Friday, August 31, 2007

Flopping Fingers and Dead Band Teachers

Years ago I broke my finger. I broke my eff you finger on the left hand, first knuckle. Nobody believed I broke it, and I never went for x-rays. I let it heal, and it's crooked there now. Turns somewhat sideways with a lump on the side of the knuckle.

Years later I had x-rays of that hand, and was informed that some time ago I had broken my finger and it healed wrong. WELL DUHHHH!!! Idiots not believing me.

Anyhow....since I got a new printer, I started doing my typing again. For those of you that don't know. Our friend D, writes short stories. Fantasy stories. He's got an amazing mind. But he can not punctuate, spell, use correct grammer, be descriptive in a creative way. And every single word is written in all caps and all the words are smooshed together.

He wants to try and get these published. Now I'm not an amazing writer, but he wanted them cleaned up and done nicely. So...he pays me to read them, and type them out correctly.

I've been working my toosh off on getting some of these whipped out. (okay so I'm three pages from completing the 1st. And when I say three pages, I mean this guy writes front and back of the paper, uses every inch of it, and calls that one page)

But...back to my finger. I've been typing away, and my left eff you finger feels all floppy. Like it's not attached at that knuckle where it broke. It's the grossest dang feeling. And it makes me shudder when I type...Like right now.

Now on to the Dead Band Teacher.....I'm gonna kill her, that's why she's gonna be dead. Now..yes, this is Ms. Hotty Hot the Hot band teacher. But....she is messing with the wrong kid.

I think the school has gone crazy making it's school supply requests. And for band, my son wanted to play drums. So....Ms. Hotty told us what to go buy. BUY, NOT RENT!!! So..I went and bought the equipment.

First couple weeks of school, they let all the kids try out every single instrument. My son was actually able to try the tuba. And he said to his friend. "Hey I can actually play this, maybe I should switch to Tuba" I guess all Ms. Hotty heard was "Oh Ms.Hotty, since you don't have a Tuba player, I'm gonna dedicate my life to pleasing you and being one."

Kiddo told me he was contemplating changing to tuba. I told him to really think about it. He did, and said no he would rather play drums. I said good, because he already had all the equipment.

Kiddo informs me today that Ms. Hotty told him he could not play drums because she has to many percussionists. That he had to play Tuba. Ummmm NO not just NO but HELL NO. He said what he wanted to play, and I bought all the stuff you told me too, he is sure as shit gonna play the fucking drums!!! I haven't called her yet. Gigantor actually said he would call her first. Because I am that dam mad. And yes I would scare the shit out of little Ms. Hotty, seeing as she is only 22 or 23 and very tiny.

So....I will let you all know if I have to go up there and be the very mean mama bear. Because there might be police and ambulances called, cuz that's just how dam scary I am. hehehee

Have a good Friday everyone!!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thanks and Updates

Big thank you for all the good wishes and vibes sent to my sister. She is doing good. Got to go home yesterday. Of course the rotweiller puppy seems that he needs to be on her foot all the time. She updated about the surgery on her blog, go check it out, and leave some smart ass comment. hehehehe

Know what irritates me??? The directions on a microwave popcorn bag. It says to only set it for 2 to 2 1/2 minutes on high. What bullshit. I set mine for 5 minutes, and turn it off any where between 4 and 5 minutes. It doesn't even start popping till 2 1/2 minutes. Stupid thing.

We got a couple movies in from Netflix last night. Seeing as Gigantor got off before 5, we actually watched them both. They were only an hour and a half each. We got Blades of Glory. Now that was one funny movie. And mind you, I HATE HATE HATE Will Ferrel. I have never EVER seen a movie I have liked him in. Until this one. I was very impressed, and laughed my ass off. We also watched one called Catch and Release. That was a very good chick flick. Although it did have some humor that Gigantor liked.

Okay since I'm so boring I can't even stand myself. I'm gonna go read all the blogs instead of boring you here. hehehehe

Have a good Thursday all!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Please all, keep my sister Alekx in your prayers today. She is having surgery. I know it's only on her foot. But still, don't want anything to go wrong.

Is anybody else hungry today?? I keep eating, and it still feels like I haven't eaten for weeks. ugggghhhhhhh

I got the computer and printer, up and running good. So...I can start typing those stories again. I had sorta forgotten how bad this mans grammer, spelling, punctuation, descriptions were. It gives me a headache, concentrating that hard. To make the story seem at least like it makes some sense. I think the button on my keyboard I hate most is the quotation marks " " " " OMG it takes so long to type out conversations having to insert those all over the place. blahhhhhhhhh

Okay I know that was a stupid post. But I do have to go get started on the story I'm currently working on. And I need to find something else to eat, or I'm gonna die of starvations (YEAH RIGHT)

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ha Ha Ha so true

I thought this was fun.

