was that???

What the hell was that you may ask. That was a freight train running my ass over. hehehehe Boy after the day yesterday I feel like I landed like this duck. Right on my face.

The morning started out okay, Gigantor called wanted me to drive by and see his new truck (he's driving a new trash truck) So...oooo'd and aaaaahhh 'd over it, then teased him a bit then came home.

Checked the bank because when we did our taxes we set it up for direct deposit. We got notice that it was supposed to go into our bank on the 21st. And I started checking each day after that. No money. So...I had e-mailed the place that was supposed to put it in my bank. They sent me back a response saying I needed to call them.

I called them, and they said, we sent the money to your bank on the 19th. We have confirmation that they accepted the deposit.

FUCK!!! what did my dam bank do with my money???? Call my bank from the cell phone while I'm up waiting for kiddo (it was a half day again) And they say they have to research it. Luckily I had a lady I work with alot through the years. She researched it and said that the main office deposited it in our other account (the avon account) I said, that number doesn't even start to match this number. She's like I know weird huh. Well whatever as long as you can get my money where it needs to go. Whew, crisis number one, averted.

Gigantor calls a bit later. He was gonna get off right after noon for the day. But....he said, umm scratch that. That brand new truck blew the hydrolics. He had to clean up the spill, help get it fixed then finish his route and clean the truck. Oh well.

He comes home and I'm making out bills talking about how we forgot to set something out to thaw for dinner. We discuss it a bit, then I say well we are out of milk, so run to the store and get milk and some of those Top Sirloin steaks that are on sale. Now we don't have a butcher shop out here all our meat is pre packaged. There is one store that has a meat counter they will cut some if you don't want the pre packaged, but everything in that counter is 8 or more bucks a lb.

So..Gigantor is gone for quite a while it's already after time we would normally eat. And he calls me to tell me they had no of the pre packages steaks onsale so he was trying to see if they had some in back. He comes home with two huge packages. Thank god that I sell avon to a couple ladies in that meat department. They gave him steaks from behind the counter for the sale price, and these dam things were HUGEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

So..we get the stuff for dinner going and he goes out to start the grill. Ummmm no propane. CRAP!!!! He grabs the tanks and runs out. Most places that will re fill the tanks stop doing it at about 6 at night, it was well after that. After a good half hour or so he found a place and got them filled. We finally didn't eat till 8:30 we usually eat at 6 hahahaha

I climb into bed, and Gigantor comes in to get the dogs to go out and go potty one more time. We are all talking sweet to Foxy the rat dog, "lets go potty baby, come on lets go potty" She does this cower thing when she doesn't want to go. We don't pick her up when she does that cuz she will cower so bad she will piddle. So she is laying on her back wagging her tail doing the "look I'm cute" thing. When all of a sudden there is a fricken fountain and she pisses all over the bed. One of my pillows and the sheet covering the comforter. Gigantor picks her up ready to squeeze her till she pops and he throws her outside, while I am yanking the sheet and pillow case off in hopes I can get them off before it soaks into anything underneath. So...then we are all tired and semi making the dam bed. grrrr

Gigantor sets his alarm for 4:30 in the morning. That way he can get into work and get out on the road by 6. Well dork-o-matic shut his alarm off after it went off this morning, and went back to bed. My alarm went of (for a bit after 6) and I had to beat his ass out of bed. He was so upset. I think this only makes twice he's ever been late for work. But he had planned on doing a few things this morning before leaving. Yeah yeah that didn't happen.

Looks like it's shaping up to be a happening weekend. HAHAHAHAHA

Hope you all had a better Thursday and Hope you have a great Friday!!!

Keep your heads up so you don't land on your face like that duck. hahahaha

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some Days Old People Suck!!!

No offense Coffeypot. hahahahaa *ducks lamp thrown at head*

Hey has anyone else been stuck in the couch like this puppy before, or is it just me??

Okay on to the sucky old people.

Attention you old cranky fuck that lives down the street. I understand you are so old and cranky that the only entertainment you get is to watch what goes on in the neighborhood then call the city or police and complain about it. I realize the the city has nothing better to do than hear about you complain about cars going to fast, then to slow, with lights on, without, with kids in them, with women driving. What the fuck ever.

But for the love of all that is holy, GET YOUR FUCKING HAND OUT OF YOUR PANTS!!! I hate driving by and seeing your hand down the front of your pants. I realize you are old and crusty and your probably worried it's gonna fall off. So use duct tape like a normal human. I don't need to see you holding onto it for dear life.