You Are Catwoman

"Life's a bitch. Now so am I."

Sometimes these quizes are pretty fun.

The stupid radio today. They tell us on the weather forecast yesterday, that it's 20% chance of rain. Hello....dumb asses, it was cloudy and rainy all fricken day. Then as I'm driving to school today. It's all sun shiny, not a cloud in site. And the radio comes on saying there is a 100% chance of rain today.

Gigantor's day off yesterday was productive. We got alot of stuff done that needed both of us to do. Paperwork/running errands crap.

I know I'm sorta boring today, that's why I did that quiz. I got so very sick to my stomach last night. I'm still sorta recuperating from that.

Hope you all have a good Tuesday!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007



It's always nice to know that no matter how old I get, she will always be older than me. heheheheh

I don't have anything else today. Gigantor had the day off, we had a bunch of running around to do.

But wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister Alekx!!!! Go give her a shout out over at Nitrogen Narcosis.

Happy Monday all!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Insert my Lame Ass Titles Here

I don't know what's wrong with me. But all my titles I've thought of lately are lame lame lame.

I am sitting here eating reduced fat Triscuits. Plain, nothing on them. Oh yeah baby, breakfast of champions.

As you may notice I changed my picture on my name. I put the seal up till it's cold out. I loved this hummingbird picture.

Last night as I got in bed. I pulled back the covers to find dried blood spots all over.

me--What the hell???
M--I'm not bleeding, where did this come from
G--what is it??
M--It's blood stupid, on my sheets!!!
G--Are you bleeding somewhere??
M--Don't you ever listen to me bonehead??? I'm not bleeding....that I know of.

For the next 15 minutes a search insues. A search of me. Both of us searched all over me to make sure I wasn't wounded.

M--This is this little fucking rat dog!!!
G--Why would the dog get blood on your sheets??
M--Because she has a tunnel system that's longer and more intricate than Mexican drug dealers trying to get in the u.s.
G--But how could she be bleeding, she isn't injured
M--Do I have to say it??
G--say what?
G--Why am I a dumbass
M--Think about it!! Why would a little dog that's not spayed bleed all over??
G--??????? (you know one of those looks)
M--She's in heat you dork!!!!
G--OH GOD HONEY, THAT'S SICK, THAT'S GROSS, DON'T SAY THAT OUT LOUD. Then he fricken vissably shuddered.

So...the rest of the night Gigantor wouldn't let rat dog up on his lap. The dork!!

Okay all, well I'm choking on my Triscuit. I think I might graduate up to Wheat Thins. I'm gonna go get more coffee, and be off to read you all.

Have a good Friday everyone!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Some Randomness Other Rambelings

This new dog, Foxy, she is a major dork. She has this entire tunnel system through the covers of my bed. It's very elaborate. she likes to get under the comforter but on top of the blanket at certain times, and completely under the sheets at others. I go in and find the little hole she has gotten into. Then it's a treasure hunt to find her. She tunnels all around. Sometimes tunnels up to be under the dam pillows. Dork...she fits right in. hehehhe

My son did bring his homework home. He did not bring his backpack however. Then he kept pissing and moaning that he had to much to carry. Know what kind of sympathy I gave him?? NONE!! HA HA cuz I'm just that mean.

Last night I had some pretty bad stomach cramps, so I ran into the bathroom. I told kiddo to go to his bathroom and get a very quick shower, because he stunk and it was past his bedtime. I kept saying "make it a quick one A QUICK ONE SON!!!" He screamed. "OKAY BUT DON'T FLUSH"

So...I sit there, on my throne, praying he will hurry up, because I have lost all feeling to my legs from the hips down. The phone rings and he carries it in for me. And the little snot nosed puss bucket hadn't even gotten undressed yet. 30 minutes, 30 BUNNY HUMPING MINUTES, I had sat back there, waiting for him to get out of the shower, to only find out he hadn't even gotten in.

So...I screamed at him, and said that he had to effing wait now till I was all up, and shit, cuz he was busted.

What does the little baboon butt do??? He runs right in, and starts his shower. What did I do?? HELL yeah I flushed the dam toilet right in the middle of his shower. Take that my little hellion!!!!! Don't mess with mama, she will burn you when you least expect it.