To the old and dirt crossing guard lady. I realize that aliens came and sucked your brains out when you were a little girl. I also realize that you have a hard time walking and majorly waddle side to side, so you take fucking forever. I even realize and accept that you like to waddle out and stop traffic, when the children are still over half a block away, and taking their sweet dam time to get there. I try to sit patiently for that. But for fuck sake STOP STARING AT THE PEOPLE IN THE CARS FOR A GOOD TWO MINUTES AFTER THE KIDS HAVE CROSSED. PUT THAT DAM SIGN DOWN AND WADDLE YOUR ASS OUT OF THE CROSSWALK SO WE CAN FUCKING GOOOOOOOO. If you keep it up, just staring at all us cars with no kids around, and keeping us all stopped for a couple minutes. I'm gonna fucking snap and get out of my car and beat you to within an inch of your life with the dam stop sign then shove it where the sun don't shine and watch to see if you can waddle then!!!!!

Finally for today, to my mother in law. I realize you do guilt trips all the dam time, and I'm gonna talk about some. But for the love of God why do you do guilt trips so much that you even guilt yourself into stupid shit???

I know you wanted us to go out with the "family" for easter. A tradition since Gigantor was little, but never once have we been invited too, till now. But I told you that we were having other family over, so we were staying here. Also that we had our own traditions for the past 15 years, since we had never been invited. And frankly I didn't want to drive 2 or more fucking hours to go have an egg hunt and picnic and drive home. Not on a Sunday, not with his family and not with gas prices. And Easter was last weekend, so quit fucking pissing and moaning about us not going, just shut up!!!

Also...I did not feel bad when you told me how you all dyed eggs and you made each of the kids and grandkids a special egg. There was no reason to go "Oh oh oh but I made you all one too, you have to come over and get it." And bug us till we do come over only to find you just freshly boiled three eggs and wrote each of our names on them with a magic marker. You did not have to guilt yourself bad enough to do that really stupid gesture. We are not so fickle that we care if we didn't get an egg. fuck!!!

And lastly dear mother in law. I do know that Gigantors sister is going to be in town this weekend. I also know that we get to see her about 5 or 6 times a year. And yes I know your sick way of wanting to force all the family together, that doesn't really want to be together. That's why I told you about me having family coming in town and we were doing dinner at my Uncles on Saturday, before you had a chance to spring a dinner on us. You seemed to accept this, even though you were disappointed.
But to have you call Gigantor back when he was home and give him the guilt trip of his life about how he should go to dinner and see his sister, and if he absolutely can't how we need to not work on the house to get moved but we need to go up and spend the day with them and you. Next time you try to guilt trip him after I have told you how something is. I'm not gonna be nice. So...STOP IT!!!!!

Okay I think I am done bashing old people for today.

Have a good Thursday everyone!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I love the smell of onion in the morning.

I can't stop laughing thinking that I have probably owned that cat at one time. hahahahha

Woke up this morning and the kitchen smelled like onions. I don't mind onions, in fact I love them, but first thing in the morning when you would rather smell coffee, and it's onions. I put the potato salad that was left over, from a big bowl into a smaller bowl, and told hubby to rinse the bowl under hot water. I was putting away dinner last night. I hear water running, assumed he did it. Yeah yeah I know that was my fault for not checking. So... the bowl was stacked with some other stuff in it and I found out it hadn't been rinsed when I went on the search of where the onion smell was coming from.

On to movies. We watched an awesome movie last night. We had got kiddo for easter that Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium. Man that was a pretty dam good movie. I'm glad we got it for him.

Captain Daddy dropped down and I gave it to him to watch and he brought me a couple movies he had bought for us. (on our request of course) He has this big magazine that has some old movies and some that aren't as common, and he had me order him some on the internet, so got me a couple too. We got Corpse Bride. I like this one just like the Nightmare Before Christmas one. And we got Snakes on a Plane. I dunno we sorta liked that one for a just silly, non reality based, fun movie.

Well I'm off to do Avon stuffs.

Have a good Wed everyone!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Who needs a title anyway??

Oh my gosh this picture cracks me up every time. Probably because I've seen plenty of people and animals "stuck in yoga"

Not much new today. Kiddo started back at Taekwondo. The Master was waiting for a building to be completed, they told him two months. It's a year later. grrrrr So... a few days ago Kiddo started upping his exercises. And he got pretty sore. His abs, and arms. Well he went and worked out hard hard and harder last night. He came home going OoOOoOoO my stomach, my arms my legs, I'm so sore, I just want a shower and bed. And that's pretty much what happened. This morning he bent over for something and started laughing cuz his stomach was so sore he had to put his hand on the couch to get up.

Today and Thursday are half days. Parent teacher confrences. So we need to try and make it that.

Kiddo said his reading teacher (who was the only one giving homework) said he would give no homework the last nine weeks since it's mostly testing. In one sense I think that's cool. In another sense I think the teacher has major spring fever too. hehehehehe

Okay yesterday I had coffee and pound cake for breakfast. This morning, coffee and big bowl of potato salad. Nothing like onion breath in the morning.

We are in the weird weather stage. It's still in it's 30's in the morning so we turn the heater on and heater in the car on. Then by noon heater is off and door is open. By afternoon early evening. Ceiling fans on, door and windows open, a/c in the car on. Yup it's at that, "can't make up it's mind" stage.

All to soon it will be up in the 100's though. I'll be camping my ass out in the house most the time. hehehehehe

You all still eating leftovers??? We probably will eat them a couple more days then they should be done for. hehehe Not quite like thanksgiving or christmas where you eat leftovers for like a week.

Okay I have to go pee, so I'm outa here.

Don't get stuck in yoga and have a great Tuesday all!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Monday after.

How did easter go for everyone??? It was a wonderful and very happy day here.

Gigantor got up at about 5 and hid eggs and came back to bed. Kiddo got up and hung out in our room while we got dressed and up. He did his two egg hunts (we do real eggs inside and plastic eggs outside) He got two movies for easter Bee Movie and Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium. We only got to one so far. We had breakfast and watched Bee Movie. I was really enjoying it, and then I just up and fell asleep. hahahahaha

We got out of the couch about 11, and I whiped up a potato salad, made poofoo. Peeled eggs and made deviled eggs, then prepped the ham and asparagus, and got the rolls rolled out. Then we did NOTHING till we put the ham in and when it came out put the rolls and asparagus in.

Captain Daddy came down, as did the Aunt and Uncle. They brought broccoli salad. Now the first time my uncle made broccoli salad for us, it was broccoli, celery, red grapes, raisins and some sunflower seeds with a bit of miracle whip and bit of whip cream. I asked for the recipe he says well it doesn't really have one, cuz it's whatever you have. This time it was broccoli, bit of red onion, dried cranberries, raisins, and cashews, with the Miracle whip and whip cream. It taste so dam good however you make it. hehehehe

We ate and ate, and joked and talked, and everything went wonderfully. Like the uncle said, it was an amazing dinner, cuz everything went together nicely and nothing over powered any dish.

Later we had desert and we sat and visited till 8 o'clock (dinner was at 4)

We were so tuckered out that kiddo went right to sleep and Gigantor and I were in bed before 11. That is very unusual for us.

None of us wanted to get up this morning. Back to school after a week off. I hate it when he has to go back. I love having him around. Taking him to friends or having them over. I just like being with my kid. hehehehe

Okay I'm off to drink coffee and eat a big hunk of pound cake.

Have a great Monday everyone!!!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I just want to wish you all a very happy and blessed and safe and fun Easter!!!!

I thought this pic was so cute. I actually had chickens that had feathers like that (not colored the shape) We named one Tina, for Tina turner.

We just finished cleaning all of the house except mopping. I did most of the prep work for dinner tomorrow. We just have a couple more things and to dye eggs. I will probably dye eggs for as long as my son is still in this house. I love to do that. I was hoping he wouldn't want to do any egg hunts this year. I was hoping he had outgrown them. But he decided he still wanted to. So...of course I will. He's my baby and all to soon he won't want to anymore.

I'm bummed that spring break is almost over. Next week they have two half days for parent teacher confrences. But then they don't have another day off till school is out. I find that sorta hard on the kids and parents. Every month they have one or two days of school off, sometimes more. Then the end of March they don't till the end of May.

We are working hard, and getting things done still to head for the big move. I so want to be in there before the summer. I would be so dang happy.

Well I'm completely entertained at the husband chasing the rat dog with the vacuum. She is acting so funny and when he stops she attacks him.

What are you all having for easter dinner.

Our menu is
Glazed ham
potato salad
deviled eggs
Parmesans Roasted Asparagus
Aunt and Uncle are bringing Broccoli Salad
And for desert, Captain Daddy wanted pound cake and we have a cheese cake sampler. It has Double dutch chocolate cheesecake, Tuxedo cheesecake, White chocolate and raspberry cheesecake, and Strawberry Swirl cheese cake. Three pieces of each.

Okay I am gonna go, and have fun with the family some more.

I just really wanted to wish you all a wonderful Easter, and time with your loved ones. Remember to hug someone you love.

Have a wonderful Weekend All!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Boys are Weird

Here is another peep funny since it's close to easter. I find this one highly amusing. hehehehe

As my title said, boys are weird. Anyone that has a boy has proof of that. My son had a couple of boys over to play yesterday. His cousin Tidey (as in the bowl not being clean) came over about noon. Tidey is about 4 months older than Kiddo. They were playing with the dragon mega block thingies. He has a fort and a ghost ship, plenty of dragons and guys. Then Skinny K came over about 2.

They are playing on the floor of the living room which is behind me. This is what I hear.

Dude hand me that flame thing it can be a flame thrower.

You can't have a flame thrower it's the middle ages they weren't invented yet.

Okay fine then hand me the sack of Napalm.

Sure here ya go.