Gigantor on the other hand. Decided to smack me upside the back of the head. We were sorta snuggling on the couch, and he had his arm around me. I guess he fell asleep, and I guess he was dreaming. Cuz all of a sudden. WHAM right in the back of the head.

Yeah!!! That's right!!! I'm gonna go sharpen my fork, and get after some boys. hehehe

Have a good Thursday all!!

Oh on a side note. Wanna know something really funny this new dam dog does??? She feels it's her duty to stick her entire nose/snout in Gigantors belly button each night. She won't do it to anyone else. And it's most funny when she does it when he's asleep. I wonder what treasures she is looking for in there.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I wonder about my son. I mean over the weekend, he came home and hadn't turned in any of his homework he was supposed to turn in on Thursday and Friday. So he got in big trouble.

Last night I got an e-mail from one of his teachers. He hadn't turned in his Mondays homework. I got to questioning him. He just last night brought home Mondays and "conveniently" left Tuesdays homework in his locker. I took him in early today, so he could go get it and get it done. He was in some big trouble.

Last night Big J's mom called me and asked if Kiddo was going to go to the dance. I said, "what dance?" I guess there was a back to school dance. I asked Kiddo why he didn't tell me about it. He said he didn't want to go. I said, why don't you want to go. He told me it was because he didn't have a tuxedo.

OMG I about bust a gut at that. We kept asking him if he wanted to go because Big J wanted to go. And his mom wanted them to hang out. My son totally copped the "I'm shy and unsure of myself" card.

So...he said he would skip this dance, and ask his friends what it was all about, and what they did at it. Then he would go to the next dance. I guess that is if he will even tell me when it is.

Well he better bring his homework home tonight. If you all hear on the news about some lady, murdering her son for not bringing home his homework, it might just be me. lol

Have a good Wednesday everyone.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Better and Tagged

I'm feeling a bit better today. Thank you all to all your words of advice on how to kill the boys. hehehehe

Now on to Important matters. hehehehe I got tagged by Flake to do this cute little thing. So..... here goes. Lets hope it works.

First Peculiar Aristocratic Title

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Reverend Countess Burfica the Reticent of Fiddlers Green
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Second Peculiar Aristocratic Title

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Noble Excellency Burfica the Herbaceous of Westley Waterless
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Now my Fortune Cookie

My Fortune Cookie told me:
The greatest danger is all in your head. It is your IQ.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

Okay I don't know if this one is good or bad. hehehehe You decide.

I tag Alekx, Cookie and Miranda. Sorta fun guys, play along.

Have a good Tuesday all!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Don't ya wish...

Warning!!! This is not one of my usual happy, upbeat posts. And normal broadcasting should return tomorrow.

Don't ya wish you could reach out and give your 11 year old son a big hug every once in a while. And by big hug I mean wrap your arm around their neck, make them turn funny shades of blue, and make the promise to knock THIER HAPPY HORSE SHIT OFF!!!!!

My husband was irritating me this weekend. When I say irritating, I mean pissing me the HELL OFF!!! He was irritating me so bad, that I wish you could SPANK adults. And when I say SPANK I mean beat him with a broom handle till he's groveling at my feet in a puddle of tears and swearing to never pull his HAPPY HORSE SHIT AGAIN!!!!

Yes....I'm cranky, and angry, and just plain feeling mean after my day yesterday, and morning this morning. I'm gonna go hype myself up on coffee, and bury the murderous rage I'm feeling toward my so called "soul mate" grrrrrrrrrrr

Hope you all have a good Monday!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wow a post on the weekend.

That's right, I'm posting on a weekend. hehehehe

We were busy little beavers today. Gigantor got up real early to let the dogs out and he was reading. Then he layed in bed reading and woke me up. In the good kind of way. *wink wink*

We had some breakfast and watched a show we recorded, then made some lists.

Delivered some avon, and went to the video store (I got a gift card for my birthday), rented three movies.

Went down to walmart and started digging through what was left of the school supplies. I swear to god, I needed 6 of the giant erasers, two scissors, 2 rulers, three ring binders, glue sticks, bottles of glue, 2 pencil sharpeners. All these classes want different stuff, and they want you to leave a bunch of your stuff in the class. To save him from carting a huge carrier around, or swapping out huge carriers I bought the cheapies of everything. So like 20 cents for glue things and rulers, and 50 cents for scissors. But....BUT!!! I forgot a flipping composition book, so I have to go back tomorrow and get one. DAMMIT!!!!