Other such gems I heard were. Dragons flying attacking the ghost ship, ghosts attacking back and floating over the water, monsters eating the helpless turning them into more ghosts, Ogres going on killing rampages. All this action. Skinny K saying "the ghost ship runs up on a reef and starts to sink" at which Tidey and Kiddo say. DUDE THAT IS SO UNREAL, WE ARE TRYING TO KEEP IT REALITY BASED HERE.

And the gem of all gems. The one that made me fall out of my chair laughing.

They were doing screams of horror and death, and I say. God boys you all scream like a bunch of little girls. (we as parents have a right to tease them when they get squeaky voiced. Skinny K is very much so, Kiddo every once in a while, and Tidey not yet) And they laugh, then they keep doing it. So..yeah I was teasing them about sounding girlie. To which Kiddo goes MOMMMMMMMM WE CAN'T HELP IT IT'S THE PUBERTY!!!!!!

They were so funny and so cute, and I enjoyed the tar out of them, but by 9 this morning I was glad I was finally down to one little stinker again.

Hope you all have a reality based, Napalm sacked Puberty loving Thursday!!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Just thought I would give you all a little update.

I went into pogo, and I had a message. I had a message from the person I had the falling out with.

First of all let me state that I waited an entire week before posting my rant, to see if we could patch things up. But I was told by other people that she had blocked me on pogo and on msn. I also went to her blog and found I was deleted. Sounds pretty much final to me. So...after an entire week of me being the last one to say something and reach out the hand of friendship and caring, I heard nothing so I posted my rant.

Here is the message I got on pogo mail this morning.

was worried about you so stopped in to check on your blog and see if you were ok...then read a REALLY rude post about me...I NEVER mentioned anything about you on my blog because I didn't want to hurt guess it shows what a &=@@& you are and I am glad I will NEVER hear from you again...

if you read this don't bother to reply...because I won't read it...will delete it like the TRASH you are.

That was copy and pasted so it's word for word.

Just got a chuckle out of it, so I am letting you all see it.

Apparently I'm trash, so look out if ya read me, you might get dirty.

More later. If you want a real funny look at the post about the Peep Show I have below this.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Aftermath.

Doesn't this funny just make you hork water out your nose??? It's so wrong and so funny at the same time.

I did my little rant, I feel much better. I thank you all for your support kind words, and e-mails. I lubs ya all!!!! Here have a peep. h ahahahahahhaa

I think I'm going loony from the dog farting so much behind me. It's so dam loud that I laugh uncontrollably every time he does it. hahahahaha

I'm waiting on Gigantor to come home, I need to go mail my shit off, and go to the bank. (not litteraly mail shit) I'm finally mailing out Cookie Monsters Christmas box. hahahah I know I suck peeps. muuuuaaaaahhahahahahahahahha

Please god save me, I think all the fumes from the exterminator earlier are making me more loopy than usual.

Okay I have to pee, so I'm gonna go.

Thank you again all my dear blogger buddies.

loves ya all lots
Have a good rest of the Tuesday!!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Okay here is the vent/rant

You all don't have to read this, it is more for me to feel better, so be warned.

As I said I was going to be deleting someone off, and I did.

Let me give some back ground. I met this person about 2 years ago in the game site pogo. We seemed to hit it off. We exchanged msn messenger and talked often, she even started blogging. Now nobody is without problems, we all have them, hell I have lots of them. I thought we were there for each other and talked to each other about everything.

A few things bugged me though, I tried to over look them but they bugged me.
1. She would constantly complain about her children. Once or twice is okay, even funny, but it was constant. Wanting them to go back to school and leave her alone, wanting to strangle them, just wanting them to not bug her at all. I tried to blow it off, but she would put it on her blog, and on her MSN bar. Then she would try to justify it about how much she loved them. It was just to much, it said volumes about her (my uncle always said when people say nasty things it says more about them then who they are talking about.) In most cases that is true.

2. She did the same thing about her husband, always saying she was gonna kill him and hide the body, again once or twice funny, every single day, not so much.

3. We would be in game rooms chatting and I would be saying the same things as the rest of the room (pertaining to our progress in the room) And she would always call me a bragger. That used to tick me off, cuz my mother taught us that was a pretty bad thing to be. I was only doing what everyone including her was, and I thought we were all teasing. When I would tell her such, she would tell me I was bragging more than anyone. Whatever, I stopped talking in the rooms.

4. One time I told her something that bugged me about what a couple people did in the games we played. Her response was that I was more competitive than any man she met (now she told me this when I had just lost multiple games for her to get a badge, lost on purpose) Then she goes, that's one of your biggest faults, but I love ya anyway.

5. This was the biggest one. I would message her and it would take sometimes 5 or 10 minutes for her to answer. She would say sorry she was off doing this or that, well no biggie, we all have lives outside of the computer. But if I took more than 10 seconds or so to answer, I would get a "fine you want to be alone I'll leave you alone" and she would sign out of messenger.

Well last week was the last straw I guess.