We came home and made some tuna fish salad, for a snack, and we put in one of the movies. TMNT (teenage mutant ninja turtles) the new one. Unfortunately, Gigantor and I feel asleep about 30 minutes in. Not cuz it was boring, cuz it was really good. But because, we got so dang hot and tired out and about. So...Kiddo after the movie went in his room and decided to shut the door so he wouldn't disturb us. That's all good, but both of us slept till almost 7. We usually eat dinner about 6 or 6:30. Poor Kiddo was really hungry.

So...we ran down to sonic for dinner, then put another movie in. Hannibal Rising, I really really like it. But I like all the Hannibal Lector movies. We also watched Number 23. That was pretty good. Sure had an outcome I didn't expect, but made it a pretty good movie. Neither of the movies were fast moving, but they were real good if you could stick with them.

Tomorrow, after going to get the stuff I forgot. I need to wrap my sisters presents up and get them sent to her for her birthday. Then I think we are going to watch two more movies Astronaut Farmer and Disturbia.

Hope you all are having a good weekend. May you stay cool, and find all the school supplies you need to. hehehe

Friday, August 17, 2007

Fricken Hot Friday

Yup it's hot. Really hot. Up in the 100's again. blahhhhhh

Got my nails done today. Blue tint with lots of glitter, and hot pink metallic butterflies and flowers. I know I know, who cares. I do dammit. hehehehe

E-mailed a couple of Kiddo's teachers to make sure we are all on the same page. (hey if they didn't want me to bug them, shouldn't have givin me their e-mail addy's) They both wrote me back and I feel more at ease with things.

Little Foxy did okay yesterday. She was rather nervous all day though. Took her to the vet to get her rabies shot, because niece has no idea when or if she ever had shots. So she got a check up. Vet says it's possible that she is Chihuahua and Pomeranian, but he said that most long hair Chihuahua's look just like her. So...who know's maybe she's all taco bell dog.

I know I'm not to exciting today, but I'm off to run a busy weekend. It always starts on Friday. Gigantor is getting off early, so we are gonna get gas, and get some food, and get the Kiddo and his friend Stretchy K. Then I have to deliver avon books, the order comes in do it up, pass it out. Then have to go get more fricken school supplies that all the teachers sent home a list of what he needs. And I have to get some groceries this weekend. Pay bills. blechhhhh

Hope you all have a good Friday and Weekend.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Dogs

Yup, we got another dog. I know I said, that I only wanted two after Buck died. I fully intended on only have two from then on out.

Then the niece called. Her and her husband got an apartment (so they can move out of grandparents house) and the apartment doesn't allow animals. Her mother refuses to take her little dog. She called all around and finally begged us to take her. She wanted family or close friends to take her so that 1. she could see her once in a while, and 2. she would know how she was being taken care of.

We met Foxy a couple times. Even had her come down to see how she would do with the other dogs, and the cat.

Last night the niece brought her down for good. What a heck of a night. She cried alot, then calmed down. She's been chasing the cat, but just to get him to play. He's 9, and doesn't want to share the bed with her. He's all sorts of upset and refusing to speak to us now. heheheh

And...the little shit pooped on the floor. She better learn quick.

She is very friendly and cute though. She's a mix. Pomeranian and Taco Bell dog. How do you spell that?? Chihuahua???

I'm off to take the kid to school. I need to leave her out with the other two dogs. Pray that she can't find a little hole to squeeze out of in the yard. hehehe

Hope you all have a good poop on the floor free Thursday.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Settling In

I think Kiddo is gonna settle in nicely. I go up to the school, to park in the place we arranged for me to pick him up. Only to realized that EVERY FRICKEN SCHOOL EMPLOYEE PARKS ALL UP AND DOWN THAT STREET!!!! I had to park a block away in hopes that Kiddo was smart enough to find me.

He was....I seen him in the rear view mirror walking real slow. I was thinking Uht oh bad day. But come to find out he was only walking that slow because it was fricken hot out. Over 100 degree's again. All of Arizona has a heat advisory this entire week.

Anywhoo, he gets to the suburban and opens the door and first thing out of his mouth was. Mom my band teacher is HOT!!!! Later when I asked Gigantor about it, he says, Yeah she is very very Hot. hehehe

So...He said he had a great day, and was excited about today. Because today was a B day and he has Social Studies. And...His Social Studies teacher is not just HOT, she is MAJOR HOT!!!

Awwwww my baby is growing up. I guess I can be okay with him oogling the teachers.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

First Day of Middle School

Me-- You dressed yet?
Kiddo-- Not yet.
M-- Get on that and make sure you eat!
K-- I'm not hungry and my stomach is upset.
M--eat anyway!