Her and I had talked for a couple hours the night before, laughing and joking and having a good time with a bunch of other people in a game room.

The next morning, I signed on to MSN saw her online and I say Morning

She says NO it's NOT but whatever
(now she's three hours ahead of me, so I hurried and did the counting, nope still 11 there) I say "oh I thought it was only 11 there"

She says, "Whatever, I meant it wasn't a good morning." (so in the joking way we usually do) I say "OH well I said morning, not that it was good hahahaha"

She says, "LISTEN it isn't a good day, I'm bitchy!! SORRY"
so before I step into it any further (because sometimes when she has had a bad day and I try to help she tells me to butt out) I say "Would you rather be left alone then hun?" (I thought that was nice, asking first, my next words were gonna be to ask her if I could help and what was wrong.) She then says. "Listen!! I said Sorry, but do WHATEVER you want." and she signed out of msn as soon as she sent that message.

My jaw dropped, I was sorta ticked off she treated me that way. First of all how could I tell how bad a day she was having through a fricken messenger if she wasn't talking, and 2nd how dare you treat a friend that way, when they were being nice. And thinking of all the other times she had just signed out on me, and thinking of how rude that was. I guess I had had enough.

I messaged her in the pogo mail. I had said. That was dam rude. I understand your having a bad day, but it's not my fault, and I didn't realize how bad, but that is rude behavior to not give me a chance to say anything. I also said, how I didn't appreciate being treated that way, that I wouldn't put up with it from other people, so I wouldn't put up with it from her who is supposed to be my friend, and that I did NOT deserve to be treated that way. I also said that I didn't' say anything wrong, I was trying to be nice asking her something so I wasn't going to apologize for trying to be nice.

I get a message back, that was short and sweet.

It said, You can act all perfect if you want, I know better, cuz you ARE NOT PERFECT. and that she had had the past 24 hours from hell (funny we were laughing and joking 8 hours previous) and that I didn't even ask her if she was okay (first I didn't know things were wrong, I got shut out to fast and how can I ask someone that signs out and won't give me the chance) Then she said that since I was so perfect and couldn't be a friend to check on her, she was deleting me out of everything, blog, messenger, game site, e-mail, everything, and that I would never hear from her again.

I tried sending her a couple other messages, and it just got worse and worse from her. Scary worse. Can anyone say Bi-Polar and needs major meds??? Good god.

I'm not perfect, I have never tried to be, hell I tell people up front I have lots of faults. But I also don't point out other peoples faults to their face like she was constantly doing to me. Even some that I didn't think I had, and neither does anyone else, cuz I asked.

I totally hate that when someone says something she doesn't like, that she deletes them. And she also says horrid thing to them, on their blogs alot. I know for a fact that she has done it to Special K and to Miranda and Susan, and to Dorky Dad who I used to read, and she told me she did it to a few others.

I guess what upsets me most, is that I invested two years in what I thought was a "real" friendship that could surpass time and trials, and the first thing I don't bow at her feet and agree with her with, she deletes me out of everything. I'm most upset that I invested time in something that wasn't a true friendship.

Anyhow that is my rant, non of you had to stick with it. A lot of you know I'm a fierce loving friend, and will stick up for ya through tons of stuff. I just hope I get alot of that respect back, but let me tell ya, I'm gonna be on the look out for Bi-Polar maniacs not taking meds. hahahaha

Have a good Tuesday all!!! We are on spring break so having fun so far.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Help I need HELP

Okay I have a challenge for you all, or maybe even a question and plead for help. Basically if I have photo shop I don't know how to use it.

But Gigantor and the guys at work want to make some picture, and have asked me if I could, and I have no clue how to. I told them that maybe I would ask all you geniuses see if any of you could figure it out.

Then maybe you all could e-mail it to me and I can print it out.

Anyhow. They are after getting this co worker back, for some horrid things he does, and his nick name is Pooh.

They want to take a picture of a monkey or chimp or something with a pooh bear in his hand, and then put the caption FLINGING POOH on it, and put it on his truck. hahahahaha

If any of you can figure out how to do that through photo shop, could ya hook a sister up???

I'll forever be in your blogger debt. hahaha

Have a good Sunday all, we are watching t.v. and having corned beef and cabbage with Captain Daddy.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Welcome to the Crazy House

Oh my god! OH MY GOD!!!!!! What a crazy couple days. fuck me.

Okay first of all, we cut Kiddo's hair like I said. Well...about 4 in the morning, the dogs go ape shit, big time ape shit!!! I'm like FUCK SOMEONES TRYING TO BREAK IN. They have only done that two other times. EVER once there was a fight across the street, very violent and we had to call cops, and another time the dog next door was choking to death and Gigantor saved the day.