Half hour before I take him, he goes down the check list of what he needs. He puts his back pack on and sits on the couch, quiet, and picking his lip. (he does that when he's upset or scared)

K-- Is it time to go yet?
M-- No 20 more minutes kid, just enjoy t.v. for a bit
2 minutes later
K--How about now?? Is it time yet?

This went on for the entire 20 minutes.

We get in the suburban, and I'm sorta drilling him about not forgetting his backpack and where to meet me after school.

He sits in silence, picking his lip.

I pull into the school parking lot.

K-- Do I get out here??
M--Wait for me to get up in the loading zone.
K-- NOW? Do I get out now??
M-- Wait a minute dangit, let me pull up there, see the cars are moving give me a sec to get up by the front.
His voice is raising into this shriek
M-- Gees son just wait a sec almost there
In a very loud, shrill, shriek, he screams
M-- Holy shit son, calm down, just breath you will be fine.
K--(taking deep breaths) But I can't call you if something goes wrong, this entire school doesn't have a phone!!!!

At this I started snorking.

M--Of course it has phones son, in the office and each classroom I think. Your not in prison, just middle school.
K--(mumbling) feels like prison

We then see Big J, locking up his bike. Walking a few steps away then turning around walking back, looking lost. He looks as green as Kiddo. So we holler at him. BIG J,,,,,WAIT!!!!!

Kiddo jumps out. "Bye mom I love you see you after school"

Runs up to Big J, they talk for about three minutes, then get a very determined look (not confident but determined) and stride into the school together.

Yeah, I think he will be okay.

I on the other hand was a mess driving home. hehehehe

Have a good Tuesday everyone!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Hell of a Weekend

Wow, it was a hell of a weekend. The bbq was fun. We did have about 30 people there. We had hotdogs and hamburgers, a double batch of potato salad, beans, chips and dip, some weird thing that resembled guacamole that someone made, watermelon, booze, soda, and cake and cheesecake.

Captain Daddy got the makings for root beer floats, and got all us women tipsy. Root beer float=irish cream liquor and root beer. Good stuff!!!!

I've been eating potato salad for breakfast past couple days. That's one of my favorite breakfasts. But can't be that store bought stuff, has to be the good homemade stuff.

Kiddo and Gigantor went with my uncle out fishing yesterday morning. They were only going for large or small mouth bass, not the stripper. They caught about 6. Gigantor brought them home, so I think we are having some fish tonight for dinner. hehehehe

I'm all sorts of upset and nervous today though. Tomorrow Kiddo goes to middle school his first day. You all know how much I hate him going back to school. I will probably cry after I drop him off like I do every year. Him starting middle school seems hard on me this year. I think it's hard, because he is very nervous and upset about starting. I try to keep him calm and tell him it will all be good. I'm sure after the first week or two he will be okay.

He is most nervous about memorizing his locker number and combination. And they have to memorize a 9 digit student id number or they don't get lunch. If they don't punch it in, they don't eat. That's what they told me. I would like to see them try to keep food away from my hypoglycemic son. They won't know what hit them when I get through with them. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Okay I'm gonna go spend the day with my kid.

Have a good Monday everyone!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Guess I'm random again.

I was getting out of the shower the other night and I sneezed. It was so weird. What an odd feeling. Wet sneezing.

Rodney Carrington is one of the funniest comedians. Not as funny as Bill Engval or Lisa Lampanelli, but he's close. hehehe

You must remind your 11 year old son to clean the lint trap every time he switches laundry, cuz if you don't. You end up with a basket ball sized thing of lint, that's just busting out of the dryer. ahhhhhhhh

Whip cream takes approximately 2 days to fully come out of your eyes.

I was cleaning the coffee pot, so just turned it off, put all the pieces parts in the dishwasher, and was moving the base to clean the counters behind it. The base slipped off the counter, I reached out to catch it and grabbed the still very hot, NUCLEAR HOT burner. Yup, ouch. lol

When you burn your fingers like that you do three things all at the same time. Cry, pee, and scream curse words you didn't know you knew.

When you scream those kind of curse words, your 11 year old becomes frightened.
We started out with a bbq for about 10 to 12 people tomorrow. We counted last night. We have 30 coming. I have 5 extra chairs. I'm chuckling thinking about how that is gonna work.

When you call your husband and are telling him he's a dork, and then say something embarrassing about yourself. You should always make sure he doesn't have it on speaker phone and all his co workers are around.

I'm making an extra big potato salad for tomorrow. So I need a good 12 to 18 eggs. The shells looked really flimsy so I boiled up about 29 eggs, expecting a bunch to break. Nope, not a one broke. hehehehe Egg farts, here we come.

When you get mad at your family and decide to emphasize the point by slamming the cupboard shut, you should make sure your head is completely out of the way first. heheheh

Okay I'm off to clean more and get some lunch.

Happy Friday all!!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Birthday Aftermath

I had a happy birthday yesterday for the most part.

I went and got my hair cut around noon. Gigantor got off of work early and Captain Daddy came over. I opened a few pressies. Got a printer from Gigantor, some note pads and couple movies from Alekx, a dragon figurine from my friend, and Captain Daddy got me the movie 300, and a small pocket digital camera.

We went up to my Aunt and Uncles, and my aunt gave me some very nice Peridot (my birthstone) earrings.

We all went out to eat, had a great dinner. After dinner we were sitting at the restaurant. Cousins girlfriend had her birthday on the 7th. Uncle set up for the people at the restaurant to sing us both happy birthday, and bring out desert. Then, from behind, with no warning, PIE RIGHT IN THE FACE!!!! Both me and the girlfriend. It was sooooo funny, but the only bad thing was that I wasn't expecting it and I had my eyes wide open. PIE RIGHT IN THE EYES!!! Sting, ouchie, sting, ouchie. hehehehehe

After dinner we went back to my Aunts to visit for a bit.

Here is my only downside to the entire day. Gigantor got me a big drink, this gigantic margarita. Well...I don't drink tequila, not only do I hate the flavor, but it hates me, in a big way. So...he gets this drink, and I'm looking at him like "what the hell" And then he gives me a hard time the entire time that he bought it for me and I need to drink it. So...I sip on it. I also don't drink unless I'm eating cuz I get sick. But our food didn't come for an hour. And I sipped on this drink that hates my body and I hate the flavor. I finally tell Gigantor he has to drink it, I was done. Which made him very mad.

Which made me really yell at him later in the car. Did he think that my total dislike for hard liquor just vanished over night after 14 years?? He goes, well I had it made with Patrone, so it was smoother. I said, smooth doesn't change the taste or what it does to me later!!!

So...Yeah I was sick all night last night. Luckily I didn't throw up my dinner. But I was so sick to my stomach I couldn't take my medication last night. My legs hurt so bad, I could barely sleep, and it was just a miserable night. I told Gigantor he had to make it up to me and get me the peach-mango-green tea cooler I like.

Anyhow, have a good Thursday all!!!!

May you all be blessed with pie in the face. hehehehe

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Birthday Smirthday

Okay okay it's my birthday. Canadian Flake decided to blab on her blog. hehehehehe

I'm not so sure how I feel about this birthday. I'm 36. Which means I'm closer to 40 than 30 and closer to 50 than 20. blech. Oh well. hehehehe

Gigantor is taking me, Captain Daddy, my aunt and uncle, their son and fiance (her birthday was yesterday) out to Fiesta Mexicana for dinner. whoooooooohoooooooo (Kiddo won't be going, seeing as it's his best friend, Big J's birthday also, so he will go to a pizza party) I have ordered a number of different dishes from fiesta before. But I always seem to go back to my all time favorite. Camarone's ala Fiesta. Which is bacon wrapped prawns (shrimp, the jumbo kind) They cook them up with a bunch of onions, mushrooms and peppers. All served with healthy portion of rice and beans and some very warm, yummie tortilla's. I always eat my shrimp then stuff all the veggies in the tortilla's like burrito's. hehehehe

On Saturday we are going to have one of our famous bbq's. Gigantor's family wasn't gonna be in town, so I thought it would be smaller, with just the aunt and uncle, cuz and fiance, us, Captain Daddy, and one family of friends. Gigantor got his sister, her boys, niece, her hubby, and 4 co workers and families to come besides all that I said. ahhhhhhhhhh heheheh It will be fun though.

Okay, I'm off to do something totally useless, then go get my hair cut this afternoon.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm Random Today

I don't have anything with structure running through my head today.

I had this nightmare that I told the hubby I was gonna file for divorce and he agreed. Now I don't wanna do that, cuz our relationship is going good. So...I called him up to tell him how much the dream upset me. And instead of the "It's okay honey I don't want a divorce, we are doing fine, I love you" He says "Well that was a pretty dumb ass dream, smarten up won't ya" Now I know he was trying to make light of the situation and be funny, but DUMB ASS BOYS!!!!