Anyhow, Gigantor jumps up and was still half asleep, so he throws the door open (he should have held Busters collar) Well Buster ran out, right past the cop on the porch, to the cop at the gate. Gate cop pulled out his tazer and made a sound like OOoooh OooOOh OoOOh But then Buster realized he was okay. Mr. Door cop and Gate cop had to ask us if we were okay. Gigantor said yes, Door cop had to come in and check on me and peek in at Kiddo. We asked what was going on. They said that someone called 911 and screamed our address in the phone and then hung up. They told us the number that called and we had never heard of it.

Well if any of you remember that happened to me about 3 to 4 weeks ago, during the day.

Once maybe a mistake or prank. Twice was starting to worry me. Like what if someone was watching us, and they called them out to guage police response time, so they knew how much time they had to do something bad to us. Yeah yeah I know I'm a bit paranoid. Better safe than sorry. Well I wouldn't let Kiddo go outside unless I was with him. And I have had the pistol out all day.

Well I called up the police department this morning and said I wanted to talk to one of the officers from the call, cuz I wanted to file a report. Ms. Dispatch is real nice, I got ahold of the one we have known for 7 or 8 years. She's real good too.

Well she ended up calling me back, said she was getting all the information off the computers to give to the officer. And she decided to call the number back, since nobody reported if they did that or not. So...she called the number and a lady answered, and she said, Yeah did you call 911 on Thursday morning. The lady said yes, I needed help. Ms. Dispatcher asked why she hung up, and she couldn't give her a good answer. Then Ms. Dispatcher said, well what address did you give. The lady repeated my address. Ms. Dispatcher says, lady that's not your address. And the lady HAD TO WALK OUTSIDE AND LOOK AT THE FUCKING NUMBER ON HER HOUSE!!!! Sweet crispy jeebus what a dumb ass!!!!

So...Ms. Dispatcher questioned her some more, and found out they were the ones that called the other time too. need to be paranoid. Ms. Dispatcher put a notation down about that numbers, said we "shouldn't" have any more problems, but we will see.

Few more quick things then I'm gonna run so this isn't so long.

Kiddo didn't keep the crazy hair, he was to self conscious so I cut it off first thing in the morning, but he did wear the crazy clothes.

We went and did some shopping for easter tonight, cuz I totally fricken forgot. We have to go help mom in law with a yard sale tomorrow, and do some shopping and get my avon done and Gigantor has to work. aaaaahhhhh

And I'm gearing up for a rant or whatever on here. I will be deleting out a blog link, because someone did some crazy shit, and was a crazy person, they need to be on meds, seriously. And after 2 years of friendship, when I told her I didn't appreciate her being rude one particular time (yes I was much more colorful though) She got mad and said she would delete me from everything and I would never hear from her again. Well I've checked and she sure as hell did. So means she wasn't a real friend to start with, and I don't need people like that in my life.

A few of you have been on the receiving end of her wrath and been deleted also, cuz something triggered her brain wrong. so I'm sure you all will know who it is.

Anyhow I might write about it to make myself feel better.

Okay I'm outa here, to pour myself into bed, and to get up early. Have a wonderful Weekend everyone!!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stupid Blogger

Stupid dam blogger. I tried to load a picture of what we did to Kiddo's hair but it wouldn't let me.

Apparently it's spirit week at school. And Monday was aluminum foil day, he forgot, but one kid was wrapped in it and passing it out so kiddo got some.

Tuesday was pairs day, or duo day. He and none of his friends could thing of anything.

Today was Decades day. I kept telling him it meant any era. We pinned a bunch of Gigantor's furs to his hoodie, and I was gonna use my brown gel liner to give him thick eyebrows, let him go as a caveman. He chickened out this morning, telling me he was worried it was just like Hippie day or something.

So we went to school, and I'll admit there were tons of hippies. But he said there was romans, and cleopatra and stuff, so he could have gone as that. Oh year.

Tomorrow is supposed to be Crazy Day, he said people dressed up all crazy. So...we first made him put on shorts. Then a pair of pants he ripped out in the crotch. We cut off the right leg at the knee then cut it up in strips. Then he put on a camo shirt and we rolled up the left arm. Then put a fuschia tie on him. Then his hair got a bit long (remember I shave it) and I shaved a stripe down the middle front to back and one side to side. so he has four patches. hahahahaha

He was a bit worried that he would get teased extra bad. I said, kiddo it's supposed to be crazy, we can cut the hair and you can just dress up if you want. Up to you. He said no he will try it.

I will reassure him tomorrow he can call me if anything bad happens and I will go get him. I think it will be good though. Show he has school spirit, might even get some people to look at him in a different light. Oh well, wish him luck.

Friday is supposed to be Hawaiian shirt day. Luckily my dad gave him a couple silky like shirts last year, short sleeve. One is brown and red, and the other has blue and yellow big flower/palms on it. so we have the shirt thing covered. hahahaha

Well...I talked to Captain Daddy about his taxes. I figured them out. He didn't have enough with held through the year, so he got very little back. He was mad yesterday but had me explain it again today and he was better.

Now I just have to talk to him about moving off that lot we are trying to move onto. uggghhh Gonna have to call campground and trailer parks and get quotes and see if I can talk to him about doing it soon.

Wish me luck again.

Wish kiddo luck and fun.

Have a good Thursday everyone!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm not witty enough for a title today

Well I was having a crap ass start to this day, but this picture made me laugh pretty hard. hehehehehehe Right at about the right time too.

Man I am so sick of this Hunter Safety stuff that Gigantor is doing. I know it's only a month and a half, but he's fricken useless for anything but that. And I was pissed we were behind on doing things to move our place since we were sick, now we are even more behind.

I told him I didn't have a problem with the Hunter Safety teaching if it didn't interfere with anything else. stupid am I?? fuck.

He comes home and is a maniac trying to get ready for it, and each time he leaves earlier and earlier. On wed he should be almost 2 hours early if it keeps to course. Then when he comes home, he barely says hi, takes about 3 or 4 calls from people he just spent the last 2 to 3 hours with, then sits on the couch and falls to sleep.

I keep telling myself there is only one more day of it, but dam I am so done with it. Now I can see why it pisses my aunt off so much for so many years (my uncle has been the head instructor for it for years)

I am gonna get going. Captain daddy was supposed to come over yesterday but he crashed, so he's coming over today. I have the great privelage of telling him he's not getting back as much as we were first told in taxes. The guy said one amount then had to go back and re do his and daddy's cuz he forgot something with SSI So apparently Captain Daddy made a bit more than he was supposed to, so he had to pay tax, so instead of getting about 1000 back he is getting 121. I just am so looking forward to telling him that.

Pray for me.....

Have a good Tuesday everyone.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Can you believe it??

I'm alive, can you believe it?? Man, what a busy busy weekend. Friday night Gigantor was up teaching class (he's a hunter safety instructor) and Kiddo and I got some dinner and watched a movie. I was in massive pain my knees have been bugging me so bad.

I was gonna take pictures of my nails, but I've been to lazy to charge the camera. hahahahah I'll do that this week.

So Friday and Saturday nights I took pain pills, and slept in some.

Saturday day Gigantor went and did field day. Kiddo and I watched zombie movies. Dawn of the Dead and Land of the Dead. Mother in law showed up asking me to load her picture card on the computer and send some pics of a trailer to one of his sisters who is moving back here. I did some avon work and we had some dinner.

Sunday Gigantor got up early and went up to mom's old place and started pulling everything he found even if it was trash out of the place. He came home about noon and we got some lunch then Kiddo and I went up and started going through it. We actually filled the dumpster we have out front. We had piles, trash, bring home, put in storage shed, and donate. His mom and dad showed up to help (well his dad sat there cuz he can't move around) and his mom wouldn't let us get rid of stuff. Gigantor actually started yelling at her that we weren't gonna take the time for a yard sale, we were getting rid of it so we could get moved faster. So...she loaded her truck up, my suburban and half of Gigantors truck with all our donate stuff, said she would take it to her house and hold a yard sale. We said, knock yourself out, as long as we don't have it anymore.

We worked till just about 6, then had to go unload at her house, and at the storage shed. I was so fricken tired. Then we had to make dinner, and we forgot we had set out baby back ribs, so we didn't eat till 8:30. gaaaaahhhh

We were busy and tired as hell but it was a good busy. I really am getting anxious to get up there and have our "own lot" so we aren't renting a lot anymore. That will save us 130 bucks a month and one property tax bill a year.

now for a weird conversation from my kid this weekend. Saturday he was on the computer while I was sleeping. He has some games loaded like Zoo Tycoon, and Age of Mythology, Age of Empires, stuff like that. Plus he likes to watch videos of his video games or music he likes on you tube. His new addiction has been a site called Addicting games dot com. Well he goes on there and plays some games and he's fine. Anyhow, I'm in the bathroom and he comes in.

Kiddo--mom this game is so funny.
Me--mmm hmmm (i was reading a magazine on the pot)
K--yeah this guy keeps poking this penguin in heaven, and then the penguin gets pissed and chops off his fingers.
M--that's nice
K--it's so funny
and he walks off
Then it sinks in
I get this look on my face
M--wait a minute!!! come back here!!
he comes back.
K--Yeah mom
M-- (with bewildered look) A penguin in heaven?
M-- and a guy is poking it??
K--(laughing real hard) yeah
M--is that that weird screaming I heard??
K--yeah that's the guy getting his fingers cut off
M--Are you playing this?? are you the guy or the penguin??
K--I'm the guy
M--why the heck are you poking some dead penguin
K--(falling over laughing) cuz it told me too!!!
M--what's the point of the game
K--I dunno but when I keep poking him and he finally cuts my whole arm off, then the other arm comes out and shoots the penguin and the penguins ghost floats up and another guy says. "dude there is something seriously wrong with you"

I start laughing my ass off, and say. Well the guys that have made the games on that site must have smoked one to many funny cigarettes.

so if you all ever get bored I guess go look it up and poke a penguin in heaven and piss him off.