If another person of the male gender lets one of those dumb ass squeaky farts.. You know the one's that sound like either the dog got massively hurt, or your refrigerator just broke down. If they do it again, I'm super gluing some butt cheeks shut. DUMB ASS BOYS!!!

You know what I hate?? I hate finding big old chunks of yucky toenail on my spot on the couch. Why can't they trim them on their spot, then pick them up and throw them away. DUMB ASS BOYS!!!

Captain daddy just called having a major tantrum that he couldn't find the eye doctor in the phone book, he spent two hours looking and he's not in there. I pick up my phone book and he's right under the clinics name. Captain daddy said he looked in the yellow pages he wasn't there. I looked under eye doctor, said to see optical, looked under that, and it was right there. Now Captain Daddy is all pissed off, and upset. DUMB ASS BOYS!!!!!

Heyyyyyyyyyyy maybe there is structure to my thoughts today. hehehehe

On a side note, you know boys can be made happy by such simple things. Usually when I cook a roast we have leftovers the next day then it's gone. We got a little smaller roast this time, cuz I don't have a big freezer to keep it in. So...we had it last night, and there was just a little bit left.

I took the roast, cut it in bite size pieces, warmed it and the left over veggies, made a couple packets of gravy and boiled up a bag of egg noodles. Add it all together and stir, and you have an instant stroganoff kind of thing. I haven't made that in years, cuz never had the "little" amount of leftovers to do it with. Gigantor and kiddo were so happy. I guess I'll say it again DUMB ASS BUT ADORABLE BOYS!!!!

Have a good Tuesday everyone.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Stupid Dang School

School starts next Tuesday. ick, blech, yuck sick. I like him home. hehehe

What a busy ass weekend. I'm almost glad it's the week, but today was busy too.

Friday, Avon meeting, met new district manager, did up my avon order, went to one store. (all that after 6 that night)

Saturday--Delivered most the Avon, 2 stores gone to, cleaned out a section of cupboards (I have alot of the, and this set of 4 had been collecting junk for 10 years.). Got it down to almost nothing in them. Cleaned off a bakers rack that was collecting junk for about as long. Did a million loads of laundry and dishes, vacuumed, cleaned both bathrooms. Made a very late dinner and watched a movie.

Sunday--Stamped Avon books, got most of them handed out, cleaned the kitchen floor, paid bills, straightened all the shelves and tables in the house and dusted. Cleaned bird cage, gerbil cage, and got rid of the goldfish (a neighbor with a pond, they were HUGE). Did more dishes and cooked a roast.

Monday--Went to the chiropractor, did some more laundry, went through pictures back from 17 years ago to present, labeling the envelopes they were in. Went back up town and got Kiddo's schedule and had to have the school talk us through it. Something confusing about A and B days. Stupid dam schools. Finally came home to get on the puter, at least for a bit.

Hope you all had a more relaxing weekend.

I know I know, boring me. lol

Friday, August 03, 2007

Farting Friday

Why is everyone in my world farting today?? Not just around the house, but everywhere I have gone today. I of course was not farting. I would never. teeheehee

Update on the meat in the freezer. Gigantor got rid of it today, and when it was all weighed, we actually lost 240lbs of meat. Yes...I cried. lol

Gigantor told me he was getting off of work at 1:30 today, he told me this at about 1. At almost 5, I called him up yelling that I had a meeting to go to, he better get his happy ass home. Yup, I was late to my meeting.

I know this is lame, but I'm so happy I recorded Fallen tonight. It was a movie last year, and it was sooooooooooo good. Well tonight they re showed the movie, then tomorrow and Sunday they are having two more 2 hour conclusions of it. It's gonna be soooooooo good.

We bought like 4 packs of meat for our freezer inside. lol Now I have to plan out each meal for each night. I can't just get something out of the freezer and wing it.
Gonna be cleaning out asses off this weekend. Gigantor decided to do a bbq next weekend for some family and friends for my b-day. (which is actually Wed)

Okay I'm clueless, so I'm gonna go. Have a good weekend all.

Oh wait!!! Does anyone have any recipe's for Thresher Shark? Gigantor got some and I have no clue how to cook it. I don't cook fish at all, so I'm lost.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Slapped Upside the Head

Fuck me and the horse I road in on. Life handed us a big old shit burger with a side of turd fries today!!!!