Have a good Monday everyone!!!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Great Chasms of Death

Okay this is gonna be a bit of a rant. About the ever present ever disgusting "butt crack"

I understand that you men folk don't have any hips and every once in a while you show us butt crack. Like a half inch or so, sometimes up to two inches.

I understand that the plumber with his big gut and heavy tool belt, after about the 500th time of the day bending over, just doesn't care if he shows his crack or not.

But for the love of all that is holy. The man that was sitting behind the short mexican aunt at our dinner on Saturday. How the fuck did you not know THAT MUCH OF YOUR ASS WAS OUT?????

I mean wouldn't you feel the fucking draft?? For piss sake, does it take a fucking degree to pull up your dam pants???

This guy was probably in his later 50's to early 60's. He wasn't HUGE, but he wasn't skinny minny either. He had the little gut from a lifetime of one to many beers and apple pies. But not bad. he was wearing a polo shirt, and some nicer pants (not quite dress pants, but not jeans either) And his pants got lower and lower after each time he go up.

I kid you not I had no less than 5 to 6 inches of butt crack staring at me at any given time (I was sitting across from the short mexican aunt) His pants got so low I thought his gooseberries were gonna pop out over the back of the waist band. I mean how am I supposed to enjoy the dinner with that in my view?? gahhhhh How could he not know that much of himself was waving in the wind??

I wouldn't complain at all ass mind ya. I mean if it was like The Rock or Vin Diesel or even Johnny fucking Depp. I would have slurped my dinner off one of those asses and helped hold those gooseberries myself. But fuck no it was old!!! wrinkly!!!! pasty!!!! cottage cheese ass!!!! With the Chasm of Death staring at me all night.

I think I'm scared for life now. *shudder*

Okay on a side note. My sister and the house elf had gone to see some Kodo drumming some years ago. They got a dvd of it, and we have a copy also. I was looking them up on you tube cuz I just love these guys. I'll share some with you. Check it out they are way cool. And yeah one of they guys shows ass, but it's the type you would like to grope. hehehehe
The youtube link wouldn't work, so here is a linkie to it, just click there.

Have a good rest of the Wednesday everyone!!!!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

I'm such a bore

I'm so dam boring. Boring as a wart let me tell ya.

I don't have nuttin to talk about. I helped captain daddy make doctors appointments and fill out paperwork today. I fell asleep in my computer chair.
I got the kid, I slept on the couch, I had dinner, and I got on and dinked on the puter. No snark, nothing of interest.

Just gassy son, so gassy he's chased himself out of rooms. The stinker. hehehehe

Gassy son, gassy hubby, gassy dogs. And boring old me.

Know what I wish??? I wish I had a gallon of Nutella.

Know what's not good?? Diet pepsi with lime right after you eat an orange.

Know what's scary??? Me nekkid. hahahahahaha

Okay on that note, I'm gonna go scare myself and take a shower, and try to sleep tonight.

You all can feel safe with super puppy looking out for you.

Have a good Tuesday everyone!!!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bloggin Love

Lookie lookie lookie!!!! Lookie what Jamie over at Grace Too gave me!!! Awwww and lovers her right back.

Your supposed to pass on these awards and some people make rules as to how many people you can pass them on too. Well...I may be breaking that rule, but I love all my blogs I read. I love all my blogger buddies. So....I'm giving this award to each and every one of you alls!!!!!! Take it, capture it, put it on your blog and feel the love!!!! DO IT NOWWWWWWWWWWW


We went to the Mule Deer Association dinner on Saturday night. Went at 6, looked around, They started serving salads at 7. We got ours about 8. I love the girl scouts, and it's neat that they come to serve at one of these parties. But for this one that had a few hundred people there. And they had about 10 or 15 girl scouts all around the age of 7 or 8. I think they should have had some older one's there. We had to keep going to the back to remind them that they forgot half of some tables and stuff. Then dinner was Herb Roasted Prime rib with baked potato, roll and green beans. It was good, but we didn't eat till almost 9. Then this year they didn't do a dessert so that was a bummer.

After all the dam auctions and raffles and bullshit (I say that, cuz my knee was killing me and I was done having fun and ready to go home) We finally left, and didn't get home till 11:30.

Today we got up and was gonna eat lunch, and watch a movie. Captain Daddy showed up and bitched at us for a few, then we ate in front of him anyway. Then him, me and Gigantor all feel asleep on the couch and love seat. hahahaha We all slept for about 2 hours till the dog woke us up barking.

Nope we didn't get what we wanted or needed to done today. hahahaha

Oh well. You all get your award, and share the love. I'm off to bed.

Have a good Monday everyone!!!!