We have a freezer that sits outside and is plugged in. I have been stocking up on meat when it's on sale. I probably had about 800 dollars or more of meat in that freezer, a good 150lbs. I looked in my freezer here in the house and only had one small pack of meat, so asked Gigantor to get meat out of the big freezer outside.

He went out, we hadn't been in it for over a week. Apparently it blew a circuit at least a week ago. And it's been sitting outside, sealed up, in 100 plus temps every day. He opened the freezer and started throwing up. He shut it again in a big hurry. He came in cursing and throwing things. I don't blame him, I was just ready to cry was all.

The boss at the garbage company doesn't want him to sack up the meat. Since the freezer is ruined, broke, toast, piece of major shit-pile-crap-ass-fuck-me-with-no-forplay!!!!! The boss said he would let Gigantor bring a flat bed trailer home and he was to just load up the freezer all sealed and take it out to the dump house.

We had bought up stuff to keep us good if we ran short of money, and all the sale stuff for many bbq's. We are supposed to have a bbq next weekend, and I have to buy everything over. Not to mention that I ran to the store to at least get a couple packs of hamburger so I could feed my family the next few days, till I can get the check direct deposited and go shopping.

Then get this crap. I try to get in a better mood. And I take Kiddo and Big J up to the public pool to drop them off for about 4 hours. They have been looking forward to it all week. Well there is this big sign saying the pool is closed, because someones kid took a big old crap in it!!!!!!

So now the kids are grumpy and pissed. I bring them home and set up the sprinkler with the trampoline, but it's just not the same as diving off the diving board and getting a Snowie at break.

Then...THEN!!!! I get a letter in the mail from the trailer park we live in. We live in a park because lots were to dam expensive when we bought our place. And this guy had bought the park from the city, he said he wouldn't raise rent for at least 2 years. (lot rent, I own my place) We were told the city gave him all the info on everyone, of who owns what etc.... I had this letter saying my rent was going up 25 bucks a month, because I didn't give him my proof of residency. He will only take state certified proof. So I called and said "what the hell is that, and what does it mean?" He goes, "Oh we need your title of ownership" I get huffy but say "fine I'll bring you a copy". He says "No we need to keep the original" At which point after all the other stuff and the freezer incident I went off on this guy. YOU CAN'T FUCKING HAVE THE ORIGINAL ASS HAT. I'LL BRING YOU A COPY. BY LAW THAT'S ALL YOU GET. AND THE CITY ALREADY GAVE YOU ALL THIS, SO WHY DON'T YOU STOP BEING AND IDIOT AND JUST LOOK IN THE FILES!!!!! At which point he goes, well then your rent will go up. At which point I go, well you will discuss that with my lawyer. And he says "a copy is just fine" Yeah I thought so dick burger. Good grief, what a day.

I'm gonna go to bed, and hope nothing blows up, or gets wrecked, or catches fire, or starts turning red and itching tomorrow. hehehehe

Hope you all had a better Thursday, and Happy Friday all!!!

Stop the Spinning I'm getting Sick

Man my world has been spinning with busyness for the past few days. I know I still have to tell 5 people I give that award to, but I need to stop spinning first. heheheh

We got so busy Tuesday that I actually forgot my chiropractors appointment. I remade it for today, but dang I am hurting, I pinched something.

Yesterday Gigantor's parents came down. They are back in town for a few days, then go back to New Mexico till the summer is over. Anyhow they came down, and pitched in money and had Gigantor go get pizza. We ate, and then MIL (mother in law) and I went to a candle party that two of my nieces were holding. And Gigantor, Kiddo and FIL went over to the parents house.

Now at the in laws house, while they have been gone. One niece and her husband and dog have been there. And now a sister in law that moved back, with her hubby and two sons (11 and 13), and two big dogs are staying there till they get their rental place in Sept. So...they went over and Kiddo was playing with the boys. Well one of the big dogs (german shepard) bit him, drew blood. grrrrrrrrrrrrr It was sorta an accident, so I need to check and make sure the dam dog is up to date on his shots. But I heard this dog has bit at a bunch of people, so if it happens again. They aren't gonna be happy with me.

So...MIL and I were at the candle party. There were tons of scents I liked. God my nose worked over time. But I ended up just getting three. Three, in the smallest size they come, for 50 fricken bucks. ahhhhhhhhhhh

I came home and checked my bra, hoping that a candle had fallen in there for me to bring home. But alas, all I found was a spare piece of broccoli, and I didn't eat any broccoli over there. hehehehe

Well I'm taking Kiddo and Big J up to the pool, and gonna go to the back cracker, I better get running. Have a good Thursday everyone.